What Socks to Wear with Loafers

There are many who would say that you don’t want to wear socks with loafers - not visibly anyway, no-shows are your new best friend - and we can understand that. 

But maybe you are not a bare ankle sort of guy. Or just believe there are times when it is best to cover up. Well, you can certainly pair loafers with some great socks and look pretty damn good. There’s just a few things to bear in mind, to make sure you get it absolutely right.

What kind of loafers are you wearing? Black? Brown? Brushed suede? You’ll want to make sure that you pair the right cut and colour sock with the loafers you're wearing to ensure the best look. 

So, forge onward as we demystify the subtle art and science that is pairing socks effectively with loafers. 

Choosing socks to wear with loafers

Now, if you’re sporting loafers in a more relaxed weekend style (such as sandy colours or suede), then you can opt for a lovely pair of casual crew socks or no-shows and look a treat. BUT, if you’re wearing some dressy penny, pump or hazel loafers, you’ll want to pair them up with some understated and elegant dress socks.

A couple of thoughts before we go to the detail. Loafers are, essentially, a summer show so we recommend a thinner material sock, for aesthetics as well as practical purposes (the Falke socks below are not that heavy). And also, if you are after really preppy look, think white ankle socks - but be sure you can pull it off.


When it comes to colour, the same rules apply here as with any other shoe - match the sock colour to the colour of your shoe for a subtle look and go with a clash for a more brazen look. Oh, and NEVER pair black shoes with brown socks or vice versa, capisce? 


You may want to opt for some no-show socks with loafers to give the impression that you’re wearing them barefoot (without causing a stink). This is a great choice and a classic style option. 

But, you can also go for crew length socks with your loafers if you are after some extra length. We wouldn’t advise going for ankle socks here. 


Now, the style of your sock NEEDS to match with the style of your loafer, otherwise you will just end up looking… strange. 

To that end, you can certainly wear dress socks in a casual setting, but you should never pair casual socks with dress loafers. The general rule for spotting a dress loafer (as there are many variants) is: any loafer that can be polished to a high shine and looks its best that way. 

Sounds simple, right? Yes… but you’ll be surprised at how many people can get it wrong and end up looking a lil’ bit ridiculous. 

Best socks to wear with loafers

So, with plenty to bear in mind, let’s dive into our recommended selection of socks to pair with your loafers this season:

1. BOSS Edward socks

BOSS Edward socks

BOSS’ Edward socks manage to find their way onto many of our lists - and for good reason. They are the epitome of both comfort and understated elegance. 

These are the perfect black socks to pair with your black leather loafers - either dressy or casual. The crew cut is generous, but tailored to fit against your calf snugly. The black and understated logo is perfect for achieving that elegant high-society look. 

And the material? This is where the Edwards really win: they’re made of bamboo, which is a true wonder material in the sock world. Not only are they extremely soft, wonderfully breathable and surprisingly strong, bamboo has in-built antimicrobial properties that actively combat bad foot odour and keep your feet feeling fresh. 

Basically, everything you want from a pair of dress-style socks to pair with your formal loafers. 

2. FALKE Walkie Light socks

FALKE Walkie Light socks

“But P&S, why are you pairing walking socks with loafers?!”

SHUSH. That’s why!

But seriously, the fact that these sumptuous socks were engineered by FALKE for those interested in long-distance walking is a real boon when it comes to casual loafer-wearers. 

Firstly, they are designed to fit your foot perfectly, using FALKE’s signature ‘anatomical fit’ method of construction. They are also made from merino wool - which is just about the best material you can use to make socks. They are light, breathable, soft as heck… perfect for pairing with ANY shoes, really. 

BUT where they pair well with a loafer is the combination of style and colour choice. 

If you want a relaxed, casual look, consider pairing your light brown or sandy suede loafers with these babies. The muted colours of the Walkies will compliment the loafers beautifully - especially if you’re also pairing them with a soft chino. And, of course, we all know that loafers aren’t exactly the most supportive shoe - well, the reinforced construction of the Walkies and the super-soft merino wool will go FAR in improving your comfort in your casual loafers. 

Don’t pair these with formal loafers, but otherwise, the casual-loafer world is your oyster. And your feet will thank you!

3. Puma Footie socks

Puma Footie socks

Of course we couldn’t leave quality no-show socks off this list. 

If you want to pair some no-show socks with your casual loafers for a classic look that refuses to go out of style, then you can’t go much better than Puma’s Footie socks. 

They’re great value, come in a handy 3-pack and are styled only in white or black. This means that in the unlikely event they do manage to creep above the lip of your loafer and find themselves on show, they won’t look vibrant or strange. Pair the white socks with casual brown loafers and the black with formal  black loafers and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. 

What socks will you wear?

Whether you’re donning your loafers for a casual romp or a full-on formal function, you’ll find that these 3 sock choices won’t let you down. 

BOSS Edward socks are the perfect pairing for both formal and casual loafer-wearers. The elegant design, close fit and bamboo construction make them perfectly suited for a formal outing and a pairing with any colour loafer (aside from brown ones…).

FALKE has you covered for your casual loafer wear. The soft colours compliment most casual and suede loafers perfectly and your feet will thank you for the anatomic fit and quality construction - not to mention the beautiful merino wool that’s simply to die for. 

And finally, if you’re going no-show, then look no further than Puma for great value, quality no-show socks that quietly get the job done, prevent your feet from causing a stink and allow your loafers to take centre stage for a classic  look. 

For more top tips and tricks, be sure to catch our other sock-related articles on our Below the Belt Blog. And please, feel free to browse our full range of socks to find the perfect pair for you. 

Now it’s time for you to slip on those loafers and get to… loafing around..?