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Cut with the sportsman in mind, Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear collection provides superior fit and allows total freedom of movement. 

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What are the different types of CR7 underwear?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear collection for men is designed with the footballer’s own lifestyle in mind. It provides superior fit and allows outstanding freedom of movement. At Pants&Socks, we stock a variety of CR7 men’s underwear, including: - Men’s trunks - Men’s briefs - Men’s crew socks - also known as trouser socks, these are the most common style of men’s sock that extend to your mid calf at full length

Does CR7 make good underwear?

In short: yes. Though a young collection, CR7 was designed with the modern man in mind, taking inspiration from the namesake of the brand himself: legendary footballer Christiano Ronaldo. Both structured and playful, CR7 underwear was created with breathability, versatility and freedom of movement in mind. Naturally, just like their namesake, they’re a stylish collection as well, designed to show off your body’s natural good looks. Ronaldo believes that great underwear shouldn’t cost the world, so the collection was designed to seamlessly balance style, quality and great value. After all, why compromise when you can achieve all 3?

What size CR7 underwear should I buy?

The CR7 underwear in our range was designed to provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and support. So, both the men’s trunks and briefs you can find in our range are designed to allow the fabric to sit close to your skin and keep everything in place. You shouldn’t be able to feel any pinching, squeezing or tightness from any underwear that you buy. The waistbands were designed with a generous width for added comfort, so they should also sit softly against your skin without digging into your skin. If you do happen to feel any pinching or squeezing, you’ll likely need to look for a larger size - the same goes for the fit around the leg holes. As for the crotch area, the fit should feel supportive without any uncomfortable tightness or that unpleasant, restrictive feeling. We want everything to feel tucked in and supported - that means neither hanging loose or tightly squeezed. We’re after a Goldilocks fit here. CR7 underwear sizes range from S to XXL - that’s a range of 30 inches to 40 inches at the waist. If you get stuck, we’d always recommend that you take a look at our Pants&Socks Size Guide found on each product page to help you find your perfect CR7 fit.

Where is Ronaldo’s CR7 underwear made?

To achieve that perfect blend of quality and affordability, CR7 has teamed up with JBS Textile Group in Denmark. Established in 1939, JBS works with factories around the world to ensure that they achieve the right quality and fit. It is a member of BSCI, (Business Social Compliance Initiative), which is an independent organisation for European companies wanting to ensure responsible working conditions throughout the supply chain. CR7 came to JBS because of its passion and commitment to their four core values; comfort, quality, innovation and individuality. Combining JBS’s pedigree of over 80 years with the innovation and youthfulness of CR7, they certainly come together to make a winning team

How and where can I buy CR7 underwear?

The great news is that you’re already in the very best place to pick up your next pack of CR7 underwear: right here with us at Pants& You can shop our full range of CR7 men’s underwear right here and pick up something to make Ronaldo proud! Or, if you want shiny new CR7 underwear delivered to you regularly on dates to suit you, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save 20% on every single order you place. You’ll also get free postage on every order and the choice of a range of delivery packages to suit you: Whether you want your new CR7 underwear delivered just twice a year or every month, it’s your pants, your rules - and if you need to cancel at any point, you can do so, no problem at all.