Jockey’s 140 year legacy is based on ingenuity, vitality, and authenticity. A pioneering global brand, Jockey’s underwear is synonymous with excellence and relaxing comfort. With a diverse collection ranging from micro briefs to boxer shorts - in both classic and contemporary designs - there’s room for everyone to find their comfort with Jockey.

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Jockey FAQs

What are the different types of Jockey underwear?

We carry a range of Jockey underwear products for men here at Pants&Socks: - Short trunks - Boxer trunks - (similar to a standard boxer brief) - Microfiber Active boxer trunks - for a sports inspired lifestyle - Microfiber Active short trunks - Y-front button fly trunks - Briefs

How long has Jockey been around?

Jockey has quite the history - starting off in 1876, founded by Samuel T. Cooper. Today, Jockey is a leading manufacturer of clothing for men, women and children - available in over 140 countries!

How long does Jockey underwear last?

With most of Jockey’s everyday pants crafted from stretch cotton - a blend of roughly 95% cotton and 5% elastane - you can bet they’ll last you a good while. Cotton is naturally resilient, breathable and soft - an all-round excellent underwear material. But, pair it with elastane, and it gains extra stretch and a decent helping of added durability to boot. As for the Active range, the microfibers used in their construction take durability to the next level - perfect for a sports-inspired lifestyle. Microfiber also has antimicrobial properties, helping eliminate unwanted odours to keep you feeling fresh for longer.

How do you wash Jockey underwear?

You wash Jockey underwear the same way you wash all your underwear! For best results, we’d recommend checking out the labels on each product and following the guidance there. However, if you’re washing your Jockeys in a washing machine, we’d usually pop it on a standard cycle at 30 degrees celsius - with a leading detergent added for good measure, of course.

What size Jockey underwear should I buy?

Jockey underwear is designed with everyday comfort firmly in mind - for that reason, no matter the style of Jockey underwear you choose with us at Pants&Socks, you’ll be looking for a snug fit. Each item in our Jockey range is designed to sit close to your skin, providing the perfect amount of snug comfort and support where it counts. There should be no tightness, pinching or squeezing from any part of your Jockey underwear - between your legs, at the leg holes or at the waistband. It should feel supportive and reassuringly snug. The elastic waistbands are all generously sized, so there should be no tightness here - if the band is digging into your skin, you’ll need to size up. When choosing your perfect size, we’d recommend finding your current most comfortable pants and going for the size on that label. However, if you’re getting a little stuck, you can click through to our size guide found on every Jockey product page. From sizes from S (starting at a 32 inch waist) to XXXL (up to a 43 inch waist), we have sizes to suit everyone.

How and where can I buy Jockey underwear?

If you’re ready to pick up a pair of Jockeys right now, the good news is that you’re already in the right place: here with us at Pants& You can shop our full range of Jockey underwear for men right here, and grab your new favourite pair of underwear today: