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Trouser Socks

Check out our selection of men's trouser socks, the stalwarts of the sock world. Whether you are looking for a splash of colour to lift a classic suit or subdued tones to let your outfit shine, we have you covered. From classic black, grey and navy to bright, vibrant and jazzy we have socks for all occasions and all personalities.

Trouser Socks FAQs

When should I wear trouser socks?

Trouser socks are an extremely versatile type of sock. Also known as crew socks, these are the most common type of socks you’re likely to encounter day-to-day and represent the standard in sock length. Trouser socks are most often worn, as the name suggests, paired with trousers across smart, casual or smart-casual situations - usually paired with appropriate shoes to suit the colour of the socks. But honestly, since there are so many different colours and patterns of trouser sock to choose from, when you wear them is entirely up to you.

Should trouser socks match trousers or shoes?

Unless your trouser socks are intentionally brightly coloured, patterned or printed to stand out, we’d suggest matching them to the colour of either your shoes or your trousers - and if in doubt, match them with your trousers first. If you’re looking for an understated match, you can rarely go wrong with black or grey trouser socks. These muted tones match well with almost any pair of trousers or shoes. If you’re looking for some understated colour, try looking at pastel colours.

How do I wear trouser socks? How should they fit?

Like any other pair of socks, you should firstly ensure you’ve picked up the right size of trouser sock to fit your feet. This will prevent any uncomfortable slipping, bunching, pinching or any other discomfort. Trouser socks are a mid-length sock that should be pulled to roughly ⅓ of the way up your lower leg for maximum comfort.

What size trouser socks should I buy?

You’ll be the same size in trouser socks as you would be for any other pair of socks: your regular shoe size. Once you know your shoe size, simply match it to the size range found on the pack of trouser socks and you’ll be good to go. Trouser sock packs are usually sold with a size range e.g. men’s 9-12 or men’s 6-8, so it’s easy to find the right size for you. If you’re a size 10 shoe, choose the men’s 9-12 pack of trouser socks - nice and easy!

How and where can I buy trouser socks?

Need to stock up on some more quality trouser socks? Well, you’re in the perfect place right here at Pants& You can shop our full range of men’s trouser socks right here and pick up your new favourite pair of socks today. ( You can also sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save even more! ( You’ll get: - 20% off on every order - Free postage on every order - A range of delivery options - New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose - Free cancellation at any time

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