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Democratique Socks was established in 2012 in Copenhagen by a team of highly experienced fashion professionals. They stand for high quality, sustainability and good value.

Democratique FAQs

What material are Democratique socks made from?

Democratique Socks uses the very finest organic cotton to craft its collection of socks. Blended with elastane for just a hint of stretch and form-fitting comfort and natural polyamide for added strength and durability, these are socks of serious quality. Organic cotton is a cut above regular cotton because it is grown without chemicals, which means it is kinder to the environment. Organic cotton is spun from 100% natural seeds. No genetic modification. No chemicals. No pesticides or insecticides. It’s much more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and is hands down one of the best clothing materials for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin. We class that as a huge win — and that organic cotton is what makes Democratique socks so special.

How long has Democratique been around?

Democratique Socks hasn’t been around as long as some other brands, only established in Copenhagen during 2012. But what sets it apart is its team of dedicated fashion professionals who saw a gap in the market and went for it, full throttle. Today, Democratique manufactures the highest quality socks at very reasonable prices. The key to this quality is its use of the finest organic cotton, spun under strict conditions in some of the most exacting and disciplined factory environments. The result: a more durable, more comfortable, more stylish and all-round beautiful collection of socks.

Are Democratique Socks warm?

Democratique socks are spun from organic cotton, which is a fabulous material that’s very good at two things: keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That’s because, while it’s very breathable, it’s also a great insulator. Perfect for regulating the climate of your feet — while the sustainable methods behind its production are perfect for helping the Earth’s climate. Everyone’s a winner!

How do you wash Democratique socks?

In-keeping with Democratique Sock’s drive for sustainability, we’d recommend picking up a box of anti-bacterial detergent and washing these socks at 30 degrees Celsius. It’s much kinder to the environment, will help your socks last longer — and will save you some money on your energy bill. The anti-bac detergent will handle the bacteria even at these low temperatures. But if you want to make sure that all the bacteria is not just wiped out but utterly annihilated, stick them on a gentle cycle at 60 degrees Celsius instead. However, this will increase your monthly bill and it’s not as environmentally friendly. For best sock-washing results, we’d always recommend that you turn them inside out first. It’ll help flush away all that dead skin and bacteria.

How and where can I buy Democratique socks?

Need to stock up on some more of the very best, sustainable Democratique socks? is definitely the place to be. And you’re already right here! So, sit back and shop our full range of Democratique socks, satisfy your need for organic cotton comfort and pick up your new favourite pair of socks today. And if you’re in the mood to make even more savings, you can sign yourself up for our P&S Subscription service! As part of the subscription package, you’ll get: 20% off every order you place Free postage on every order New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time