Best Sock Brands You Need To Know in 2024

What is the best sock brand?” It’s a steady refrain. “Which brand is best for me?” If we had a post bag, it would be bulging, though of course it is our inbox that is rattling to the big sock question.

There is, perhaps unsurprisingly, no definitive answer - as the Pantsman puts it: “Each sock brand is special and excels in its own way.” For him, they are as his children... He loves them all equally. 

But we feel it is our responsibility to guide you through the many choices you are faced with. We are, naturally, well versed in such matters. So while there may not be a single sock brand ‘King’, it is fair to say every brand has something unique to offer, whether you are looking for something understated yet stylish, or a pair that are colourful and fun, or even if you want an affordable, everyday workhorse. 

Some brands are incredibly well-known, but, as always, we like to introduce you to something a bit different as well to mix things up and help you come to a well-rounded decision as to which lucky pair of socks will be the next to slink into your sock drawer. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at:

Top 9 best sock brands in 2022

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Sock Brand

Kicking things off, let’s take a deeper dive into Calvin Klein - one of the biggest names in men’s underwear.

Calvin Klein specialises in understated comfort and style and is the go-to brand for many. The signature Calvin Klein sock look is a black trouser length, with the brand name near the neck. Their Eric socks match this perfectly.

Of course, if you’d like to add a splash of colour, then Calvin Klein has you covered. While not quite as colourful or ‘out there’ as some of the other brands on this list, you’ll find a variety of colours and patterns in the Calvin Klein collection. Try their Karsyn Socks if you’re looking for a dash more colour.

For those of you who prefer to don a pair of shorts or don’t want to draw unnecessary attention away from your shoe collection, Calvin Klein has a very decent selection of no show socks to suit you in understated greys, whites, blacks, and navy blues. Try this selection pack of Jason Socks if no show is your thing.

Naturally, CK won’t let you down if you’re looking for ankle socks either. Its Drake Socks are designed in Calvin Klein signature style with the brand-name woven in larger letters around the elastic. Definitely more of a statement.   

In all, CK is excellent for day-to-day socks in all shapes and sizes, specialising in understated coolness and clean designs.


Hugo Boss Sock Brand

Another ‘big name’ luxury brand is HUGO BOSS. Synonymous with beautifully tailored suits and great casualwear, BOSS doesn’t stop when it comes to socks. 

HUGO BOSS socks have all the understated, restrained style you would expect from one of the world’s great tailoring brands.

The classic BOSS sock is plain black, trouser length, with subtle branding below the elastic, and is designed to accompany you to the office or other formal settings. Of course, you can wear them day-to-day as well, as they pride themselves on providing efficient and understated comfort. 

One excellent benefit of some HUGO BOSS socks is their availability in bamboo. 

Yes, you can do more than just feed Pandas with bamboo. 

BOSS Edward Socks take the classic style of BOSS regular socks and combine it with natural bamboo fibre material for a silky smooth and durable sock that is lightweight, breathable, stylish, and has antibacterial properties (courtesy of the natural properties of bamboo) to keep your feet smelling and feeling fresher for longer. These socks are a favourite at the Pants and Socks HQ.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Sock Brand

Tommy Hilfiger started life as a sportswear brand. That pedigree is evident when looking at its modern sock collection that takes its preppy heritage and adapts it for everyday wear in soft cotton.

A little more colourful than the other “big luxury brands”, Tommy Hilfiger can be found in a wider variety of patterns and colours to make a slightly bolder statement, as with these Iconic Stripe Socks.

Its signature preppy style is epitomised by its Patch Socks, which are great if you’re looking for more of a frat-house look. And, of course, it has a range of ankle socks for those of you who prefer shorts - though in American fashion, they call them Sneaker Socks.

In all, if the American college look is more for you, then Tommy Hilfiger is a great range to add a dash of preppy colour to your sock drawer.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks Sock Brand

Happy Socks has been the go-to sock for the more adventurous and colourful sock wearer since 2008.

Its mission is to turn the everyday sock into a fashion statement that makes people smile. And it has certainly accomplished that goal! Happy Socks takes high quality fabric and splashes it with a wonderfully wide variety of fun and insanely colourful patterns and motifs. 

Have you ever wanted socks with fried eggs on them? Take a look at their Sunny Side Up Socks. How about Hamburger Socks? The brand has you covered. 

If you’re after some more traditional patterns, but taken to the next level, try the Big Dot or Stripe Socks.   

