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HOM has been at the forefront of innovation in men’s underwear since 1968. With superior support and protection and a heavy accent on great design.

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HOM Underwear FAQs

What are the different types of HOM underwear?

HOM designs men’s underwear across a number of unique underwear types and designs, while each type is represented by several collections to suit the modern man: - Thongs and g-strings - Briefs and mini briefs - Trunks - Boxer Briefs and long boxer briefs

What are HOM’s underwear collections?

At Pants&Socks, we carry several of HOM’s collections: - HOM HO1 - with HOM’s revolutionary horizontal opening, the HO1 collection is available in either mini briefs or boxer briefs. - Plumes - HOM Plumes come in a variety of styles including micro briefs, trunks and G-strings, and are light as a feather, crafted from a blend of polyamide and elastane. - Muse, Bertrand, LouLou - only available as trunks. - Vincent, Eddie, Max, Nikolas, Bernie, Erwan, Sean, Illusion and Valensole - all slightly different collections of HOM boxer briefs that sport assorted colours and patterns. - Boxerlines - essential boxer briefs in plain colours for everyday wear, available in economic packs of 3 and crafted from stretch cotton. - Comfort - available as mini briefs, micro briefs and boxer briefs that take comfort to the max with a cotton/elastane blended fabric lining. - Temptation - especially for those looking to reawaken their sexual power, the Pablo is the perfect example of this range - sporting a feisty khaki green with black mottling and gold filigree, the Pablo is the ultimate statement piece.

What size HOM underwear should I buy?

When purchasing underwear by HOM at, we would recommend sticking with your normal waist size. Usually measured in inches, this can be found on the inner label of any trousers or shorts you wear - however, you’ll find that you’ll have to translate this into standard sizes like small, medium and large. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. On every product page, we have a handy size guide to help you match your waist size to the sizes of HOM’s underwear - if you’re measuring in at 30-32 inches, you’ll be looking for a small; 33-4, it’s a medium; and so on. You can measure your waist by taking a loose tape measure (not a metal one) or a piece of string and wrapping it around your natural waist (wherever you most comfortably wear your trousers etc.) - this should usually sit just over your hip bones or just below your belly button. HOM’s underwear is intended to fit snugly, but not tightly, so make sure you give yourself a good measure before you make a purchase and size up or down accordingly - if you sit between sizes, we’d recommend going one up just in case as HOM ensures that all of its underwear is nice and stretchy.

What material is HOM underwear made from?

HOM sources a variety of materials with which to craft its underwear - but all are tested to ensure the highest quality and matched to the intended function of the collection. For example, HOM’s Plumes collection makes liberal use of a polyamide/elastane blend to ensure a silky smooth feel and absolute feather-light weight. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. The HO1 collection is crafted from luxurious modal cotton - all the benefits of regular cotton like soft comfort, moisture wicking and breathability, BUT the fibres are treated before being spun into yarn, making modal cotton even softer and much more durable than standard cotton. The other collections make excellent use of natural cotton to combine moisture wicking, breathability and durability in an all-natural package. The waistbands of all HOM underwear are constructed with soft-touch elastic that should never pinch or squeeze.

What are HOM thongs and g-strings like?

G-strings are the perfect underwear for the gentleman who wants to flaunt his well hewn body to the max, obtain maximum freedom of movement and fight heat and friction without sacrificing support for his package. They’re also practically invisible under clothes, so go as tight as you like while wearing them. Hom’s thongs and g-strings are no exception - rolling all of the above benefits into a sexy package with HOM’s unique elegance and flair. The Plumes g-string is feather-light and friction-busting. Crafted from a polyamide/elastane blend, they’re silky smooth and lighter than air (well, almost) - you’ll barely even know you’re wearing them. The Pablo is certainly a statement piece. With a khaki, mottled black and gold filigree look, these scream ‘sex appeal’. Part of the Temptation range, they’ll keep you feeling comfy and looking the absolute business.

How and where can I buy HOM underwear?

While there are several HOM stockists in the UK, you’re already in the very best place to pick them up: Pants& Head on over to our dedicated HOM page and explore our full range of HOM products right now: Or, if you’re aching to have your HOM underwear delivered regularly, right to your door and on a schedule set by you, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save 20% on all of your orders, receive free postage and choose a range of delivery packages to suit you - every month or just twice a year, we’ll satisfy your craving for HOM:

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