Best Men’s Trunk Underwear in 2024

It is a dilemma that we face in so many areas of life. We want to try something new, to experiment a bit, but when faced with so much choice, we turn back to the tried and tested. And so it is with pants. Maybe you are normally a briefs man, or perhaps boxers are your thing? But no matter how set in your ways you are, we know you sometimes consider a change.

If our inbox is anything to go by, it happens a lot. In our world, we often hear from guys casting around, looking for something new for their underwear drawer. Should they try some trunks? And more importantly, they ask the Pantsman: “What are the best mens trunks to buy?

To many, trunks are the ideal pants: a waistband that sits below the hips, firm but unobtrusive; a pouch and an extra layer of cloth at the crotch, providing support and containment; a stretch fabric to give some definition at the rear; and a short leg that won’t ride up and bunch but still prevents chafing.

The Pantsman is rather enigmatic when it comes to declaring which is the best men’s underwear trunk in the UK. “How,” he asks, “can you expect me to choose one over the other? They are like my children. I love them all equally.”

Well okay, let’s look at the evidence. There may not be one pair that stands out. Indeed, we would go so far as to say that they all have something to recommend them. So when you ask: What are best trunks for men? We have reply: “Well, what is it you are looking for?”

Our best men's trunks top picks

    Ranked in no particular order. Click the links to jump to each section.

    Think brands

    Our aim at Pants & Socks, is to find the best underwear brands for you. All have their benefits. So, we asked the Pantsman to single out one feature from each brand to help you choose.

    American trunk brands

    Maybe we should start with big boys. That triumvirate of American brands: Calvin, Tommy and Ralph. Oh yes, we’re on first name terms here at Pants HQ.

    Looking at their classic styles, each brand has its signature on the waistband; each brand has opted for cotton with a touch of elastane to help with the definition and support, ensuring maximum comfort; and each brand has a leg long enough to protect the tops of the thighs.

    And then, of course, they also have the enhanced version (snigger). Wider waistbands to keep the pants in place (and in case you do want to make a bit of a statement); modal fibres mixed in with the cotton and elastane to help wick moisture away, keeping you clean and fresh; and maybe a bit more cloth in the pouch to help if you are built that way.

    Also in the American camp is GANT, a brand that is synonymous with rugged style and the outdoor life. What’s not to like about that when you are choosing the best underwear trunks around.

    Calvin Klein Trunks

    Best trunk for all round performance

    Trying a new style can always be a bit daunting. Is it going to be money well spent? Will it be comfortable? We suggest you start with the pants original, the man we learnt so much from Calvin Klein.

    Tommy Hilfiger Trunks

    Best trunk for the planet

    Pants that keep everything in place and are good for the environment? What else could you ask for? Tommy Hilfiger’s Trunk Boxers are made from organic cotton and fit the bill perfectly.

    Ralph Lauren Trunks

    Best classic trunk

    Sometimes what you want, what you need, is a classic trunk. No gimmicks, no elaborate design. You can always rely on Ralph Lauren to deliver.

    GANT Trunks

    Best value trunk

    If pant per pound is your thing then we suggest buying bulk to cover bulk. And the best value we offer is the GANT five pack. Classic trunks for everyday of the working week… a whole new meaning to blue Monday.

    European trunk brands

    Or perhaps you want to consider our European brands: Hugo Boss, CR7 and Bjorn Borg. Hugo Boss should need no introduction… its roots are in suits and jackets but now it takes its tailor’s eye to many areas of clothing, including underwear, and as you would expect with such a pedigree the fit is superb.

    As for CR7, fit is important here as well. You may not have the body of an elite athlete but you still need to know your pants will perform whether you are on the tennis court, having a kick about or just working out in the gym.

    Also from Europe is Hom, a pants specialist. Its Plume trunks are as light as a feather and are almost like a second skin.

    Hugo Boss Trunks

    Best trunks for all round fit

    Hugo Boss is all about fit, holding everything in place and giving extra shape and definition. Flatter yourself with the Boss Signature Trunk.

    CR7 Trunks

    Best trunks for the gym

    Whether you are bench pressing or doing curls you need all your bits to be in the right place, no squashing but no flapping around either… the trunks from Cristiano Ronaldo - Mr Body himself - CR7's are designed to keep you right when you are pushing yourself to the limit.

