Best Men’s Underwear in 2024: The Complete Guide

Oh boy… here we are, folks. The big one. The crème de la crème. The biggest of the big cheeses. The best men’s underwear: the complete guide. Are you giddy with excitement yet? No? Well you should be.

There are many contenders for the prestigious title of ‘Best Men’s Underwear’ this year and the competition was fierce. 

Challenges to honour were made, pistols drawn at dawn, spirited debates engaged in, and hundreds of pants flung through the air at friend and foe alike over which pair of outstanding pants should wear the crown… it was all to play for: The eternal glory of ‘best pants’.  

But, at the last moment, the Pants Guru stepped in. He parted the waves of dissent. He quelled the restless. Brought calm to the fray where it was most needed. And just as well - ten paces had already been taken amongst some of our number, pistols in hand…

He brought with him a list - expertly penned by his own hand - to share his ultimate knowledge of pants. The content silenced all. 

It is ironclad. 

And it is here for you now to be freely shared in friendship, joy, and celebration of all things ‘pants’. Here, dear reader, is the list you’ve been waiting for, courtesy of our philanthropist of the pants, the Pantsman: The very best men’s underwear, carefully separated into 10 glorious categories so that any man may find the pants to make his year. Let’s get into it. 

Our best men’s underwear top picks

Calvin Klein Trunks

Best pants for all-round performance

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Trunks 2021

Calvin Klein is the biggest name in pants today. And for good reason. The company is a pants pioneer; a master of pant craft. Its underwear screams quality and style. 

These trunks by CK are the best pants for all-round performance. They are ‘wear them anywhere, do anything’ type pants. Classic trunks, built for comfort and style. No frills, no chills. The peak of modern pants and what they can offer. 

Not only are trunks one of the most popular underwear styles today, these pants have it where it counts thanks to their cotton stretch technology. Soft and comfortable, they’ll keep your bits supported when it counts, and they have enough stretch to ensure a superior fit. 

They’re also a top choice for the fashion-conscious among you, who love to flaunt a perfect contrast waistband. We’d recommend picking these up in black, but they come in a variety of colours. 

They are a staple of the modern man’s underwear drawer and we highly recommend them.

Derek Rose Ethan Hipster

Best pants for luxurious comfort

Derek Rose Ethan Hipster 2021

Pants really don’t get much better than this. If you’re looking for some truly luxurious pants and money isn’t an issue, then British brand Derek Rose has you totally covered. Its Ethan Hipsters are the final word in comfort. 

As a ‘brief with legs’, hipsters will provide you with a good amount of fabric coverage without extending too far down your leg and getting you all hot and bothered. They are light, airy, breathable, and incredibly soft to the touch. 

How, you might ask? These Ethan Hipsters are crafted from a blend of modal cotton and elastane. Elastane for generous stretch, modal cotton for just about the softest touch you can imagine from your pants. The fit is sublime - cradling your package and offering support where you need it most, but somehow feeling like a second skin due to its softness. 

Hate chafing? That very same softness allows you to wave goodbye to nasty chafing from your pants and welcome luxurious comfort. 

The style is minimalist and understated, these Derek Rose Ethan Hipsters ARE the most luxurious pants around.

SAXX Sports Mesh Boxer Brief Fly

Best pants for support

 Click to expand  Saxx Sport Mesh Boxer Brief Fly - Black 2021

The SAXX Sports Mesh boxer briefs are first and foremost designed for sports, but as you’ll find out, they’re precisely engineered to handle just about whatever you care to throw at them, and more, thanks to their amazing supportive capability. 

The key is their Ball Park Technology, an amazing addition that acts like a hammock to support your balls - as chef Jamie Oliver says, it's like having them "cradled by an angel".

Importantly, adding to the heavenly feel, the sports mesh boxer is also durable and lightweight; it wicks moisture and lets your skin breathe. Furthermore, they have fly in the pouch for added convenience and improved airflow.

The cut is slim, which enhances the support and and enhances the fit but if you are between sizes, we recommend going up a size rather than down. 

