HOM Underwear Review: Boxers, Briefs, Trunks & More

HOM is a benchmark of masculine excellence in the underwear world. 

Born in the sunny south of France, HOM has been pushing the boundaries of men’s underwear and what ‘comfort’ truly means since 1968. Its range now encompasses a selection of product types - including swimwear and loungewear - but it’s the underwear that continues to make the brand a standout in men’s fashion. 

Hom aims to create underwear that combines comfort with style, meeting the day-to-day needs of the modern man. The range is huge: from mini briefs and uniquely patterned boxer briefs to stylish trunks and sensual thongs. 

Our range of HOM products at Pants&Socks is both stylish and extensive, so strap in - we’ve got a lot to cover! Welcome to the HOM underwear review.

The history of HOM underwear

We can’t imagine a more fitting and stylish location to launch HOM than the south of France. Heat, elegance, style and class radiate from both the French Riviera and HOM’s sizzling collections of men’s underwear - and they have done since the birth of HOM in 1968. 

HOM’s history is awash with innovation. From the launch of the original ‘Supple Cup’ underpants in 1968 and elastic-free waistbands of 1976, HOM has positioned itself at the forefront of creativity in the world of men’s underwear. However, it wasn’t until 1997 that their true - and continuing - breakthrough was made: the HOM HO1. 

The HOM HO1s  were the very first underwear to sport a horizontal opening, and to say that they’ve become an iconic staple of men’s underwear would be an understatement. The horizontal opening of the HO1 collection offers the perfect combination of easy and hassle-free accessibility when you need it and unparalleled support and comfort where it counts. It was also a huge leap forward in inclusive accessibility as the opening is perfect for both right and left-handed users.  

To this day, HOM remains as unique as life on the French Riviera: elegant, classy, sensual and sexy. With ad campaigns modelled by aspirational and handsome examples of what makes the modern man and influential appearances in leading fashion shows (including Jonathan Saunders), the brand oozes sex appeal and masculine confidence.

HOM underwear review

HOM’s underwear collection, while extremely varied, is built on solid principles of comfort, functionality and elegance. The soft and light fabric utilised in the construction provides a combination of generous support, soft-touch comfort and superior fit. It also offers an impressive breadth of colours and inventive prints, which will suit most tastes. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the detail:

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs

Our range of HOM boxer briefs at Pants&Socks is extensive. The best place for an aspiring HOM-oisseur has to be the HO1 Boxer Briefs. Featuring HOM’s innovative horizontal opening, the HO1s are crafted from modal cotton in a modern, minimalist design that sits close to the skin (a snug, but never tight, fit) with an elastic microfiber waistband and subtle HOM branding. Modal cotton is luxuriously soft, with all the natural, breathable, moisture wicking properties of regular cotton, but added strength and durability due to the pre-treatment of the fibres before spinning into yarn. Perfect for day-to-day wear, the HO1 boxer briefs are stylish, comfortable and won’t break the bank - though they certainly aren’t cheap, with HOM, you always get what you pay for.

If you prefer the look and feel of a longer leg, then you can also buy the HO1 boxer briefs in a longer cut, which helps you avoid friction between the legs. 

The Vincent, Eddie, Max, Nikolas, Bernie, Erwan, Sean, Illusion and Valensole boxer briefs are all very similar in terms of their fit and construction, however, they all present different patterns and designs - so, if you prefer your pants with a pattern, feel free to experiment and find a design that suits you.

We also have the Boxerlines, which are plain coloured and constructed from a stretch combed cotton for a great blend of comfort and fit. The Boxerlines are available in an economy 3-pack and are perfect for everyday wear, while showcasing HOM’s stylish logo design boldly at the waistband. 

Finally, HOM produces the Comfort range of boxer briefs, which are crafted from a blend of modal cotton, regular cotton and elastane for a soft-touch and stretchy fabric to provide the ultimate comfort experience. 