    Hom Trunks

    Best lightweight trunks

    If you are looking for trunks that give support where you need it but are so light that you are hardly aware they are there, then these are the pants for you. Created in ultra lightweight material and with a very thin waistband, Hom is the style that will banish the visible pants line, no matter how tight your trousers.

    British trunk brands

    Home grown talent comes in the shape (and shape is the word!) of Ted Baker, one of Britain’s best loved brands. And despite its reputation for quirkiness, its pants are really quite restrained - sophisticated even - with tonal elastic waistbands and subtle patterns.

    You could also consider the very classy Derek Rose. Originally a pyjama maker, it has taken its knowledge of what sits next to skin best into new areas. Its Jack Trunks and Jack Hipsters are both made with luxurious Pima cotton mixed with elastane to ensure comfort and fit. Unlike many others, the trunk includes a button fly.

    Derek Rose Trunks

    Best luxury trunks

    Meet Derek Rose, a brand that is found in some of the best boutiques and department stores around the world. It has built its reputation on creating beautiful, luxurious nightwear. It has now turned its attention to underwear, using Pima cotton to create the poshest pants around.

    Ted Baker Trunks

    Best trunks for patterns

    If patterned trunks are your thing, then look no further than Ted Baker. A brand renowned for its design and use of colour. If you want o channel your inner artist through your pants, this is the place to be.

    Pant specialist trunk brands

    But maybe the last word should go to the pant specialists: Jockey and Saxx. The former was the creator of the infamous Y-Front (which it has now updated). With a shorter leg and a lower rise, the Jockey trunk is perfect for those making the transition from briefs to trunks, or who have particularly well-developed thighs.

    Saxx meanwhile is the new kid on the block. With its Ball Park Technology and revolutionary flat seam thinking, - all designed to eliminate chafing - it is causing a bit of a stir in the underwear world. You could say they are becoming big in pants. So if new tech is your thing, these could be the pants for you.

    Jockey Trunks

    Best trunk for sport

    If you are out on the track or running around the football pitch there is no better option than the Jockey microfibre active sort trunk. Made from microfibre, which dries quickly and deals with any unwanted smells, and featuring mesh panels to help the pants breathe these are pants to get into a lather about.

    SAXX Trunks

    Best trunk for hi-tech comfort

    With a Ball Park Pouch that gives support where it matters - “think of it like a super-soft lockbox – it’ll keep your boys cozy and secure” - and flat out seams, to stop unnecessary rubbing this is a well thought out trunks.

    Colour and pattern

    Of course, whichever style you choose, you still have to decide what colour you want and whether you prefer plain or pattern. This really is about personal taste... However, there are a few elements to bear in mind.

    What colour men’s trunks are best?

    Black is, by far, the most popular colour for men’s trunks. Classic, understated and, allegedly, slimming (yes, really, we read it in a magazine so it must be true). Grey has a touch of the gym about it. And blue (whatever shade, though we would advocate navy) gives a nod to fashion and suggests you might have thought about it, like you care.

    White is statement dressing. It shows you might be confident and assured, there will be no marks or stains on these pants, but our only advice is wash them hot and wash them separately - or else they will very soon be grey, and not in an athletic way.

    Any other colour is a fashion choice and we encourage you to think about your skin tone - it’s a brave man who wants to cover his white, winter body in lime green…

    What patterned men’s trunks are best?

    Pattern is all about personality. Whether you are looking for subtle and understated or bold and colourful will depend on how you view yourself. And how you want to be viewed.

    Tone-on-tone patterns add some visual interest and indicate a man who understands design. Brighter, jazzier, and you are obviously confident in your own self.

    So what brand of men’s trunks is best?

    If pressed, the Pantsman will admit that all types of trunks have their benefits and that it is down to personal preference: “For every low-rise evangelist there will always be the passionate pouch packer,” he states (no… we are not 100% sure either).

    But what we do know is that there are over 30 different styles of trunk on Pants & Socks, and they are created by some of the best pant specialists in the world. The choice ultimately is yours. 

    Study the pictures. Look at the colour options. Think about comfort. And treat yourself to a beautiful, fresh pair of trunks.