🩲 About Us...a pants&socks story 🧦

Pants&Socks … it’s what we do. We sell men’s underwear. We are the official stockist for all the top brands and we carry a simply enormous range of styles. Our aim is to become the specialist retailer you always turn to when you need new pants and socks.

We were founded in the teeth of the pandemic; Richard, our Chief Pants Officer, was a shopkeeper without any shops to run. But in adversity there was opportunity. He had long talked about setting up a business that sold just pants and socks. He had even registered the domain name. Now was the time to turn the idea into reality.

We quickly became the official stockist for brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and more followed. With 30 years of menswear retail behind him, Richard had the contacts and the track record to make sure we had the right names and the right products from the start.

We built the site, found a great warehouse who promised to ship quickly and by September 2020 we were away - pantsandsocks.com was live and trading.

We’d like to say it was all plain sailing but in truth we learnt along the way. But we didn’t make any major mistakes, survived our first Christmas and planned for the future. 

In July 2021 we successfully launched a crowdfund - it proved that we weren’t the only ones who thought we were doing a good job. We used the money to invest in more stock and spread the word. 

From the start, we have wanted to do some good through selling pants and socks and so far we have linked with two charities - the Matt Hampson Foundation and CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably). There’s no point being in business if you can’t do some good along the way.

We continue to add new brands and there are always new styles being added.

We are also determined to get better at everything we do - we are still learning. If you think there are areas we can improve, please tell us. If you think we’re good at what we do - please tell your friends.


January 2019 - the idea of a website selling just pants and socks is discussed in a bar in London, at length

 March 2020 - the world closes down and Richard the Chief Pants Officer suddenly has time to put his plans into action

June 2020 - an agency is hired to build the pantsandsocks.com website. A distribution company is found to hold the stock and speedily despatch orders

July 2020 - the Pants&Socks team is assembled: Richard’s wife Natalie and his son Harri. His two daughters also help out. Digital Dave offers advice as a consultant

September 2020 - pantsandsocks.com is launched, with “real” models and a tongue-in-cheek approach. The first order comes in while Richard walks his dog, Eddie

December 2020 - by Christmas Day Richard and Natalie are exhausted but elated. The business is well on its way to a 1,000 customers. The site now stocks 17 brands - people seem to like what they are doing

June 2021 - pantsandsocks.com runs a successful crowdfund and prepares to hire the first permanent members of staff. The business has over 2000 customers

August 2021 - Pants&Socks hires two full-time staff members. At last Richard can start planning a holiday

October 2021 - the Pants&Socks rating on Trustpilot hits 5 stars. Our customers seem to like what we are doing

December 2021 - the run up to Christmas is manic, pushing customer numbers to almost 10,000. There’s a lot of happy people out there who received pants and socks for Christmas

July 2022 - with monthly visitor numbers now over 150 000  the team continues to grow, Pants&Socks moves into new offices. Everyone has their own desk!