These pants were built to provide the ultimate support when you're doing sport, but in truth they are perfect for any activiyy- whether in the office, on the go, or at just lazing at home. 

CR7 Cotton Briefs

Best pants for sportsmen and gym rats

CR7 3 Pack Cotton Brief 2021

The first briefs on our list. Briefs are an excellent choice of underwear for any of you sporting fellows out there. They’re lightweight, breathable, and offer minimal fabric coverage to prevent overheating and chafing where it matters. They also won’t be slipping down all the time or bunching up around your legs, so there’ll be no need to stop play for a quick shimmy and adjustment. By their nature, briefs also free up your legs, whilst supporting your crotch, enabling maximum freedom of movement and flexibility.  

And, as far as sporting briefs go, Ronaldo’s very own CR7 collection is as good as it gets. 

Christiano Ronaldo designed his underwear collection with a simple mantra in mind: amazing quality at an affordable price, because no man should compromise on his underwear. And boy, does he deliver on his promise.

These briefs are a cotton/elastane blend for a combination of soft cotton comfort and stretchy support offered by elastane. This is important for sportsmen. Cotton is also incredibly breathable, so they’ll be a great companion in the gym or on the pitch when you’ll be sweating it out.

Ronaldo designed these to wear himself. And he’s still at the very top of his game (if his performance in the Euros was anything to go by, he shows no signs of stopping). These pants are a statement piece. They’re comfortable. They’re supportive. They’re the perfect choice for sportsmen.

HOM HO1 Mini Briefs

Best lightweight pants

HOM HO1 Mini Brief 2021

As soon as you try these briefs, you’ll see why they’re our lightweight pick. They are exceedingly comfortable and offer amazing freedom of movement and support in all situations, whilst somehow feeling lighter than air thanks to their mini design and lightweight material combination.

Which material is that? Why, modal cotton. It’s soft to the touch and highly breathable. It’s also incredibly lightweight and essentially feels like wearing a second skin. They feature an innovative horizontal opening, which is suitable for either right or left handed men (a nice touch) and plenty of elastic up front to ensure the most supportive fit possible. 

The HOM logo is understated for a touch of class and they come in several classic light and dark colours. 

These are definitely the briefs for you if you like freedom of movement, minimal coverage, and have a bit of cash to splash on some seriously lightweight pants that basically amount to a second skin.

You’ll barely even know they’re there.

French Connection Boxers

Best value pants

French Connection 5 Pack Boxers 2021

Yes, they’re not the fanciest pants around, but we all need to stock up on some better value all-purpose pants every now and again that we can thrash around in and not mind if they come away from the experience a little worse for wear. 

These French Connection Boxers - coming in a great value 5 pack for just £25 - are those pants. 

They’re simple, they’re understated, they’re comfortable, and most importantly, they’re great value. 

They come in woven cotton for breathability and comfort, so you’ll have no trouble wearing these day to day. They also come in black - by far the most popular colour for men’s underwear. 

There’s not much more to say about them. They’re not particularly special or great at any particular aspect of ‘being pants’. But, if you’re looking for value, if you’re on a budget, or need to top up your pants drawer in a flash, then these are the pants you’re looking for.

GANT Trunks

Best pants for a splash of colour

GANT 3 Pack Trunk 2021

GANT makes some really great trunks. They’re a comfortable blend of cotton and elastane, like many of our other offerings here, for that comprehensive touch of comfort and stretch. They’re supportive and form-fitting, so a great choice for everyday pants, and they have the GANT logo proudly displayed across the broad waistband. 

Where GANT pants stand out, however, is in their range of colour options. 

Whilst many men prefer to opt for the simpler colours like black, white, grey, and navy (for which GANT also has you covered), there are some men who prefer to go bolder with their colours. They enjoy block stripes. They enjoy bright and fiery reds. 

Hell, you want a pair of yellow pants? GANT, GANT, GANT, all the way. 

If you’re looking for some great quality pants, but find the colour palettes of other brands lacking, then go to GANT for all of your colourful needs!

