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Founded in 1989, London. Today Duchamp has established a design philosophy centred on creating directional Menswear and Accessories, which epitomises accessible luxury.

Duchamp FAQs

What are the different types of Duchamp socks?

While all of our Duchamp socks at Pants&Socks are cut in a trouser sock or ‘crew’ style, which extends to your mid calf when fully pulled up, what has always set Duchamp socks apart are the incredible colours and patterns to be found in its collections.

How long has Duchamp been around?

Duchamp started life in 1989, London with a simple mission to cater for the modern, stylish man. Today Duchamp designs menswear and accessories, which epitomise accessible luxury, making use of a superb range of eye-catching designs and patterns. If you recognise the name ‘Duchamp’ and have been thinking, ‘wasn’t he a famous artist?’, you’d be absolutely correct. In fact, Duchamp (the company) was inspired by the world-famous artist’s (Marcel Duchamp) conceptual style — which has carried over into the fabulous prints and patterns to be found on thiss incredible range of men’s socks.

What is so special about Duchamp Socks?

It’s easy to see what makes Duchamp socks so special:. the patterns are conceptual, directional and striking. Inspired by both geometry and the organic forms of the natural world, they are sophisticated without being overbearing. If you want to add a splash of colour and visual interest to your sock drawer, Duchamp socks are the perfect solution — luxurious style for all occasions, guaranteed to draw the eye.

How do you wash Duchamp socks?

First and foremost, turn your Duchamp socks (and any underwear you wash, for that matter) inside out. Doing so ensures that all traces of dead skin and bacteria are wiped out, leaving your garments feeling and smelling fresher. Next, you’ll want to grab some anti-bacterial detergent because you’ll be washing your socks at 30 degrees Celsius. Doing so is kinder to the environment, kinder to your wallet and will keep your socks in better condition for longer as the lower temperatures protect the material fibres. Of course, if you really want to take the fight to unwanted microbes, you can always stick them on a gentle cycle at 60 degrees Celsius. Just bear in mind that it’s less environmentally friendly, will cost you more each wash and could damage the fibres of your socks over time.

How and where can I buy Duchamp socks?

Is your sock drawer looking drab? Does it need some visual flair, a burst of colour or a vivid pattern? Then maybe it’s time you shopped Duchamp with us at So, head to our online store and pick up your brand new pair of brightly patterned Duchamp socks right here. And, if you want to save even more money on your Duchamp socks — and on a whole host of other pants and socks, for that matter — you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service today to get your hands on incredible savings: 20% off every order you place Free postage on every order New pants and / or socks delivered at intervals YOU choose Free cancellation at any time