What Socks to Wear with Desert Boots

Desert boots are some of today’s most recognisable footwear, first becoming popular in the 50s after their creation by British company C&J Clark (now ‘Clarks’). 

They’re hard-wearing and comfortable boots designed to withstand harsh conditions, but are now employed as a fashion statement piece in leather, suede or Chelsea styles (among others) that can be paired with a wide number of other accoutrements to offer a VAST number of incredible looks. While they fall into the category of Chukka boots, desert boots can be distinguished by their crepe rubber soles and more casual look. 

But what socks should you pair with your new desert boots? Well, that depends on the specific style you’re looking to emulate…

Choosing socks to wear with desert boots

Desert boots are best suited for casualwear and the most popular combination is to pair your desert boots with jeans - a look that is cool, casual, yet sophisticated. However, desert boots in a darker brown, beige or black paired with some slim chinos are perfectly suited for smart-casual events. 

This versatility must be accounted for when you choose which socks to pair with your desert boots. Depending on the occasion, you may want something a little more understated, stylish - or something that reflects your unique personality. After all, the versatility of desert boots lends them to be paired well with almost any style of trouser sock - we wouldn’t recommend ankle or no-show socks with your desert boots. They just wouldn’t be comfortable. 

Indeed, since you’ll be wearing trouser/crew socks with your boots to give you that comfort, you should be careful when choosing which colours of socks to wear - especially if you’re gearing up for a smart-casual event. You’ll want to match your socks to the colour of your boot. If in doubt, go with something nice and understated - neutral colours are your best friend. 

Best socks to wear with desert boots

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our top recommendations of socks you can pair with your new desert boots today!

1. FALKE Walkie Light Socks

FALKE Walkie Light Socks

FALKE’s Walkie Lights are the perfect choice to pair with your desert boots for either a smart-casual or purely casual look. They are the perfect length, come in a range of awesome neutral colours that’ll pair perfectly with leather and suede styles in all colours and, naturally, they’re comfortable as hell. 

Designed primarily as walking socks, these Walkie Lights are perhaps some of the most comfortable socks you can wear today. With a cushioned sole and reinforced stitching, they provide the best of both worlds in terms of both comfort and durability, but the real star of the show is their merino wool. Some of the highest quality material that you can stitch a sock from, merino wool is tough, breathable and supremely comfortable. 

The climate regulating properties and comfortable cushioning of merino wool makes these FALKE socks the perfect choice to pair with your desert boots for both style and comfort. 

2. Tommy Hilfiger Duo Stripe Men’s Socks

Tommy Hilfiger Duo Stripe Men’s Socks

If you’re looking to add some subtle patterning to your casual desert boot look, then these understated designs by Tommy Hilfiger fit the bill perfectly. 

With Tommy Hilfiger’s reputation for style and reliability and combed cotton stitching, these socks are versatile, comfortable and great to look at with their eye-catching stripes. 

Pair these socks with a pair of jeans and your favourite brown suede desert boots for a classic, yet casual look that’ll set you up for success. 

3. Happy Socks Stripe Socks

Happy Socks Stripe Socks

Thinking of letting your eccentric personality shine and taking your stripes game to the highest level? Happy Socks has you covered. 

Your wardrobe has been secretly crying, afraid to express itself. This goes for your desert boots too. They’ve been craving a colour explosion to set them and the rest of your outfit off in a bright blaze. 

Enter: Happy Socks. 

Crafted with the singular goal of combining high quality construction with feel-good vibes, Happy Socks’ products are designed to put a smile on your face - and the faces of those lucky enough to behold your new socks in their glory. 

While these are certainly a choice for casual wear, you’ll look great pairing your desert boots with these eye-catching socks that are both exciting and fun. 

What socks will you wear?

Essentially, desert boots are so versatile that you can pair almost any pair of socks you like with them - though we would recommend sticking with trouser/crew style socks to boost your comfort. No-shows and ankle socks will most likely slip right off and just make your feet uncomfortable. 

FALKE should be your first port of call when looking for versatile, durable and comfortable socks to pair with your desert boots. If you’re looking for something a little more patterned but understated, then opt for Tommy Hilfiger. And if you’re looking for vibrant colour and smiling faces, Happy Socks won’t let you down. 

Otherwise, you should feel prepared enough to explore our full range of men’s socks, from BOSS to PUMA and everything in between. For more tips, tricks and helpful advice, feel free to browse our selection of articles on our Below the Belt Blog.

Now get out there and show off your adventurer’s spirit in your brand new desert boots - and the awesome socks you’ve paired with them.