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Happy Socks

Happy socks turn an everyday essential into a colourful statement piece. Bringing happiness and colour to everyone's sock drawer.

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Why are they called Happy Socks?

Simple: Happy Socks exist to make you happy! With a range of fun and colourful patterns and designs in the ever-expanding Happy Socks range, they really do live up to their namesake - not only will you feel happy wearing them, anyone who looks at your majestic, Happy Sock-clad feet will instantly feel warmer and fuzzier too!

What is so special about Happy Socks?

Happy Socks are special because of the company’s unique purpose: they exist to make people happy - while providing them with quality footwear. Founded by two best mates in 2008, Happy Socks were created to add a dramatic splash of colour and fun to the often regimented and ordinary world of socks. Since then, their popularity has exploded and you can now find Happy Socks around the world - a testament to the fact that people really do care about what they put on their feet and how those socks make them feel. And with Happy Socks, they just want you to be happy - we can’t argue with that!

Where are Happy Socks made?

Happy Socks works with factories around the world to produce its socks and is committed to ensuring they are made ethically and cause as little environmental damage as possible. Happy Socks is based in Sweden. It’s actually rather apt as Scandinavian countries frequently top the polls for the very happiest countries in the world, with Sweden taking the no.7 spot in 2022. Happy is as happy does, apparently! While Happy Socks is headquartered in Stockholm, it opened its very first office abroad in New York during 2018.

What are Happy Socks made from?

Happy Socks are made from combed cotton. Forget everything you think you know about how soft regular cotton is - because combed cotton blows it out of the water for softness. Made by specially treating (and, of course, combing) the cotton fibres before they’re spun into yarn, combed cotton combines all the very best moisture wicking, breathable and natural benefits of regular cotton and wraps it up in a softer, all-round more comfortable package. Your feet will thank you!

Are Happy Socks warm?

Happy Socks are made from combed cotton, which is not the most winter-proof material around - but it is sure to keep your feet feeling nice and toasty when it counts. Cotton is naturally breathable during warmer weather, while acting as an insulator when the temperature drops. So, yes… Happy Socks will keep your feet feeling nice and warm in all but the coldest of cold snaps.

How and where can I buy Happy Socks?

Now that you’re clearly feeling much happier than you were minutes ago thanks to this Happy Socks FAQ, you’ll be even happier to learn that you’re in just the right place to pick up a pair or two: right here with us at Pants& You can order a one-off delivery of as many pairs of Happy Socks as you like. Simply choose your favourite pattern(s), add the socks to your basket, follow the link to the checkout, enter your delivery details and proceed to payment. You can then choose from a range of delivery options both within and outside the UK - surely that puts a fresh smile on your face (and Happy Socks on your feet). The method that we’d recommend, however, is signing up to our P&S Subscription service: This subscription will get your sunny, shiny Happy Socks delivered to you regularly, on a schedule set by you - and you’ll save a whopping 20% on every order you place plus free postage to boot: You’ll have your choice of a range of delivery packages to suit your needs - whether you want your Happy Socks delivered every month or just twice a year, you can tailor your subscription as you like. So, put a smile on and put some Happy Socks on today!