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Reebok FAQs

What are the different types of Reebok underwear?

Briefs are a classic men’s underwear style with no leg material, offering excellent support and all-day comfort. Reebok briefs are no exception, crafted from a blend of cotton and elastane to provide both a soft-touch feel and elastic strength for a form-hugging fit. Trunks offer a similar level of support to briefs, but have material that extends down the leg to the mid thigh. Made from the same materials as the Reebok briefs, the major difference here comes down to style and your preference.

How does Reebok underwear fit?

Reebok underwear is designed to hug your form and sit close to your skin. Blending cotton and elastane, you’ll get soft comfort and a decent amount of stretch, with the elastane also providing added durability. Choosing the correct size is important: too small and the elastic will pinch and squeeze your skin; too large and the pants will hang loosely and you’ll lose out on the crotch support while opening the doors to unpleasant chafing. To find the correct size, grab your best-fitting pair of pants that you currently own and check the inside label for the size, then simply purchase the same size of Reebok underwear. If in doubt, each of our product pages also includes a comprehensive sizing guide to help you find your perfect fit.

How long has Reebok been around?

Reebok has a long and storied history as a sportswear brand. The company headquarters is currently in Boston, Massachusetts (it was acquired by the USA based Authentic Brands Group in 2021), but Reebok is originally from Bolton, in the north of England. It was launched in 1958 as a companion to J. W. Foster & Sons (a sporting goods company founded in 1895) and until 1986, the brand logo actually featured the Union Flag to symbolise Reebok’s British origins.

How do you wash Reebok underwear?

Pick up any reputable anti-bacterial detergent, because you’ll want to be washing your Reebok underwear at 30 degrees celsius. This is better for the environment — and your wallet — as the lower temperature requires less electricity to run. It will also boost the longevity of your underwear, helping to preserve the cotton fibres while the detergent takes care of any bacteria. If you want to ensure that all bacteria and dead skin is washed away, you can certainly wash them at 60 degrees Celsius instead — use a gentle cycle when you do this. However, this is not very environmentally friendly and will increase your electricity bill. We’d also recommend turning your underwear inside out before washing to ensure all traces of bacteria and dead skin are washed away.

How and where can I buy Reebok underwear?

In the mood to add some sporting style to your underwear drawer? Then is ready with a great selection of Reebok products. You can browse our complete Reebok collection here to grab your next favourite pair of pants. But, to save even more on your order, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service. You’ll get: 20% off every order Free postage on every order A range of delivery options New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time