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SAXX is obsessed with the comfort of your manhood, designing life-changing underwear featuring their patented BallPark Pouch™. Scientifically-engineered to hold your balls in place, this hammock-shaped pouch pampers your precious stones for all-day comfort.

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What is so good about SAXX?

SAXX is unique in the men’s underwear world for one simple reason: the BallPark pouch. You can read our extensive review of SAXX’s underwear right now:, but suffice to say, it’s the BallPark pouch that had celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver say that wearing SAXX is like having your balls “cradled by an angel.” Now that’s high praise. Of course, SAXX combines the BallPark with some incredible construction - both in the overall design of the underwear (that come in a wide variety of patterns and colours) and the way the panels fit together, and the materials that they are made from, which are extremely soft to the touch and durable to boot. SAXX underwear screams QUALITY!

What is the SAXX BallPark pouch?

The BallPark pouch is SAXX’s patented ball-cradling technology. Designed to eliminate friction, the BallPark pouch keeps your bits in place and feeling well-supported. The mesh panels that create the 3D pouch not only keep your lads in place, they create a super soft barrier between your balls and your legs - which means no more sticking, rubbing or discomfort, no matter the activity you’re doing.

What material is SAXX underwear made from?

SAXX uses a range of materials in the construction of their pants depending on the collection. For example, the Undercover Cotton collection is made from a super soft modal cotton/spandex blend (modal cotton is one of the best materials for pants that money can buy - believe us!), while the Daytrippers are made from a moisture wicking polyester/spandex blend (which is also super soft). Suffice to say, whichever collection you buy, SAXX never cuts corners when it comes to comfort. The material is designed to be incredibly soft to the touch without compromising on durability. SAXX’s underwear is also intended to fit close to the skin, without feeling tight - so bear this in mind.

What are the different types of SAXX underwear?

SAXX has created a wide range of underwear for different occasions, whether that be everyday casual wear to more active, sporting wear. So, let’s see them all broken down by category and the different collections within each: Everyday - for casual everyday comfort: Vibe Ultra Platinum Undercover Cotton Mega Lux Daytripper Outdoor - for getting out and about: Viewfinder Quest Sports - for more strenuous activity: Kinetic HD Hyperdrive Sport Mesh Volt Hot Shot Naturally, you can expect the pants within the sports collections to be more focused on durability and moisture wicking than the everyday pants. BUT, whichever pair of SAXX pants you buy, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the BallPark pouch and their unrivalled comfort.

What size SAXX underwear should I buy?

See below for the Pants&Socks size guide which shows which waist measurement matches the SAXX size. Since many collections contain spandex, they’re designed to fit snugly (not tightly) and sit close to the skin. They should hold everything in place and provide a bit of definition.

How should I wash my SAXX underwear?

We’d recommend washing your new SAXX underwear gently in the machine on a cooler temperature (around 30 degrees should do the trick) and then drying them naturally by hanging them on a line or clothes horse. We wouldn't recommend putting them on the radiator. These are general washing instructions. For more specific instructions, we’d always recommend checking the labels and packaging of your SAXX underwear to make sure you get the most out of them for as long as possible.

What is the SAXX warranty policy?

SAXX offers a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on products purchased on their main Site and through authorised third-party sellers - that’s us! Warranty requests must be communicated to SAXX within one-year of the original purchase. If the issue is communicated outside of the one-year window then this policy no longer applies. For all warranties requests, Saxx requires that you contact the company before sending anything back. All claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase (invoice or receipt). To initiate a warranty request, please contact Saxx’s Customer Service team via email at with the following information: Your order number or proof of purchase from an authorised third-party seller indicating a transaction date within the past 12 months. Your shipping address, including country. The style name and colour of the item(s) that you wish to warranty. A photo showing the defective issue. A photo of the product ID label (if available) on the inside of the product, next to the care/content label, to help us verify style information. A photo of the product label on the back of the product to help us verify the style. A brief description of the issue also helps us process your request faster. If a product is determined by SAXX to be defective, SAXX will work to find a reasonable resolution for you. The reasonable determination of whether the product is defective shall be made by SAXX in its sole discretion with consideration given to the overall wear of the product. Items can only be exchanged, not refunded, and you are responsible for shipping costs and import duties/taxes. Please note: This policy does not apply to products that have been damaged by misuse, accident, modification, repair, or purchased from an unauthorised seller. This policy can only be used once per product, and is not applicable to replacement products offered through previous warranty claims.