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Men's Lounge Shirts and Vests

Lounge t-shirts and vests for men, designed for lounging, not daywear. Shop our loungewear shirts and vests from designer brands such as Calvin Klein, BOSS, Ralph Lauren and more. Our loungewear boxes are sealed, just like our underwear, so if opened they cannot be returned. Please make sure you know your t-shirt and vest size before ordering. 

T-shirt and Vest FAQs

What’s the difference between t-shirts and lounge shirts?

Generally speaking, shirts and vests for lounging will have a more snug fit than regular tees. So if you are looking for a more relaxed and casual fit, we recommend you buy a size up. Also, you won’t find any ‘slim fit’ or ‘muscle fit’ loungers - they’re built for one thing and one thing only: helping you slip right into your comfort zone. Generally, they tend to be crafted from natural materials only. Without the need for form-flattery or a fitted shape, you’re much less likely to find any synthetics, elastics or viscose in your lounge shirts.

Are lounge shirts or vests right for me?

There’s nothing quite like a great lounge shirt or vest for adding a touch of style and class to those rare moments of relaxation. They’re not built like regular day-wear tees or vests. These loungers are cut to provide that extra level of comfort when you’re chilling at home after a long day. They are snug so they rid with your body and don’t get all bunched up. Our selection is, primarily, crafted from 100% cotton, which is naturally soft. It includes styles from some of the most prestigious menswear brands, so you are sure to find the right lounging tee or vest for you.

What are lounge shirts and vests made from?

The vast majority of the lounge shirts and vests in our range are crafted from 100% cotton. Cotton is the perfect material for creating a soft, relaxing lounge shirt or vest. It’s durable, breathable, all-natural and, of course, extremely soft to the touch for maximum comfort. Wear after wear, our lounge shirts and vests will keep you feeling relaxed - and looking stylish while you chill out at home.

What size loungewear should I buy?

With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, we have the right size lounge tee or vest for you. To find the perfect size, grab the most comfortable tee you currently own and match the size of that on the inner label. Our lounging shirts and vest are specifically designed for lounging, not day wear, so you may find the fit more fitted your day wear tees. If you’re sitting between sizes though, we’d recommend picking a larger size to give you that extra freedom of movement required for lounging around - it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

How and where can I buy lounge shirts and vests?

Need that perfect shirt or vest to put you in the lounging mood? Well, we’ve got you covered right here at Pants& You can shop our full range of men’s lounging t-shirts and vests right here and pick up your new favourite pair of socks today. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more! ( You’ll get: 20% off on every order Free postage on every order A range of delivery options New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time