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Levi’s FAQs

Is Levi’s an underwear brand?

Levi’s is famous for its jeans. But it does produce a broad fashion and basics range including pants and socks. So, yes, Levi’s is definitely an underwear brand..

What are the different types of Levi’s underwear?

Levi’s produce several types of men’s underwear that you can try today: - Boxer briefs - Trunks - Briefs At P&S, we currently stock a range of men’s briefs from Levi’s - definitely its most significant range of underwear products. But keep an eye out - our range is always expanding. As for socks, we stock a versatile range of Levi’s to suit any wearer: - Crew socks (AKA trouser socks) - Ankle socks - Footie socks (AKA no-shows)

What are Levi’s underwear made from?

All of the Levi’s socks in our range are made from either organic or combed cotton. Cotton is a very versatile material - perfect for making socks - due to several properties: - It’s breathable - helping to fight sweaty feet - It’s durable - especially when stitched in reinforced zones, cotton will stand the test of time - It’s natural - those with allergies to synthetic materials will enjoy cotton It’s soft - what good would socks be if they weren’t comfortable? As for the pants, you’ll also find that the majority are produced using organic cotton - kind to the environment as well as to your privates! But the Premium boxer briefs are made from an organic stretch cotton, which is blended with elastane to provide: - Extra stretch - boxer briefs are supposed to fit snugly, so extra stretch means a better fit - Extra strength - elastane/cotton blends are very durable and able to withstand a good deal of punishment

What size Levi’s underwear should I buy?

When it comes to Levi’s socks, we’d recommend choosing a size that conforms to your shoe size. You can find your shoe size (if you don’t already know it) by grabbing your most comfy pair of shoes and checking the label inside (usually under the tongue or on the sole). As for pants you’ll be looking for a snug (but not tight) fit with these. They are designed to sit close to your skin, providing the perfect amount of snug comfort and support where it counts. There should be no tightness, pinching or squeezing at all - between your legs, at the leg holes or at the waistband. It should feel supportive and reassuringly snug. The elastic waistbands on Levi’s pants are all generously sized, so there should be no tightness here either - if the band is digging into your skin, you’ll need to go a size up. When choosing your perfect size, we’d recommend finding your current most comfortable pants and going for the size on that label. Levi’s pants range in sizes from S (roughly a 32 inch waist) to XXL (up to a 43 inch waist as a rough guide).

How and where can I buy Levi’s underwear?

If you’re ready to pick up a pair of Levi’s pants or socks (or both?) right now, the good news is that you’re already in the place to be: right here with us at Pants& You can shop our full range of Levi’s underwear right here and find your new favourite pair today: Or, if you want your shiny new Levi’s pants and socks conveniently delivered to you as and when you like, why not sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save 20% on every single order you place. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get free postage on every order - with a range of delivery packages to suit you: Whether you want your Levi’s delivered just twice a year or every month, it’s your pants, your rules - and if you need to cancel at any point, you can do so, no problem at all.