The GANT underwear collection defines the smart-casual look. Sophisticated, timeless design, coupled with vibrant colours and top-quality materials.

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The GANT underwear collection defines the smart-casual look. Sophisticated, timeless design, coupled with vibrant colours and top-quality materials.

What are the different types of GANT underwear?

We stock a range of GANT underwear products at Pants&Socks, including both pants and socks: Socks: - Argyle patterned socks - Breton stripe socks - Sports socks - Soft cotton socks - Stripe & Mini Dot socks - Mixed colour socks Pants: - Boxer briefs - Basic Trunks - 3-pack trunks - 5-pack trunks - Patterned trunks - Checked - Striped - Icon (geometric) - Paisley - Starred

How does GANT underwear fit?

GANT socks should fit snugly and securely around your foot, with no pinching at the cuff or toes and no looseness to cause uncomfortable chafing. GANT trunks and boxer briefs should also fit snugly and securely, offering you the support you need where it counts. There should be no pinching or tightness at the waistband or around the leg openings, and the crotch should feel secure and supportive, with no pinching or tightness. The material should sit close to your skin in an unrestrictive way across the body of the entire garment. Pants should not be too loose. Any excessive bunching of material around the legs may indicate it’s time for you to size down.

What size should I buy?

When buying GANT socks, you should match them to your shoe size. Each pack of GANT socks will have a size range indicated on them, which should correspond to a range of shoe sizes e.g. men’s 9-12. If you have size 10 feet, then you should choose the 9-12 size socks. GANT pants come in a range of sizes from Small to XXXL, which correspond to a range of waist sizes from 28” to 45”. Each GANT underwear page at Pants& has a handy size guide found just below the size options that should help you find your perfect fit. If you have trouble finding your waist size, you can measure it manually using a tape measure and piece of string held around your waist where you comfortably wear your underwear. Or, to save time, choose your most comfortable and best-fitting trousers and check the waist size of those - then match it to our size guide for top results.

How do you wash GANT underwear?

To be kind to both the environment and to your brand new GANT underwear, we’d recommend washing them gently with a reputable anti-bacterial detergent at 30 degrees celsius. The lower temperatures will protect the fibres of your garments, increasing their longevity. The detergent should take care of any bacteria - but check the packaging to ensure it works at lower temperatures. If you’d prefer to be safe and make sure you eliminate all traces of bacteria, you can wash them on a gentle cycle at 60 degrees celsius instead - with that anti-bacterial detergent for good measure. Although this option is not very environmentally friendly. Our top tip for washing any pair of pants or socks however, is: turn them inside out before you put them in the washing machine. This will ensure that all the bacteria and dead skin is fully washed out and they’re left nice and fresh for your next wear.

How and where can you buy GANT underwear?

If GANT has caught your attention with its range of bright and colourful underwear, then you’re already in the best place to pick up a fresh set: right here at Pants& You can shop our full range of GANT underwear for men right here, and get your hands on your new favourite pair today. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more. ( You’ll get: - 20% off on every order - Free postage on every order - A range of delivery options - New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose - Free cancellation at any time