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High-quality materials and an eye for detail, providing beautifully made socks for all occasions.

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Where do FALKE socks come from?

FALKE is a venerable German company that has been manufacturing clothing for men, women and children since 1895! The brainchild of German roofer, Franz Falke-Rohen, FALKE has grown out of Schmallenberg (North-West Germany) to become a premium modern clothing company with an eye for detail and a penchant for using only the finest materials in its products. And it’s still family-owned today, with Paul and Franz-Otto Falke heading up the company as the 4th generation of Falke family owners.

What are they made from?

The majority of FALKE’s socks are made from high-quality merino wool. Merino wool is durable, breathable, odour resistant and incredibly soft to the touch, making it the ideal choice as a material for socks. Keeping your feet warm and dry, but feeling cool and breezy when the weather heats up. Merino wool is more expensive than standard wool, but you can certainly feel the difference. For added durability, FALKE often blends merino wool with moisture-wicking polypropylene, which also adds an extra dose of durability to the merino. Moreover, FALKE pride itself on its ‘Anatomic Fit’, which boasts reinforced stressed areas and stitching that provides a more tailored fit to the sock. They also manufacture a range of socks in fil d‘Écosse cotton - commonly known as mercerised cotton, which boasts improved durability over regular cotton and the impressive ability to carry a much more vibrant array of colours, which FALKE puts to great use.

Which FALKE socks are right for me?

Depending on what you like to get up to day-to-day, you may favour one type of FALKE socks over another - and we carry a range here at Pants&Socks: - FALKE Family socks - an excellent choice for everyday wear, available in a wide range of colours - FALKE Sensitive Mapped socks - with further reinforced stress zones for maximum comfort and durability; great for everyday wear and available in a range of striped designs - FALKE Tiago socks - with a two-layer sole construction for added durability and a perfect fit - FALKE Walkie Light socks - perfect for a day of walking, these socks are both warm and tough, with climate-regulating merino wool - FALKE Cool Kick socks - for a sports-inspired lifestyle, these no-show socks are perfect for a gym session - FALKE Run socks - perfect for pounding the pavements, these socks are ultra-light and moisture wicking perfection

What size FALKE socks should I buy?

Fortunately, if you know your shoe size, then you know the perfect size FALKE socks for you. Simply search for your shoe size and you’ll be good to go. If in doubt, you can click our size guide found on every page for more information and conversion from EU shoe sizes, as well as corresponding sizes in cm and inches.

How and where can I buy FALKE socks?

If you’re in the mood for high-quality footwear, then you’re definitely the right place to buy your FALKE socks online: right here at Pants& You can order a one-off delivery of as many pairs of FALKE socks as you like. Simply decide which type (or types) you like the best, add the item(s) to your basket, follow the link to the checkout, enter your delivery details and proceed to payment. You can then choose from a range of delivery options both within and outside the UK. The method that we’d recommend, however, is signing up to our P&S Subscription service. This subscription will get your new FALKE socks delivered to you regularly, on a schedule set by you - saving you an incredible 20% on every order you place, plus netting you free postage to boot: You’ll have your choice of a range of delivery packages to suit your needs - whether you want your FALKE socks delivered every month or just twice a year, you can tailor your subscription as you like. It’s time to kit your feet out in premium German quality.