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Press & Influencer Guide

Who are we?

We're Pants & Socks and we get it. We all know the feeling. You go to your drawer to look for a fresh pair that'll will make you feel awesome and… there's none left.

That's where we come in. We've got you covered. You choose your favourites, and we do the rest. 

In a nutshell?

A refreshing way to get your favourite underwear brands, delivered to your door as often as you like. From our door to your drawer.

The concept

We believe in the Pants Fairy. Do you?

Have you ever looked into your underwear drawer and found that your supply of underpants has been magically renewed? Stocked to the brim with a selection of fresh and clean Pants & Socks? Lucky you! Your Pants Fairy is probably supported by us.

If your Pants Fairy has been letting you down lately, and your underwear drawer is looking a bit bare; don't worry! Pants & Socks has got your back. Subscribe to make sure the Pants Fairy stops by your house with a regular delivery that suits you.

How does it all work?

Find your ideal Pants & Socks

View our wide range and filter your choices to a few perfect, personalised selections. We have all of your favourite brands and add more regularly.

Subscribe & save or simply buy when you need

Loyalty is everything to us. When you’ve chosen your perfect Pants & Socks why not subscribe and receive 10% discount.

Keep 'em coming!

If subscriptions are your thing, we give you flexibility so you're always in control. Swap your product our for a new colour, style or size anytime you like. Pause or (heaven forbid) cancel your subscription frequency any time you like. You'll only be billed each time they're shipped.

The Brand

Pants & Socks are pretty common amongst us all. They are an unspoken truth. But what else is unspoken?

The way a brand new, fresh smelling, killer set of underwear can make you feel. Your attitude will turn heads and people might even catch a glimpse as your clothes ride up.

"Excuse me, stranger, but my eyes are up here."
How cheeky, as someone tries to get a sly look. How cheeky you feel when you get to give that look of "oh yeah, these feel utterly fantastic..." A feeling of movement and energy and life and spontaneity and all because you feel remarkably free. It's incredibly rate, that this is a brand which everyone can know the feeling of. And yes, we know that.

Logo Usage

Brand Colours

The brand colours are red, black and white, which can be used in the following variations, but please steer clear from large uses of black on red.

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