Happy Socks is all about making a bright and joyous statement with your socks. If this sounds like you, check them out and add a gigantic splash of colour to your collection!


Falke Sock Brand

FALKE is another brand to look at if colour is your desire. But what lies at its heart is a commitment to quality. This is luxury goods for your feet.

For the last 125 years, FALKE’s mission has been to cater for those who like a modern aesthetic, moving with the times and fitting in with its customers' lifestyles. Their signature Family Socks are bold and simple showing a love for block colours and simple patterns,  while the Sensitive Mapped Socks are the epitome of striped design if you’re looking for something bold and simple.  

The brand utilises soft cotton for comfort and has engineered all of its socks for optimal durability using what it terms ‘reinforced stress zones’ to help keep your socks in your drawer and out of the bin for longer. 

Another excellent choice for everyday comfort and those looking for a bold style. 

FALKE doesn’t stop there, however. It also runs a small range of merino wool socks crafted for those who are more active, appropriately named Walkie Light Socks. These are great if you like to get out and about and are looking for some durable and lightweight socks to help your feet breathe easy.

French Connection

French Connection Sock Brand

French Connection is another brand to look at if you’re after something a bit more understated in both colour and pattern use. Generally more affordable than many other brands, this is still good quality hosiery - you shouldn’t have to break the bank to look your best!

Check out the Waterfall Socks in woven cotton - a great choice for everyday wear, which come in a variety of patterns and muted colours. All sport the signature capital ‘F’ of the brand and are made with cotton, an excellent sock material that matches durability with lighter weight and breathability for added comfort. Great for everyday wear!

If you’re looking to quickly expand your collection for day-to-day use while ensuring you look after your hard-earned cash, grab one of French Connection’s 3 Packs to ensure your feet are kept comfy in affordable soft cotton.


Gant Sock Brand

Do you like stripes? Great! So does GANT!

Our collection of GANT socks is brightly coloured and very stripey. All manner of stripes in every size. Grab a 2 Pack of striped socks in assorted colours, or if you want something a little more simple, go for the Colourblock Socks made up of two different large stripes. 

GANT socks are high-quality stripey statement pieces, famous for their playful use of colour in a sea of black and white. You will certainly be noticed.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Sock Brand

Another immensely famous brand, Polo Ralph Lauren has American Preppy at its core. 

Ralph Lauren’s Classic Crew Socks are definitely a statement piece, sporting the signature polo player logo and neat block colours. But for those of you who desire patterns on your socks, then you will not be disappointed by the bold Striped Socks.

Polo Ralph Lauren is synonymous with quality. Utilising the best cotton blends for durability and comfort, it will provide you with a statement piece and long-lasting addition to your sock drawer. 

The socks are a little more pricey than others on this list, but you can’t compromise on quality and style.


Puma Sock Brand

Puma is a brand for sportsmen. If you’re in need of sports socks, then look no further than Puma. 

Its socks come in a variety of lengths from no show to trouser and are engineered specifically for durability, lighter weight, comfort, and breathability whether you’re on the court, the pitch, or wherever you go about your sporting business.

These socks are not bold or garish, they are practical and no-nonsense. Puma knows what you need from your sporting socks and they deliver.  The Footie pack caters for those of you after no show socks. Ankle socks? Try the Lifestyle Sneaker socks. And their Crew Socks conform to your regular trouser length.

All of these socks are affordable, durable, and reliable. Puma is definitely the brand for you if you need some sporting socks fast!

So, what are the best sock brands in 2022?

Unsurprisingly, it all depends on your personal style. 

If you want something very flamboyant, colourful and fun, then look no further than Happy Socks. These socks are great for making a fun statement and people will certainly notice and comment on your socks. 

And if you want luxury and the best quality, then look to FALKE.

For good-quality everyday socks, shop around BOSS, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger to see which you prefer. Our personal favourites are BOSS’s bamboo socks for comfort if you have a little extra cash to spend. 

Stripes? Go for GANT if you’re looking for incredible variety in your stripes.

French Connection is best for socks on a budget. 

And finally, Puma is the obvious choice for sports.

Hopefully this handy guide has helped you choose your next pair of socks from our vast range of brands. Of course, everything could change in 2022… but you’ll have to keep an eye out for any updates to our list. 

As for me? I’m going to pull on my Sunny Side Up socks and go for an eggs-ellent stroll. I’m not yolking.