The Best Sock Subscription Box in the UK for 2022

Blimey! You check the date and suddenly it’s November - time really flies, doesn’t it? One minute it’s January and you’re slipping into the socks you just received for Christmas, the next it’s November, the year is almost gone, it’s almost the next Christmas and those socks are now old and full of holes. 

Well, do we have just the solution for you…

Sock subscription boxes are all the rage these days. They take the stress out of ending up with holey socks and thinking, “bah well now I need to go out and spend time buying more.” And then not getting round to it ...

Instead, on a date of your choosing, you can look forward to a knock on the door and a fresh supply of sumptuous socks arriving to you neatly packaged up and ready to wear. 

But how do you know which subscription service is right for you? 

There are a myriad of sock subscription services out there these days, and knowing which one to choose can be downright confusing. Pants&Socks, of course, curates a sock subscription that is flexible and remarkably good value - you save 20% on every pair and get free delivery. But, because we’re feeling extra generous, we can even point you in the direction of other services that rank among the best that you can find in the UK in 2022. 

So, toss those old holey socks, limber up, and let’s dive into the sock drawer to see what we find?

Types of sock subscription boxes

Naturally, there isn’t a single universal method by which sock companies assemble their subscription boxes. However, you can most often find them grouped as:

Self-selected subscription boxes

The easiest to define by far. Self-selected boxes are, as the name suggests, selected by you. That is to say, you can get a box of socks, chosen specifically by you, delivered to your door every month or so. You can choose the individual pairs, the quantity and the regularity of which they are delivered. 

Mixed subscription boxes

Less focused on self-selection, these mixed boxes require you to select the style of sock that you would like and when you would like the socks delivered. The company will then take care of the rest.

Luxury subscription boxes

These boxes cater specifically for the luxury market. Easy enough. They are usually a mixed selection. 

Quirky subscription boxes

If you’re up for a bit more of a surprise and have a quirky sense of style, you might like to opt for a box like this. They are almost always a mixed box rather than chosen by you - more of a ‘flavour of the month’  type of subscription that is sure to surprise!

Best UK sock subscription boxes to choose from

Pants and Socks Subscription

Best for self-selection

Pants and Socks Subscription

Well you didn’t expect us to start with anyone else did you?!

If there’s one thing that we at Pants&Socks do better than the rest, it’s giving the freedom of ultimate choice to you. We have a vast selection of amazing quality socks and you can select your new favourite socks in a super simple 4-step process:

  1. Select your socks - just go to our online store and choose your favourites. You can change them every month too if you like. 
  2. Save yourself 20% - yep. 20% off every order is nothing to sniff at (and you’ll have access to some secret subscriber bonuses too!)
  3. Confirm your selection and get free delivery - gotta love that free delivery
  4. Get excited - your socks are on their way!

You can alter or cancel your subscription at any time as well, giving you increased flexibility. So, whether you want your socks to arrive every month, every 3 months, or even just once per year, we’ve got you covered and deliver the power of choice to you. 

Bamigo Bamboo Subscription

Best for understated, natural comfort

Bamigo Bamboo Subscription

While you can’t choose the socks yourself with Bamigo, this service won’t let you down if you’re after one thing: simple, yet sustainable comfort. 

All of its socks are made from high-quality bamboo - a bit of a wonder material for socks that keep you warm, wick sweat and have antimicrobial properties to stop your feet from stinking up the place!

While it doesn't offer a huge variety (mainly socks in blacks, greys and navy blues and a choice of only classic or ankle fits), it provides a reliable supply of high-quality, comfortable and natural socks that are perfect for both business and casualwear.

Socks in a Box Subscription

Best for couples

Socks in a Box Subscription

Socks in a Box offers some top-quality socks for both men and women that you can have delivered at the same time - so this is the subscription box for any of you gorgeous couples out there to enjoy!

You don’t receive many socks per month - one pair for the man and one for the woman (or you can get 2 of either sex) - but for just £11.50, this is a good deal that will help you both avoid holey socks in your drawers!

There is a wide range of styles, patterns, colours and cuts to choose from. 

Club Sock Subscription

Best bang for your sock buck

Club Sock Subscription

Club Sock is a wholesale buyer and distributor of… well, socks. And it sources them from a wide selection of labels, so it is pot luck as to the name, style and colour you will receive. But at least you will receive something different every time.

At £7.50 per month for one pair of branded socks… that’s a bit of a bargain. And with the flexibility to pause, amend or cancel your subscription at any time, it is an interesting service.

Henry J Subscription

Best for quirky socks

Henry J Subscription

Henry J has one mission: to put soul back into your shoes. 

And boy, does it deliver. It offers some very quirky, yet very stylish socks. From just £5.50 each month, you can set yourself up for a delivery of some funky patterned socks. And they are good quality too, made with a tasty cotton, polyamide and elastane blend. They’ll last you a good while and keep you looking fly while they do it. 

You can choose from a rolling monthly, 3, 6 or 12 monthly subscription too. So, start feeling like a sock star!

Choosing the right sock subscription box for you

So, we’ve discussed a variety of different sock subscription boxes for you to try out in 2022. If you’re in a couple and want the excitement of opening a new socks box together, then Socks in a Box is the way to go. If you’re looking for branded products at the good value prices, then choose Club Sock and see what you get! If you want quirky, then Henry J is the only way to go. Meanwhile, Bamigo delivers top-quality bamboo socks in understated designs that are perfect for smart or casual wear. 

But, you had to know we’d save the best for last, right? Why, it’s US of course! Pants&Socks stocks such a broad selection of socks, you can choose branded, bamboo or quirky (and a lot more besides) all on the same site. And we offer you the ultimate freedom of choice - you can select exactly what socks will appear at your door and how often. You’ll not be disappointed. 

Happy sock hunting!