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French Connection is known for great design and a modern attitude, sharing its chic and classic styles across the world. Its pants and socks provide timeless, affordable quality.

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French Connection FAQs

French Connection is known for great design and a modern attitude, sharing its chic and classic styles across the world. Its pants and socks provide timeless, affordable quality.

What are the different types of French Connection underwear?

French Connection is known for its great design and modern attitude, sharing its classic pants and socks styles across the world with a commitment to affordable quality. At Pants&Socks, we stock a variety of French Connection’s underwear products for men, including: - Stretch cotton boxers - everyday French Connection pants available in multi-packs of 3 or 5 in various colours and patterns for amazing value (these are technically more of a boxer brief style though, sitting closer to your skin than a traditional mens’ boxer short) - Crew length socks - also known as trouser length socks, our range once again is available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, all coming in great value packs of 3

What size French Connection underwear should I buy?

As our French Connection underwear range is all based on the boxer brief style, the ideal fit should be snug, but not tight - never tight! You shouldn’t be able to feel any pinching, squeezing or tightness from any underwear that you buy - and the same goes for French Connection underwear, which should sit close to your skin. The waistband should also fit softly against your skin without digging in, and the leg holes should fit the same. If you do happen to feel any pinching or squeezing, you’ll likely need to look for a larger size. In the crotch area, the fit should also feel supportive without uncomfortable tightness - too loose and you may need to size down; a bit tight and it’s time to go larger. French Connection men’s boxers are designed to keep everything nicely packaged and supported - not squeezed tightly or left to hang loose! French Connection underwear sizes range from small to XXL. If you get stuck, we’d always recommend that you take a look at our Pants&Socks Size Guide found on each product page to help you find your perfect fit. Alternatively, you can find your current most comfortable pants and use them as a basis for choosing your French Connection size. If you’re usually a medium, go for a medium. If you’re between sizes, we’d recommend taking a size up.

What material are their boxers and socks made from?

French Connection’s men’s boxers are all made from a soft-touch stretch cotton. Usually comprised of around 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this material is durable, stretchy, soft and comfortable. The elastane provides extra stretch and durability, while the cotton handles the softness, breathability and moisture wicking. As for socks, French Connection puts soft cotton to good use. As the name suggests, it is soft, hard wearing and breathable, providing a great balance that’s perfect for all-day every-day wear.

Is French Connection an expensive brand?

French Connection is renowned for offering quality products at affordable prices - so no, they’re not an expensive brand. Most of their products are available in multipacks for added value. French Connection cares more about no frills, affordable quality - and that’s exactly what you get.

How and where can I buy French Connection underwear?

If you’re based in the UK then you’re already in the very best place to pick up your next pack of French Connection underwear: Pants& You can shop our full range of French Connection underwear right here - go ahead and have a good browse! Or, if you want fresh French Connection underwear delivered to you regularly on dates to suit you, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save 20% on every order you make. You’ll also get free postage and the choice of a range of delivery packages to suit you. If you want to order a suite of FC goods, or bag yourself a mixed bundle of your favourite brands, it’s no hassle! : After all, it’s your pants, your rules - and if you need to cancel at any point, you can do so, no problem at all.