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From behind the famous blue door of its Leicester HQ, Pantherella has been crafting ‘fine English socks’ that are sleeker, lighter and more stylish than almost any others since 1937. It’s about time you discovered Pantherella.

Pantherella FAQs

What are the different types of Pantherella socks?

Our range of Pantherella socks can be tailored for any occasion. With chic, elegant stylings in block prints to an incredible variety of eye-catching patterns and designs, our ever-expanding collection of Pantherella socks has something to suit everyone and every taste. Fabian Herringbone socks — a classic herringbone pattern Danvers Rib socks — plain, but in a variety of soft colours Waddington Rib socks — plain, but in a variety of soft colours Kilburn Double Colour Block socks — with fun and colourful stripes Gadsbury Pindot socks — patterned with subtle spots Byrd Box Motif socks, Holst stripe socks and Elgar Diamond jacquard socks — spun from ultra soft Egyptian cotton in an assortment of patterns Sherborne Fair Isle socks — crafted from sumptuous cashmere in a festive style Edale Colour Block socks — crafted from fine merino wool

How long has Pantherella been around?

Since 1937, Pantherella has been making top-quality socks from behind its famous blue door. The company started life as Midlands Hosiery Mills, a factory specialising in women's hosiery but by 1945 its name had changed to ‘Pantherella Fine English Socks’ and it was selling to gentlemen. The switch was driven by Louis Goldschmidt, who believed in rethinking the classic style of men’s socks that at the time were bulky and uncomfortable. In their place, Pantherella started crafting socks that were sleeker, lighter and more stylish than ever before.

What is so special about Pantherella Socks?

Pantherella has never been afraid to set a precedent. While many other manufacturers have turned to cheaper methods of production and cost-cutting materials, Pantherella still makes all of its English socks right behind the famous blue door of its family-owned Leicester factory. Its core philosophy of 'Provenance, Design & Quality' is as true today as it was in 1945, though you’ll find that Pantherella’s range has considerably expanded since those early days. Now, you’ll find a wealth of colourful and visually striking socks in a wide range of exceptionally crafted materials from classic cotton to luxury merino wool and cashmere.

How do you wash Pantherella socks?

No matter the pair of Pantherella socks you purchase, we’d always recommend turning them inside out, breaking out a box of anti-bacterial detergent and washing them at 30 degrees Celsius. Turning them inside out means that all of the lingering bacteria and dead skin will be washed out, while the lower temperature means each was will be more environmentally friendly (and cheaper). Of course, if you want to ensure that all bacterial traces are obliterated from your socks, you can still wash on a gentle cycle at 60 degrees Celsius. But we wouldn’t recommend that. It’s not as environmentally friendly and the higher temperatures could compromise the longevity of your Pantherella socks.

How and where can I buy Pantherella socks?

Pantherella is waiting to spring into action to spruce up your sock drawer and bring you the best in British socks — and we at are more than happy to help. Click here to browse our full Pantherella range and purchase the perfect pair of quality socks made right here in Blighty. And if you want more in quality pants and socks for men — with access to incredible savings — you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service. As part of the subscription, you’ll get yourself: 20% off every order you place Free postage on every order New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time