HOM’s basic men’s trunks

HOM’s basic men’s trunks are crafted from a polyamide and elastane blend for a lightweight and durable combination of snug elastic fit and soft comfort. Available in a wide array of patterns and prints, this collection is ideal for those who prefer a shorter fit on the leg and options when it comes to stylish design - without missing out on comfort. 

The Plumes collection is also constructed from a highly lightweight polyamide and elastane blend, but with a slight difference in construction and seam placement. The Plumes are designed to be all but invisible underneath your clothing, so go as tight as you like with the Plumes.

Truly luxurious are the HOM Muse trunks, also sporting a polyamide and elastane construction, but with a viscose lining that is so incredibly soft, you may as well be wearing silk. These are lightweight, durable and undeniably lavish.

More budget-friendly are the Bertrand trunks. Available in black or white, these combed cotton trunks are breathable and soft to the touch, while sporting improved durability - these trunks are perfect for everyday wear.  

Finally, the LouLou trunks are another luxurious string to HOM’s underwear bow, with a unique, horizontal striped design, these polyamide and elastane boxers sport a cotton lining for a naturally soft sensation against the skin.


hom mini briefs

HOM’s standout briefs are the HO1 Mini Briefs. Sporting the same innovative horizontal opening as their boxer brief counterparts, these briefs are stitched from ultra soft modal cotton for added durability and undeniably soft comfort. Modal is particularly suitable for men who don’t like synthetic underwear and provides optimal absorbing properties, strongly resisting both shrinking and friction. HOM’s mini briefs take the classic cut of a regular brief one step further, reducing the fabric-skin coverage and allowing ultimate freedom of movement for the legs. These mini briefs are designed to fit snugly against the skin and provide excellent support for your package. Available in classic block colours, these are a staple for daily wear. 

Taking ‘mini’ one step further are HOM’s Plumes Micro Briefs - cut even smaller than the mini briefs to allow the greatest possible freedom of movement and able to be worn under almost any item of clothing without a visible trace. The Plumes Micro Briefs, like their trunk counterparts, are constructed from a polyamide and elastane blend for the perfect combination of softness, durability, comfort and feather-light feel - this is as close to a ‘second skin’ sensation as is possible. 

Finally, the Comfort collection can also be sampled in brief form. Made from a modal and regular cotton blend, and featuring a super soft cotton lining, these luxurious briefs are perfect for when you want to take your balls’ comfort to the next level. They are also available in a micro brief styling with a playful floral pattern.


HOM Thongs

We have 2 HOM thongs available at Pants&Socks - both are perfect for the gentleman who wants to take the next step in freedom of movement and supportive, yet lightweight underwear. 

The HOM Plumes g-string is stitched in a polyamide elastane blend for that second-skin, lighter than air feel. Bringing you the ultimate in comfort, support and light weight, this is a must-wear thong that sits quite invisibly under your clothing. If you’re concerned about comfort at the waist - don’t be! The 1cm wide waistband is super soft to the touch and designed for a firm, but never tight, hold - this won’t dig into your skin!

We also have the ultimate in sex appeal: the Pablo g-string. Part of HOM’s Temptation range, this g-string oozes sensuality, revisiting the codes of seduction, whilst remaining both comfortable and elegant. Styled in a muted khaki with a black mottled motif and gold filigree, the Pablo g-string is a statement piece unlike any other. The waistband is generously sized to prevent uncomfortable pinching and is also ultra soft to the touch. In fact, the whole garment is ultra soft thanks to its polyamide and elastane blended fabric - once again, these are invisible under your clothing and feel as close to a second skin as it’s possible to get. 

Try HOM underwear

It’s time to bring some sensual French styling into your underwear drawer - try HOM today! 

With a range of underwear styles to suit every modern man’s tastes from boxer briefs to g-strings, HOM is truly an underwear manufacturer of choice. Boxer briefs, trunks, briefs and even thongs - they have everything you need to keep you looking and feeling a million dollars (or should that be euros?)

While there are several HOM stockists in the UK, you’re already in the very best place to pick them up: pantsandsocks.com. So, now it’s time for you to scooch on over and discover our full range of HOM products.

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