Best Underwear for Well Endowed Men

Well… lucky you! You’re here (presumably) because you consider yourself to be a well-endowed man. Firstly, nice work. Secondly, isn’t it difficult to find a pair of pants to comfortably fit that thing?

If you’ve ever felt under-served because you are well endowed then worry no more! Pants & Socks is here to help you and your serpent find a well-fitting pair of pants.

Step one (if you haven’t been there already) is to find out what size underwear your body shape and size requires  - check out our handy underwear size guide and chart here.

Step two is to work out which style of underwear you like the most. If you haven’t quite found this yet, then don’t panic! We have a guide covering everything from thongs to boxer shorts that should help you pick the pants to suit your pleasure.

Our advice on this would be something that cradles and controls; we would caution against the classic boxer, the looser fit will mean your member could be flapping around like a clapper in a church bell and offer no protection if you’re wearing tight trousers.

Step three is to read on. Persevere. We will find you a glorious pair of undies to stash your schlong safely and securely, providing you with ample support, supreme comfort, and the perfect fit - whatever your preferred style. 

Our top underwear for well endowed men

BOSS Stretch Signature Briefs

Best briefs for well endowed men

BOSS 3 Pack Stretch Signature Brief for well endowed men

We rarely like to single a particular style or brand out for special mention, but in truth, if you are well endowed then we reckon the brief is the best option: its pouch and more defined cut are designed to contain and control, to coddle and to cuddle. And if you are looking for a great pair of briefs then look no further than the stretch Signature Briefs from Hugo Boss.

BOSS is one of the very biggest names in men’s underwear today, so it’s safe to say that the designers there know what they’re doing when it comes to a quality pair of pants. These briefs are, of course, no exception and offer a healthy dose of stretch to accommodate your feisty friend. 

Cut to sit at a comfortable and regular rise on the hips and crafted from BOSS’s signature stretch cotton, these briefs not only provide you with a classic style icon, but enough comfort and support for you to be able to go about your day without worrying about being constricted. 

A great choice for those of you who are brand conscious (owing to the large BOSS logo emblazoned on the band) and for those who want maximum range of motion for their legs without sacrificing support. These are quality briefs suitable for everyday wear and beyond. Oh, and they come in a convenient 3-pack, so it’s super easy to stock up. You cannot go wrong.

Calvin Klein Thong

Best thong for well endowed men

Calvin Klein 2 Pack Thongs for well endowed men

Of course, briefs may not be your thing. Perhaps you want the focus to be just on your member.. may we present the Calvin Klein thong (in a generous 2 pack).

Despite what you may think about a thong, it can be an amazing underwear choice for the well-endowed man and can be a very supportive pant. The pouch is generous, enough to provide you with a comfortable stretch and accommodate your member, but elastic enough to hold everything in place. 

There is no fabric on the legs or at the back, so you needn’t worry about feeling constrained. These are the pants for those who prize freedom of movement and comfortable support above all other things. 

A solid choice for the well-endowed man (though we would recommend the size up if you’re straddling sizes to make sure you can fit everything in!).

Panos Emporio Organic Cotton Trunks

Best trunks for well endowed men

Panos Emporio Organic Cotton Trunk for well endowed men

Panos Emporio really does produce a superior pant and these trunks are no exception. The fit is great and the quality of the fabric is excellent - Panos takes pride in high quality, sustainable, and supremely comfortable pants.

These trunks are made from organic cotton, which is all-natural, extremely breathable, and stretchy. They will keep even the largest trouser snake comfortably in place and under control. Oh, and you get to be eco-conscious while you do it thanks to the organic cotton - a far more sustainable and environmentally friendly option when compared to most fabrics for pants. 

These trunks are cut to sit at the top of the thigh and are engineered for comfort. Moreover, these trunks exhibit Panos’ own ‘Innovation Fly’ for extra breathability and ease of access. 

In all, a super soft and comfortable pair of trunks that should keep you wrapped  in luxurious, all-natural surroundings. Great for you and for the planet.

HOM HO1 Boxer Briefs

Best boxer briefs for well endowed men

HOM HO1 Boxer Brief for well endowed men

HOM is a purveyor of excellent pants for penises both big and small - so you’re in the right place with these if you’re a very big boy. 

First up, they’re made of modal cotton - superior to regular cotton, with all the benefits (like breathability and natural stretch), but a much finer weave leaving it supremely soft to the touch. 

Second, they’re cut to a classic boxer brief fit, with the leg cut to finish a third of the way down the thigh … often there is a risk that the longer member might break loose and become uncomfortable - but the stretch and pouch should keep everything in place.

Finally, and what makes them truly a great choice for the larger gentleman, is the innovative horizontal fly. This not only makes these boxer briefs suitable for either right or left handed people (in terms of ease of access) but also eliminates the constricting panels of material overlapped to form a regular ‘sided’ fly. This can box your penis in and, for larger men, this can be uncomfortable. Not so with these. The supportive material is certainly there, but organised in a much more ergonomic way for a larger penis. 

In sum, this innovative fly is what makes these boxer briefs a great choice for the larger man.

So what men’s underwear is best for well endowed men?

We recommend briefs - and if your are not a fan of BOSS we suggest you check out CR7 from Christiano Ronaldo or the classic brief from Calvin Klein.

But we accept that not everyone likes briefs and that they evoke memories of the tighty-whities of your youth. We hope that by leading you through the best of each style of underwear, we hope that we’ve been able to provide something for every larger man on this list, from thongs to boxer briefs.. 

All of these are excellent options and have been chosen as the best in their class for factors we believe more well-endowed men will prize more than others. With more skin to chafe and rub against, the material of your pants is important, as is the placement and design of the fly.

As long as you’re familiar with your favourite styles, you should absolutely be able to find your next favourite pair of pants somewhere on this list. However, if you’d rather go it alone, feel free to hop onto our main site and browse our full underwear range

If you need any extra advice on fitting, style… or anything pants and socks related, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our super team at HQ.

Otherwise, happy hunting (and congrats once again on your endowment).