What Socks to Wear with Red Shoes

So you wanna look good in red shoes, eh? Don’t we all!

Red shoes are a huge statement piece in mens’ fashion, screaming ‘I’m HERE’ at the top of their bright red lungs and forcing onlookers to sit up and take notice. They’re bold, brash, bright and a delight to look at - that is, a delight to look at so long as you’re styling them the right way. 

And that’s where we come in! It’s time to educate you on the best socks to wear with your red shoes. 

Forget blue suede - it’s red’s turn to take centre stage. 

Choosing socks to wear with red shoes

Naturally, the length of sock that you choose to pair with your red shoes largely depends on the style of your shoe and the way in which you choose to wear your trousers. 

The no-show look is very popular at the moment, with rolled up cuffs showing a hint of ankle - it can be styled smart-casual or pure casual with trainers, loafers or brogues if the mood takes you. We’re a fan of the casual look with pale coloured chinos and red trainers - choose some no-show socks to protect your feet and you’re well on your way!

However, if your socks are going to be on show, then you NEED to consider their colour. Red can be quite stark, so you probably want the rest of your outfit to carry a more muted palette.

White socks - especially with trainers - offer a clean contrast and could enhance the sporty look. The other option is something that tones in with the red: think pale pink,  a burgundy or a very pale grey. Rich brown or navy with a hint of red will also work. And if you are thinking of a patterned sock, find one with a hint of red in the design.

But remember, the key is to allow your socks to be a conduit between shoe and trouser (or shorts) so always think about the whole look, not just what is happening round your ankles.

Best socks to wear with red shoes

With that in mind, here’s a little selection of some of our favourite pairings at Pants&Socks HQ - the Pants Man is extremely fond of a red shoe , so has engaged in copious amounts of research as to which socks work best for him - and thus, for you. 

1. Tommy Hilfiger Footie Socks

Tommy Hilfiger Footie Socks

If you want to try out that slick no-show look, then these Footies by Tommy Hilfiger are a sure-fire winner. 

They’re reasonably priced, come in a selection of 3 colours to suit your needs (black, white and ‘jeans’ denim) and have just the right amount of silicone in the lining to help combat that slippage which can be experienced with no-shows. 

After all, the idea of a no-show sock is to never be seen, so the choice of colour is not crucial here - more a nice bonus - but, these are solid and dependable no-show socks that will help you effortlessly pull off  your desired look with your new red shoes. 

2. Calvin Klein Carter Casual Mens’ Socks

Calvin Klein Carter Casual Mens’ Socks

If no-show is a no-go for you, then you’ll want to pair your red socks with something that will compliment them - and that’s where these Carter socks by CK come in. 

In a 2-pack of both black and red socks, these will help you with that perfect colour pairing. Red shoes with red socks is a classic colour combo, and - if in doubt - black is a superb back-up choice (especially for a smarter or smart-casual outfit). 

The combed cotton is soft, the reinforced heels and toes provide just that extra bit of durability and the small stitched CK logo adds a dash of understated notability to your sock. An excellent choice for your red shoes. 

3. FALKE Walkie Light Socks

FALKE Walkie Light Socks

FALKE’s Walkie Lights are another excellent choice when it comes to pairing with your red shoes as they come in a range of awesome neutral colours that’ll match perfectly with leather and suede styles colours and, naturally, they’re comfortable as hell. Excellent for a smart-casual look.  

Sure, they may be advertised as walking socks, but these Walkie Lights are perhaps some of the most comfortable socks you can wear in 2022. With a cushioned sole and reinforced stitching, they provide the best of both worlds in terms of both comfort and durability, but their merino wool material is the real thing to write home about. Merino wool is tough, breathable, supremely comfortable and one of the very highest quality materials from which you can craft a sock. 

The neutral colour palette on offer and the sheer comfortable nature of these socks mean that they’re a great choice to pair with a more subtle red shoe - most likely for a smart or smart-casual occasion.

What socks will you wear?

Well, there you have it. A brief run-down of our favourite socks to pair with a pair of stylish red shoes. 

If you’re going for a look with red trainers, white is your best friend if you want to go for that sporting style. Otherwise, for a more casual look, you can pair some Tommy Hilfiger Footie socks with some red trainers and some rolled cuffs for a modern look. 

Grab some Calvin Klein Carter socks if you’re after a quick, easy and dependable match for your new red shoes - black and red pair perfectly with red shoes, so they should certainly serve you well. 

And, if you want supreme comfort, unmatched durability and a lovely neutral colour palette, FALKE’s Walkie Lights are surely the way to go. 

Of course, that’s just a starting point, so feel free to hit up the rest of our site and browse our full range of mens’ socks for more inspiration and sumptuous sock-age. And, stay tuned in to our Below the Belt Blog for the latest on tips, tricks and advice on how to style your pants and socks.