What to Do With Old Pants and Socks in the UK

Now, here’s an interesting question: what can you do with your old pants and socks in the UK? And we’re not just talking about those old socks full of holes either? What if you simply just aren’t feeling them anymore, your wardrobe is in need of a shake up and it’s ‘out with the old and in with the new’?

Well, at Pants&Socks.com, we can certainly help you with the new - our extensive collections of both pants and socks are sure to leave you breathless with their quality, variety and their ability to give your wardrobe that new look you might be after. 

However, we thought it prudent to also share with you some of our top tips of what you can do with your old pants and socks that are no longer needed. So, let’s not waste time and get into the best things to do with your old socks and undies. 

Here’s what you can do with old underwear

  1. Donate them
  2. Sell them online
  3. Get artistic with them
  4. Re-purpose them
  5. Recycle them
  6. Chuck ‘em

Donate them

Donate pants and socks UKWhile we’re pretty sure it’s not easy to tempt anyone into wearing your old pants, socks, on the other hand, are ripe for donation - provided they’re in good enough condition.

Especially around the colder months, your old pair of socks could really make the difference if you choose to donate them to a charity helping the homeless. Everyone deserves a pair of nice socks and, as long as yours aren’t full of holes, someone out there will certainly appreciate them. 

You could try donating pants… The thought of wearing someone else’s used underwear isn’t to everyone’s taste, but, if they’re good quality, undamaged and clean, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you.

Sell them online

Now, this option really only applies if your unwanted undies or socks are in great condition, but as long as you clearly advertise the fact that they’re used, you could certainly try to make a bit of cash selling them online.

Sites like Shpock, Gumtree and eBay are easy to use and can help you make a lil’ bit of cashback on your unwanted pants and socks. Simply create the listing, take a pic or two, write a description and let the bidding begin. 

Get artistic with them

Sock puppet on keyboard

Sock puppets. Fabric collages. Patchwork creations…

You’ve got loads of options when it comes to getting creative with your old pants and socks - all you need is a killer idea and the tools to get your creation off the ground (usually some scissors, a sewing kit and some stuffing). And, they don’t have to be in the best condition for you to use them this way - after all, they’re going to get chopped up anyway!

The PantsMan actually created a rather fetching sock puppet just before Christmas out of an older pair of his very own festive socks to decorate his tree.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get creative!

Re-purpose them

Okay, this is similar to the previous point about finding your inner creative self. But if you are not bitten by the muse there are still plenty of tasks around the house that will benefit from some old pants. They can easily be repurposed to become oily rags when you are checking your car or your bike, or brush cleaners after you’ve done a spot of painting (you budding Picasso,you). And believe us, cotton pants become great dusters if you have floors or mirrors to polish.

Recycle them

Recycling clothes

Here’s another great option if you’d really love to donate your old pants and socks, but they’re too damaged and holey to donate. 

Take them to a clothing bank!

Even if they’re riding the line between damaged and ‘rags’, charitable organisations may be able to find a use for the material that remains. You can usually find a repository outside larger supermarkets up and down the UK, so, if you’re keeping some damaged pants and socks stashed away, maybe it’s time to pay a visit. 

Chuck ‘em

And finally, taking the simplest approach, though not the one we would recommend - if your pants and socks truly have reached the end of their lives and gone beyond even the ‘rag’ stage, you can put them out of their misery and guide them lovingly to the bin, thanking them for their loyal service. But let’s be honest, you should have stopped wearing them long ago.

Of course, this should be your last resort - it is much more prudent to see if your old undies and socks can be recycled first. But, if there is simply not enough left in them to salvage, the bin may be the only recourse. 


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Pants and Socks

If you can think of any other ingenious things that you can do with your old pants and socks, comment below and let us know! Our personal favourites are the recycle or re-purpose options - even if they’re all but falling apart, you can give them a renewed sense of purpose. 

And, now that you know exactly what to do with your old undies, it’s the perfect time for you to get to that pants and socks drawer and start culling your old pairs - to make way for new ones of course. 

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