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Men's Thongs & G-Strings

Find the best style for you by choosing from our carefully curated range of G-strings and thongs. Often favoured by this who have a dislike of visible pant lines thongs also leave little to the imagination. Generally, this is a style for the man who is confident in his own body and wants to show it off. The pouch is there to hold everything in place and enhance the package, everything else is functional. Thongs and G-strings are made from cotton or modal (for that extra silkiness) with a touch of elastane added to allow for a bit of movement.

Thongs & G-Strings FAQs

What is the purpose of a male thong?

The ultimate purpose of the male thong is to provide: - An invisible underwear line - Maximum functional support - Minimal material coverage They’re also designed for sex appeal and, of course, comfort with every wear. Thongs are ultimately designed to be minimalist. The pouch provides support and everything else is purely functional.

What is the difference between a thong and a g-string for men?

The main difference between a men’s thong and g-string is the thickness of the strap that runs between the buttocks. A standard thong has a thicker strap at roughly 1 inch wide, while the g-string strap is designed to be as slim as possible. The waistband that wraps around the hips is also slightly thicker on a regular thong, though the precise differences vary between manufacturers.

Are thongs and g-strings comfortable for men?

While there may be a preconception that men’s thongs are uncomfortable, the opposite is true. They are designed to provide maximum support and comfort while minimising material coverage. This makes them perfect for wear during the summer. That reduction of material coverage is a real boon for those who tend to heat up in the warmer months, meaning that you’ll stay fresher for longer between the legs.

How should male thongs and g-strings fit?

As with all men’s pants (outside of classic boxer shorts) the fit of a men’s thong or g-string should be comfortably snug - not tight. The band should sit on your skin, without digging in. The pouch should provide the right amount of support for your package, keeping everything in place without nipping or pinching. The strap that runs between the buttocks of a thong or g-string should also feel secure and snug, but not tight. Once you’re used to it, you won’t notice it’s there. There should be no pinching, tightness or discomfort from any part of a thong or g-string.

How and where can you buy mens thongs?

Curious to take the plunge into the super-sexy, super-comfortable world of men’s thongs and g-strings? Well, you’re in the right place with us at Pants& You can shop our full range of men’s thongs and g-strings right here. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more! ( You’ll get: - 20% off on every order - Free postage on every order - A range of delivery options - New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose - Free cancellation at any time