What Socks to Wear with Black Trainers

Let’s get one thing very clear: black trainers are very versatile. In fact, they pair well with almost every form of casual or sporting outfit. But, and here’s the big question: what colour socks should you be wearing with said black trainers? 

If you choose the wrong pair of socks, you’ll just end up looking… strange. It’s a delicate and fine art, choosing the correct socks to pair with your outfit. And, just because black goes with almost any colour, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some big sock-related errors that you can make. 

So, dear reader, forge onwards and discover the very best socks that you can pair with your black trainers right now!

Choosing socks to wear with black trainers

There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect socks to pair with your black trainers: colour, style and length. 


The colour of your sock is important to consider as it will either compliment or clash with your choice of outfit or footwear. While black is versatile, there are some sock colours that you should definitely avoid. 

In fact, there is one colour that you should avoid like the plague: brown. 

While there are many who would advocate that brown and black can be successfully paired, this argument does not extend into the realms of your sock drawer. You should NEVER wear brown socks with black trainers. 

Outside of brown, black shoes do actually pair quite well with almost any block-coloured sock, so we do have some colour freedom here and you can go as bright or as reserved as you’d like - just remember to avoid brown socks at all costs!


Next to colour, the style of sock is the most important thing to consider. This is closely paired with length and will often depend on the environment you’re wearing your shoes and socks combo in.

If you’re going for a casual jeans and t-shirt look, you want to match that with a relaxed style of sock. Similarly, if you’re readying for sports or the gym, you want a sock that will compliment your activity with a sporty style. 


Finally, the length of your sock should be considered. No-show socks are designed to remove the sock from view, so the colour for these won’t really matter. But if your preference is for socks that sit at the mid-calf, then you’ll definitely need to think about the colour, style and design of your chosen sock.

When going for a casual look, we’d recommend crew socks. As for sports, you can mix it up with either crew cut or ankle socks. 

Best socks to wear with black trainers

1.  Calvin Klein Carter Casual socks

Calvin Klein Carter Casual socks

Let’s start casual. And simple. 

Indeed, let’s start with some of the best socks you can buy from a big brand. 

CK’s Carter socks are the perfect balance of quality construction, elegance and simplicity. Cut in a classic crew length with a minimal CK logo, these socks scream understated style. The combed cotton will keep your feet feeling soft and cosy and the choice of block colours is perfect to pair with your black trainers in a casual setting.

You can grab these beauties in a 2-pack, giving you the choice of either block red or black to pair with your shoes, for if you want to blend in or stand out from the crowd a little. If you’re going casual with some jeans, these are the perfect elegant socks to compliment your choice. 

2. Puma Sports socks

Puma Sports socks

If you’re slipping your black trainers on for some sports and you’re after a classic sporty look, then you can’t go wrong with Puma. Here’s a brand that knows what it’s doing when it comes to sportswear - and the aptly named sports socks are no exception.

In a crew cut with plain black and white designs, these are the ultimate in simple sporting socks. The soft cotton and reinforced sole will handle whatever you can throw at it on the pitch, while the plain block colouring won’t distract from your overall look - keeping it all nice and classy.

If you’re after something similar in a no-show look, then you can also check out Puma’s Footie socks.

3. FALKE Run socks

FALKE Run socks

If you want to splash out a little more on some sporting socks to pair with your black trainers, then look no further than FALKE. 

With soft cotton for comfort, FALKE’s signature anatomic fit, ultra-light cushioned sole and reinforced stress zone, these socks will keep you feeling sporty and comfy for a long time to come. 

They also come in a great range of exciting colours: grey, white, ‘jeans’ (lighter blue) and bright orange. If you want to stand out on the pitch, then bright orange is definitely the way to go, right? After all, black and orange is a killer combo…

What socks will you wear?

If it’s the perfect casual look you’re after, you can’t go wrong by slipping on a pair of Calvin Klein’s Carter socks. They’re sleek, stylish and crafted by one of the best-known brands in the world. You cannot go wrong. 

If your black trainers accompany you to the sports ground, then you’ll definitely want to pair them up with Puma’s Sports socks. They’re simple, down-to-earth and very good at what they do - coming in a subtle black or brilliant white. They’ll suit your black trainers well. 

Finally, if you want to splash a little more cash on your sporting socks, choose FALKE. The sturdy construction, quality materials and bold colours available will suit you and your black trainers (literally) down to the ground. 

Remember: just don’t choose brown socks!

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Happy hunting!