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Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren has been a cornerstone of American style for over 50 years; its pants and socks are no exception. It combines top quality materials with tried and tested styles to create timeless classics that never fail to disappoint.

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Ralph Lauren Underwear FAQs

What are the different types of Ralph Lauren underwear?

At Pants&, we have an extensive range of Polo Ralph Lauren underwear: - Trunks - Boxer briefs - Briefs - Boxers Each type comes in a variety of colours, patterns, sizes and styles - you’ll be sure to find your perfect pair. Trunks form our most extensive range of Ralph Lauren pants. Designed to balance the best elements of boxer briefs and briefs, trunks should sit snugly at your waist and provide all of the crotch support you’d expect from briefs, but with a longer fit down the leg - though not as long as a boxer brief (they should extend roughly ⅓ of the way down your thigh). They also come in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit every style and every mood. Boxer briefs are very similar to trunks, but are longer in the leg, reaching roughly ½ way down your thigh. They also provide great crotch support and should have a close, comfortable fit with no tightness or pinching. Briefs do not extend down the leg and are similar to classic Y-front styles. They provide great support and are perfect for gents with larger thighs or those who overheat quickly - the lack of material on the leg leads to great breathability for your skin. Finally, Ralph Lauren’s boxers are their take on a classic boxer short. These are loose-fitting and breathable lightweight cotton, with elastic only present in the waistband for a snug fit at the waist and an open fly for easy access.

Is Ralph Lauren underwear true to size?

In short - yes. If you know your regular waist size, Ralph Lauren’s underwear should fit you perfectly in the size that you usually purchase for your trousers, shorts or other underwear. If you need more information, please check out our size guide on each of our product pages (also shown below) for a breakdown of what sizes you can expect from Ralph Lauren.

How do Ralph Lauren boxers fit?

At the waistband, all of Ralph Lauren’s underwear should fit snugly with no tightness, pinching or slipping. You should be able to comfortably slip at least 2 fingers into your elastic waistband - any less and your underwear is too tight. Ralph Lauren’s open boxers should be loose-fitting on the leg and at the crotch. They are designed with freedom of movement and air flow in mind, so if your open boxers are either snug at the crotch or close-fitting at the leg, you need to size up. All other styles (boxer briefs, briefs and trunks) should fit with the material snugly against your skin - but not tightly. If you feel any tightness or pinching in any part of your underwear, you may need to size up. The same goes for looseness - they should sit against your skin and provide ample support in the crotch area. If they aren’t doing one or both of these things, you need to size down.

What size should I buy?

We would recommend checking out your usual waistband fit in other brands or other clothing items that you wear (like trousers and shorts) - your normal waistband size should be perfect for judging a Ralph Lauren fit. If you need more information, please consult our Pants&Socks Size Guide (below) - which can also be found on every product page. Remember - you want a fit at the waist that is snug but not tight - if you can’t easily slip 2 fingers into your waistband, then you need to size up.

What material is Ralph Lauren underwear made from?

The majority of Ralph Lauren underwear is soft cotton and elastane at a ratio of 95% to 5% for soft, breathable comfort and just the right amount of elastic stretch to maintain that snug fit. The boxers, on the other hand, are made from a pure lightweight cotton with elastic in the waistband. The fit for these should be snug only at the waistband.

Is Ralph Lauren underwear machine washable?

Yes - they are all machine washable. No matter your chosen style, we would recommend washing at a low intensity at no more than 40 degrees celsius for best results and to improve longevity.