How to Wear Briefs Properly

Just because briefs have been around since 1935 doesn’t automatically mean that everyone is wearing theirs correctly. 

Yes, they’re a style icon. Yes, they’re still one of the most popular men’s underwear styles after more than 85 years. But some people are letting the side down, wearing their briefs incorrectly, complaining that they don’t like briefs and… basically besmirching the noble name of briefs to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. 

Briefs rock. They’re the perfect supportive pants if you want minimal coverage on your legs. They’re comfortable, elastic, soft, and they won’t let you don’t if you’re in need of some hard-working pants to hold your bits in place and keep them from flopping everywhere. 

‘But what do you mean “how to wear briefs properly” - don’t you just put them on?’

Well, you’re half right. Yes, the first step in wearing briefs properly is to put them on correctly, but what we’re really exploring today is how to make sure your briefs FIT you properly to ensure that you have the best experience in your briefs that you can. 

Is there a proper way of wearing briefs?

Step 1: Don’t wear your briefs on your head. 

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? But we’ve seen it done. Many times in fact (which might say something about the state of the party scene at Pants&Socks HQ…)

But yes, we’ll start with the basics: make sure you have selected your correct size. We don’t want to go too big or too small. Either way is uncomfortable and neither are effective.

Next, once you have your correctly-sized briefs, put each foot into the corresponding holes in the briefs, firmly grasp the elastic waistband in both hands and pull the briefs up so that they sit comfortably on your waist. 

If you pull them too high, then you’ll give yourself an uncomfortable wedgie and crush your balls. We trust that you’ll have the good sense to know if this has occurred. So try and avoid that. 

Reach a hand into the pouch if necessary and shimmy your junk about to ensure that everything is sitting comfortably within the pouch. After all, they are your most prized family jewels and should be kept pristine and safe. Plus, the main function of a good pair of briefs is to provide ample support for the 3 amigos, so make sure that they are indeed supported and comfortable. 

Next, you should ensure that the fit around the tops of your thighs is adequate. Get a finger in there and jimmy around, making sure you pull out any unwanted folding or creasing that could cause discomfort at your joints. 

Take a few paces around the room to check the feel and you should be good to go. 

How tight should briefs be?

As for tightness of your briefs, there is no simple answer to this (given that everyone has their personal preferences), but ideally, they should neither be too loose or too tight. And you should be able to feel when you’re in either situation.

If they’re too loose, your package will not have ample support. Your parts will be flopping around, the pouch won’t be sticking out and, basically, the briefs won’t be doing their job. The leg holes may also be too large for you and the waistband will be slipping down your body. This is too loose. This is wrong, gentlemen.

At the other end of the scale, if you go too tight then the waistband will be digging into your skin and causing discomfort, the leg holes may not be big enough and giving you more of the same issue… and your penis will feel constricted by the elastic tightness. 

You don’t want to be in either situation, so here are some handy tips to ensure that you find the most comfortable fitting briefs that you can!

Tips on how to properly wear briefs

  1. Make sure they’re sitting in the right spot
  2. Jimmy your junk
  3. Measure your waist with a string
  4. Pay attention to material
  5. What if you’re between sizes?

1. Make sure they’re sitting in the right spot

Again, it sounds obvious doesn’t it? But nevertheless, you do want to make sure that the waistband of your briefs is sitting in the right spot on your hips. 

We’d suggest that this perfect spot is a bit below your usual waistline - where your trousers or shorts would normally sit. And again, we’re talking about normal-fitting trousers and shorts here. We know it has become something of a style in the past to have your trousers so low on your body that your ass is hanging out… so forget about that. We want your normal trouser fit. Your briefs’ waistband should sit comfortably just below that line. 

Of course, everyone is different and wears their clothes differently, but for measurement purposes and for a proper fit, we would suggest this line. 

2. Jimmy your junk

As we said above, one of the main functions of a good pair of briefs is to ensure that your package is protected, supported, swaddled, and comfortable. The pouch of your briefs should hold everything firmly in place without gripping it. It should be a soft fit, but without too much room for movement. 

To that end, it’s a good idea when you put your briefs on, to reach a hand into the pouch and give it a little jimmy just to ensure that everything falls into a comfortable position. Once they’re locked in, there shouldn’t be very much movement at all, so this step is key to starting your day in your briefs off the right way. 

3. Measure your waist with a string

In terms of finding the best size and fit for your briefs, it’s a great idea to forgo a more rigid tape measure and use a piece of string instead. You want a fit that sits as close to your skin as possible and every centimeter counts in this game. 

So, grab your string, wind it around your waistline (see point no.1), cut the string to the appropriate length and measure the piece of string along a rigid tape measure. This way, you’ll ensure that you get a more ‘true to body’ fit from your pants. Plus, you won’t end up with briefs that’ll be slipping down your body and in constant need of adjustment.

You can read our men’s underwear size guide for more information.

4. Pay attention to material

Less to do with actual fit and more to do with comfort in your briefs - material is an important factor that should not be overlooked. 

There’s a variety out there, comprising natural, synthetic, and blends. If you’re allergic to synthetic materials, then steer clear of those. Briefs typically come in a cotton-elastane blend for a mixture of softness, comfort, and ample stretch, but there are other materials out there to suit your needs, so do make sure to pay attention if you want the ultimate comfort experience from your briefs.  

5. What if you’re between sizes?

Now, this is a good question - and it depends on your body shape and build, quite honestly. If you’re more of a slender build, with slimmer thighs and you find yourself right on the cusp of 2 sizes, then it may be a good idea to choose the smaller. 

If you’re endowed with hulking thighs (or a particularly large member) then it may be a good idea to opt for the larger size. 

It involves a certain degree of common sense and/or experimentation to ensure you get the right fit here - and it can differ between brands as well. So, pay attention to your proportions and make a well-considered decision in this case. 

Choosing the right briefs for you

So, at the end of the day, finding the right pair of briefs and wearing them properly to experience the true comfort and support that briefs were designed for should be a breeze if you make use of these 5 simple tips. 

You are now well-prepared to shop our Pants & Socks range of available briefs

Or, if you're thinking that briefs might not be your underwear style of choice, you can check out this article and let it open your eyes to the wonderful world of underwear styles. 

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Happy hunting!