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Derek Rose

The Derek Rose underwear collection uses luxury materials, and a classic, timeless design.

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Derek Rose FAQs

What are the different types of Derek Rose underwear?

At Pants&Socks, we stock a range of Derek Rose underwear types, including: - Hipsters - Trunks - Boxer shorts Derek Rose boxer shorts are loose fitting and designed for ultimate lounging comfort. The hipsters and trunks are intended as more an everyday underwear piece - and which you choose depends on your preference for where the waistband should sit. Trunks have a more traditional band that should sit at your natural waist, while hipsters should sit - as the name implies - at your hips. Otherwise, in terms of construction, the differences are negligible.

What size should I buy?

With every type of Derek Rose underwear, we would recommend a snug, but not tight, fit at the waistband. You should comfortably be able to slip at least two fingers between the waistband and your skin. This should ensure a fit that isn’t tight and doesn’t pinch, but one that is still snug enough to keep your pants firmly in place. For boxer shorts, the rest of the fit should be loose and free - the waistband should be the only area of snug fit. For the Derek Rose hipsters and trunks, the fabric should sit close to your skin and should not be ‘baggy’ in any area. When choosing your size, Derek Rose underwear comes on a scale from S to XXL, which correspond to waist sizes in inches. For example, XXL for Derek Rose equates to a waist size of between 41-43 inches. If you don’t know your waist size, the easiest way to find it is to grab the most comfortably fitting pair of trousers or shorts you own and check the label for those waist measurements. Alternatively, you can measure your waist yourself using a fabric tape measure or piece of string wrapped around your waist at the point where your underwear would sit. Remember: you don’t want a tight fit here as that’ll mean pants that dig into your skin. Each brand also has slightly different sizing conventions, so to save you hassle, we’ve included a size chart on each of our product pages to help you choose the best size for you.

What’s the fit like?

The fit for Derek Rose underwear all depends on the type you buy. The fit at the waist on all types should be snug - the elastic waists keep your pants in place while you go about your day, but the band should never pinch, dig in or feel too tight. Derek Rose hipsters and trunks are designed with a more snug all-round fit in mind. The fabric for each should sit close to your skin (again, without pinching or digging in anywhere) and provide an ample amount of support for your package. There should be no ‘baggy’ areas on these pants. Derek Rose boxer shorts, on the other hand, were designed with a loose fit in mind. The elastic waistband should be the only area of these pants that feels snug. The rest should feel loose and free, making these ideal as lounging pants, sleepwear or for wear under loose-fitting trousers.

What material are Derek Rose boxer shorts, trunks and hipsters made from?

Derek Rose goes to great lengths to ensure it is using only the best, tried and tested materials to craft its underwear. Depending on the type and style of the underwear, the company makes use of a range of materials, including: - Modal cotton - considered a more eco-friendly alternative to standard cotton, modal is spun from the fibres of beech tree cellulose. With a softness comparable to silk and the strength and durability to keep it feeling fresh after hundreds of wears, modal is a perfect material for crafting underwear. - Pima cotton - classified as an ‘extra-long staple cotton’, pima cotton sits alongside Egyptian cotton in terms of quality. The lengthy fibres produce a fabric that is both luxuriously soft and incredibly strong, making it the perfect choice for underwear. - Mercerised cotton - lightweight, breathable and incredibly soft to the touch, mercerised cotton (also known as Batiste cotton after the French weaver, Jean Batiste) is a plain weave fabric that has a slight sheen on the surface thanks to the mercerisation process. -Elastane / cotton blends - the perfect mixture of strength, endurance, softness and stretch. A dash of elastane into the material blend increases the flexibility and durability of the cotton, making it the perfect addition to any underwear styles that demand a more snug fit, such as hipsters and trunks.

What makes Derek Rose a good brand?

Derek Rose is a British lifestyle brand that specialises in crafting luxury nightwear, loungewear, leisurewear and underwear products. Derek Rose products have a high price point, but they have the credentials to match, crafting truly luxurious products using only the finest materials. All of its designs are produced in-house and can’t be found anywhere else. Indeed, they say it best themselves: “We are a reliable and trustworthy brand and we understand that this must be earned every day. We are not ashamed of our premium pricing level.” Crafting fashion for film stars, rock stars and even royalty for decades, Derek Rose’s dedication to its craft, luxurious quality and trustworthy nature certainly make it a good brand in the underwear world - one of the greats, in fact.

How and where can I buy Derek Rose underwear?

Luckily, you’re already in just the right place to buy your Derek Rose underwear online. You can order a one-off delivery of as many pairs of Derek Rose pants as you like. Simply make your selection, add the items to your basket, follow the link to the checkout, enter your delivery details and proceed to payment. You can then choose from a range of delivery options both within and outside the UK. The method that we’d recommend, however, is signing up to our P&S Subscription service. This subscription will get your fresh Derek Rose underwear delivered to you regularly, on a schedule set by you - and save you 20% on every order you place plus free postage to boot. You’ll have your choice of a range of delivery packages to suit your needs - whether you want your new Derek Rose pants delivered every month or just twice a year, you can tailor your subscription as you like: