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Shop and buy men’s boxers online - all the top brands available including Calvin Klein boxers, Ralph Lauren Boxers and Hugo Boss boxers. Subscribe to save 20% every time and get free delivery. Convenience comes first and you're always in control.

Boxer FAQs

What are the different types of boxers?

Men’s boxer shorts typically come in three types: - Open fly - the most common type that does not incorporate buttons into the fly construction - Gripper front - incorporating buttons or clasps to manually close the fly that extend the length of the opening - Yoke front - also incorporating a button or clasp construction, Yoke fronts only have buttons at the top of the opening, just beneath the waistband

How should boxers fit?

Classic boxer shorts should fit loosely - the only area of snug fit should be the waistband to prevent the boxers slipping down your legs. This doesn’t mean that there should be loose material flowing all over the place - in the case of boxer shorts, a loose fit just means that there should be no material that is held tightly against your skin beneath the elastic waist. The leg holes should provide space between your skin and the material of the boxers and there is no support for your package - everything should be left to hang loose and free. This makes boxer shorts an excellent choice for not only underwear but also loungewear or sleepwear. They’re breathable, unrestrictive and very comfortable.

What size men’s boxers should I buy?

The size ranges of men’s boxers do not differ widely between manufacturers, so if you wear a medium in one brand or another type of underwear like a boxer brief, then you should do just fine in a medium pair of boxer shorts. If you have larger thighs, however, and you’re right at the cusp between two sizes, we’d suggest going for the larger size to ensure you retain that loose feel and freedom of movement. However, to make sure you find the perfect size boxer shorts, you should always check our handy size guide found on every product page just beneath the sizing options.

Which brands have the best boxers?

While there is no undisputed ‘king’ of men’s boxer shorts, there are several brands who are well-known for crafting exceptional boxer shorts: - BOSS - Calvin Klein - Derek Rose - GANT - Polo Ralph Lauren - Tommy Hilfiger

How and where can you buy men’s boxers?

If you’re after a looser fit and stylish comfort, then maybe you’re ready to give boxer shorts a try? Well, if you are, you’re in the right place with us at Pants& You can shop our full range of men’s boxers right here and find your perfect pair today. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more! ( You’ll get: 20% off on every order Free postage on every order A range of delivery options New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time