Tommy Hilfiger Logo Trunk Boxers

Best pants for the planet

Tommy Hilfiger 3 Pack Logo Trunk Boxers 2021

They’re stretchy. They’re bold. They’re classically designed for a great fit.

And they’re great for the planet. 

These trunk boxers by Tommy Hilfiger are great pants to choose if you’re a bit eco-conscious. They are made with a totally organic stretchy cotton, which is perfect for providing comfort, breathability, and support where it counts, without putting the strain on good ol’ Mother Nature. 

They come in a great value pack of 3 as well, and provide an excellent all-round fit, so they’re perfect for wearing for your day to day endeavours as you venture out and about from your abode. 

The Tommy Hilfiger logo sits boldly on the waistband for those of you who are fashion-conscious. 

Saving the planet? Choose these pants.

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Boxer

Best pants for lounging

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Boxer 2021

If you are looking for some classic preppy style these are the pants for you. 

These boxers by Polo Ralph Lauren are made from a crisp cotton for comfort and come in a classic chequered design, replete with Polo logos for that extra touch of style. 

They’re exceedingly comfortable and the perfect pair of pants to wear if you’re looking to let everything hang free and loose, just as nature intended, without compromising your dignity by going commando. 

Boxers naturally have a far looser fit than any other style of pants to allow for this combination of modest coverage and excellent freedom of movement. Thus, these are great for laying about the house, sunbathing in the garden, sleeping in, or pairing with other loose-fitting clothing. 

They’re versatile, stylish, comfortable, and the perfect pair of pants to pick up for a lazy day, complete with Polo’s signature quality.

BOSS Stretch Boxer Brief

Best pants for all-round great fit

BOSS 3 Pack Stretch Boxer Brief 2021

BOSS has made a huge name for itself in the pants industry. Its attention to detail, classic designs, quality materials, and commitment to comfort are second to none. 

These boxer briefs are the best that BOSS has to offer for an all-round great fit. 

They’re forged from stretch cotton for superior comfort and an unbeatable fit - everything about these boxer briefs is designed to be form-fitting. They’re a straight fit on the leg and can be paired with any item of clothing whether it be a tight or loose fit. We would recommend picking them up in white to stay classy.

And, of course, their sex appeal and style speak for themselves. The exposed waistband with contrast BOSS lettering is really a style statement that can’t be beaten in the pants world. Combine this with their amazing fit and the hugely popularity of the boxer brief (it is the go-to pant of choice for modern gentlemen) and you have a pair of pants that will keep you company through thick and thin, looking great and feeling great while you’re doing it. 

If you’re looking for a fit that can’t be beat with style to match, then opt for BOSS.

So which men’s underwear is best?

If it’s luxury you’re after, then Derek Rose will always have you covered with its minimalist designs and unbeatable materials designed for total comfort. 

Sportsmen are in good company with Ronaldo’s very own CR7 briefs that are perfect for the gym, the pitch, and everyday wear. 

If it’s value you seek without any thrills, chills, or frills, then French Connection should be your choice to bolster your pants drawer. 

Looking for something a little on the lighter side? Go for HOM’s Mini Briefs for that second skin feel. 

Ralph Lauren should be your first port of call if you’re looking for stylish and comfortable boxer shorts. 

And, finally… for your best pants all round and best all round fit, then you should direct your attention to Calvin Klein and BOSS. They’ve been in the game a long time. They’re HUGE names in the world of pants. And if you buy their pants, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular to this day. 

If you need more inspiration or have yet to find the perfect style of pants for you, then please do check out our comprehensive guide to men’s underwear types. This is an important first step in choosing the perfect pair of pants for you. 

Moreover, once you have chosen your style - or if any of the delicious pants above have taken your fancy - be sure to visit our guide on how to find the best fit with our complete underwear size guide.

And finally, for everything else Pants & Socks, be sure to keep up-to-date with our ‘Below the Belt’ blog. Check out our full range of men's underwear products, stay safe, and join us next time!