Low Rise Trunks vs Normal Trunks: What’s the Difference?

Picture the scene: You’ve found your perfect underwear style to show off your thighs and keep you well-supported all day long. The trunk. Similar to a boxer without all that fabric on the leg and still offering the support you expect from a brief.

You hop onto pantsandsocks.com to pick-up a selection of trunked beauties and… you’re stumped ….

What on earth is the difference between a normal pair of trunks and low rise trunks? What’s ‘low’? What’s a ‘rise’?

Well, worry not, dear reader, as we shall now explain all in this definitive Pants&Socks guide to the difference between normal and low rise trunks for men. 

What is the difference between trunks and low rise trunks?

Well, here’s the key difference: it’s all in the waistband and where it sits on you. 

Normal trunks should sit comfortably on your hips. The main body of the trunks - that is, the length of material between the pouch and the waistband - will be longer to reflect this. 

Low rise trunks sit below your hips. This means less distance between the pouch and the band and that more of your midriff is exposed as a result. 

They were first crafted in response to the growing trend in low rise trousers - trousers that also have the waistline sitting on your hip bones. Regular trunks would be easily visible above the waistband of these trousers, thus, low rise underwear was born. 

When should you wear low rise trunks?

Low rise trunks are trunks that show off more of your midriff. They are the perfect pair of pants if you have a physique that you’re proud of and want to show off more of it! They are designed to be worn under low waisted trousers - often skinny fit. 

Other than that, they fulfill exactly the same function as a regular pair of trunks. They’re still supportive. They still extend to the top of your thighs. 

Now, how about we take a look at a few examples, huh? 

Example of trunks

BOSS original men’s trunks

Take a look at these BOSS original men’s trunks and you’ll see what a classic, retro-inspired trunk is supposed to look like. They’ll sit on your natural waist, so there’s plenty of material between the waistband and the bottom of the pouch.

Example of low rise trunks

Calvin Klein low rise trunks

And now, for a low rise comparison, take a gander and these Calvin Klein low rise trunks. You’ll see that there’s less material here, illustrating that they’ll sit on  your hip and below your natural waist. 

Low rise trunks vs trunks: Which is best for you?

But don’t worry - you should never be too confused by the differences as, when you shop, each trunk should indicate whether they’re low rise or not in either their name or in the product description.

If you’re aching to find out more about men’s trunks, hop on over to our companion article on the best men’s trunks. You can also check out our full range of trunks at Pants&Socks on our collection page.

But, just because we like you so much, here are our picks for the best low rise trunks we have!

Best low rise trunks

Calvin Klein low rise trunks

Calvin Klein low rise trunks

So nice, we had to mention them twice!

Calvin Klein is a world-renowned manufacturer of men’s underwear, and these low rise trunks are some of their very best. 

Crafted from a blend of cotton, elastane and luxurious modal cotton for extra soft comfort, these trunks will keep you well-supported and feeling supremely comfortable all day long. They’re also highly breathable thanks to the material blend! 

HUGO men’s trunk

HUGO men’s trunk

This incredible triple pack of trunks by HUGO is packed to the brim with underwear goodness. 

Crafted in a stretch-cotton jersey for optimum comfort and support and designed with a low rise, these trunks are topped with exposed waistbands featuring jacquard-woven HUGO logos in contrast.