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Ankle Socks

Step out in style with this carefully curated selection of men's ankle socks. Designed to be worn with sneakers these styles are great for anybody who only wants to show a hint of sock around the ankle. Ideal for cropped trousers as well as shorts.

Ankle Socks FAQs

What's the difference between ankle socks, trainer socks and quarter socks?

While ankle socks are usually categorised as being longer than no shows and shorter than crew/trouser socks, there are some subsets of ankle sock to be aware of: - Ankle socks - this is a general term for all socks that slot into this length bracket - Trainer socks - are slightly shorter than other styles of ankle socks, designed to fit inside your trainers perfectly, with just a small amount of sock on show - Quarter socks - a longer style that measures about half the length of a standard crew sock (or about 6” long”) and should have a cuff that sits just on or above your ankle

What are the best ankle socks for me?

As with any pair of socks, the best way to find the right ankle socks for you is to decide what you need from your ankle socks, what style/colour you like the most and which brand you prefer. Perhaps you want some socks for the gym in a crisp white, only just visible above your trainers? Perhaps you want a casual pair in a pastel colour to pair with your shorts in the summer? It’s all down to personal preference matched with how you’ll be putting your ankle socks to use. The best way to find your perfect pair? Browsing our selection of ankle socks in the Pants&Socks store! (

What size ankle socks am I?

You’ll be the same size in ankle socks as you would be for any other pair of socks: your shoe size. Once you know your shoe size, simply match it to the size range found on the pack of ankle socks and you’ll be good to go. Packs of ankle socks usually come with a size range e.g. men’s 9-12 or men’s 6-8, so it’s easy to find a size that’s right for you. If you’re a size 10 shoe, choose the men’s 9-12 pack of ankle socks.

How should ankle socks fit?

Ankle socks should fit snugly but not tightly around your foot. You don’t want them to be too tight as they’ll certainly cause discomfort - most likely at the cuff around your ankle or at the ends of your toes. You also don’t want them too loose - this will cause the material to bunch in your shoe and may cause uncomfortable chafing. Follow our sizing guide found on each product page to ensure you get the pair of ankle socks that fits perfectly on your feet to enjoy a comfortable, snug and secure fit.

How and where can I buy ankle socks?

Need a fresh pair of socks to keep your ankles company? Well, you’re already in the very best place to pick up a pair of comfortable and stylish ankle socks: Pants& You can shop our full range of men’s ankle socks right here, and get your hands on your new favourite pair today. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more. ( You’ll get: - 20% off on every order - Free postage on every order - A range of delivery options - New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose - Free cancellation at any time

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