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Sport has the power to transform. Puma knows this better than most. Its extensive collections of pants and socks is designed to keep you secure and comfortable all day, helping you focus win your activity

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What are the different types of Puma underwear?

Puma produces a variety of pants and socks. When it comes to socks, they make: - Sports socks - in a crew (aka trouser) length - Short crew socks - similar to the above, but in a shorter length - Lifestyle socks - cut just a little longer than ankle socks - Sneaker socks - a very short variant of ankle sock - Footie socks - aka ‘no shows’ As for pants, Puma makes several types across various styles: - Boxers - though Puma boxers are styled as form-fitting boxer briefs - Trunks - like boxer briefs, but with shorter legs - Briefs - pants with no legs

Does Puma make good underwear?

Puma is a brand that focuses on performance. Primarily producing garments with sporting activity in mind, you know that you’re getting two things whenever you shop Puma: affordable prices and excellent quality. Puma makes pants and socks designed to perform all day, every day, making them an excellent choice for all budgets.

What is Puma underwear made of?

Puma’s socks are constructed from a soft cotton and elastane blend, which is breathable, durable, soft and comfortable - perfect for match day, whether you’re actually on the pitch or on the sofa. Puma pants are also constructed from a soft cotton and elastane blend - with the elastane element providing extra durability and that all-important support for your package, while the cotton wraps you in soft comfort.

Is Puma underwear breathable?

Yes, Puma’s underwear is breathable. Soft cotton is featured in the construction of all of Puma’s underwear products - and cotton is a superbly breathable material that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton is also soft, durable and absorbent, making it the perfect material for crafting excellent underwear.

What size should I buy?

All Puma underwear we stock is designed to provide a supportive and comfortable fit whether you’re on the pitch or chilling at home. None of the fits should be loose, so it’s important that you get hold of the right size for you. When it comes to Puma socks, you should choose the size that matches your shoe size – as most Puma socks come with EU size ranges, make sure you take a look at our size guide on each product page to ensure you find the right fit if you’re based in the UK or US. As for pants, each pair of Puma pants is designed to sit close to your skin, providing the support you need where it counts. There should be no tightness, pinching or squeezing from any part of the pants - the fit should feel reassuringly snug at the waist, leg holes and at the crotch. It should also feel comfortable, of course. When choosing your perfect size, we’d recommend finding your current most comfortable pants and going for the size on that label - no sense in fixing what isn’t broken; if you’re usually a medium, you should choose medium with Puma. However, we always make sure you find your perfect fit, so, if you’re getting a little stuck, you can click through to our size guide found on every product page. Puma pants range in size from Small (starting at a roughly 30 inch waist) to X-Large (up to roughly a 40-42 inch waist). If in doubt, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

How and where can I buy Puma underwear?

Feline (we couldn’t resist) in the mood for some fresh Puma underwear? Well, you’re in the right place with us at Pants& You can shop our full range of Puma underwear for men right here and get your hands on your new favourite pair today. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more! ( You’ll get: - 20% off on every order - Free postage on every order - A range of delivery options - New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose - Free cancellation at any time