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Pringle 3 Pack Men's Argyle Sock
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Pringle 3 Pack Men's Argyle Sock

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Pringle 3 Pack Men's Gift Box
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Pringle 3 Pack Men's Gift Box

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Pringle 12 Pack Men's Gift Box
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Pringle 12 Pack Men's Gift Box

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Pringle FAQs

What material are Pringle socks made from?

Pringle has long specialised in knitwear products made from cashmere and wool. But over time it has expanded its repertoire to include the most current, fashionable and environmentally friendly materials. Our range of Pringle socks is crafted in a blend of 82% bamboo viscose, 16% polyamide and 2% lycra elastane. Polyamide sounds artificial, but it does occur naturally — in wool fibres, to be exact — which lends these Pringle socks incredible durability and strength. Lycra elastane does what it does best, providing just the right amount of stretch to the socks, to ensure they’re form-fitting and easily slipped on. But the star of the show is the bamboo viscose, which is unbelievably soft to the touch, strong, absorbent and actually has antimicrobial properties, helping your feet feel and smell fresher for longer. And, if that wasn’t enough, bamboo viscose is very environmentally friendly, manufactured from highly sustainable bamboo shoots. Kind to your feet. Kind to the environment. That’s just what we like.

How long has Pringle been around?

Pringle (technically, ‘Pringle of Scotland’) has mastered cashmere knitwear. In fact, it holds a Royal Warrant as manufacturers of knitted garments, such is its skill and reputation. Founded in 1815, Pringle is one of the oldest continually operating fashion companies in the world. This means a rich heritage producing quality knitwear over generations — and we’re sure Pringle will be doing so for generations to come. That’s more than demonstrated in Pringle’s usage of the most current, fashionable and sustainable materials from which to craft their socks, expanding its offering from wool and cashmere to wonderfully soft bamboo viscose blends.

Are Pringle Socks warm?

They look thin, but Pringle’s bamboo socks will keep your feet cosy in the colder months. Bamboo viscose is incredibly warm, yet naturally breathable at the same time, meaning warmth when the temperature drops and refreshingly cool breathability when the heat is on. Ingenious.

How do you wash Pringle socks?

Break out that fresh, anti-bacterial detergent, because you’ll want to be washing at 30 degrees Celsius — to be kinder to the environment, your wallet and your Pringle socks. The lower temperatures will protect the soft cotton material, helping them last even longer, while the detergent will send that bacteria packing. Naturally, if you want to make sure that all the bacteria is wiped out, stick them on a gentle cycle at 60 degrees Celsius instead. However, this is not very environmentally friendly and will raise your electricity bill. Our pro sock-washing tip: turn them inside out before you wash. This will really make sure all that bacteria and dead skin is washed away.

How and where can I buy Pringle socks?

Need to stock up on some more of the very best socks? Well, you’re in the perfect place right here at You can shop our full range of men’s socks right here and pick up your new favourite pair of socks today. You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more! You’ll get: 20% off every order you place New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time