Happy Socks Review: Read This Guide Before You Buy

Have you ever found yourself wondering, ‘why are the socks I buy always so… boring?’ If the answer is yes, then you’re about to be blown away by Happy Socks, because its socks are ANYTHING but boring.

Say goodbye to your plain old black and white socks; so long to block colours; adios to sadness when you slip on your socks in the morning. Happy Socks exists to bring colour to your feet. These socks are fab, funky and ready to change everything you think you know about footwear. 

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at our extensive range of Happy Socks products. We’ll discuss the HUGE variety of patterns and colours that you can experiment with, the fit and feel of the socks on your feet, the sizes they’re available in - and more!

So, sit back, relax and warm up your smiling muscles - you’re about to be hit with a strong dose of colour and joy. Welcome to our Happy Socks review.

The history of Happy Socks

Happy Socks exists for one reason only: to put a smile on your face. 

It all began in Stockholm in 2008. Best mates Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh had a radical idea that socks didn’t have to be an afterthought. Happy Socks has since become a global phenomenon, with its products now available in more than 90 countries around the world, spreading happiness as they go! 

Happy Socks stands for all of us who think that true happiness stems from the freedom to be yourself. The vision is to bring happiness and colour to every corner of the world - inspiring authentic self-expression through colour, creativity, and fun. 

As for the unique designs themselves? They’re inspired by everything from cats and dogs to humble hamburgers and even your grandma’s hair. Their designers are wildly creative with their concepts and each collection is more wacky and colourful than the last. 

But how about quality? Well, let’s just say that if they weren’t great, we at Pants&Socks wouldn’t be stocking them! Happy Socks does its very best to find softer, sturdier, shinier, and more sustainable materials. It looks for new qualities, cutting-edge techniques, and manufacturing processes. In short, the company does everything it can to make its socks, and those who love them, even happier.

Sustainability is a big deal for Happy socks - as it should be for all of us! As well as sourcing sustainable materials for its products, the company has published a sustainability report that you can check out, and, though it doesn’t own any factories, it only works with factories that agree to sign a comprehensive code of conduct regarding fair and safe treatment of workers. 

In short, the history of Happy Socks is just that: happy. 

What is special about Happy Socks?

Happy Socks is utterly unique.

While other companies have put colours and patterns on their socks before, none have managed it to the extent that Happy Socks has. The socks exist to make every day extraordinary. They bring colour and light where most others see plain same-ness. Even the ‘black socks’ aren’t your run-of-the-mill black socks - they’re bursting with cool designs and outlandish patterns to tease and tantalise. 

In short, Happy Socks actively aim to make people happy. It is the company’s mission.

If that’s not special, we don’t know what is!

The Happy Socks range at Pants & Socks: the review

At Pants&Socks, we’re proud to say that we carry a pretty extensive range of Happy Socks socks. While each pair of socks is only available in a crew/trouser cut, we have more patterns and colours to dive into than you can shake your old, bland (stinky?) pair of socks at! 

The easiest way to break down the range is to organise them by pattern:

  • Stripes
  • Geometrics
  • Dots
  • Animals
  • Food

Men’s Stripe socks

Men’s Stripe socks

Kicking things off, we have their classic Stripe Socks. These are a Happy Socks twist on an old classic, but boy, do they deliver on colour. Indeed, they’re so colourful, we think your wardrobe would stop secretly crying in the corner if you’d just treat it to a pair. 

Half Stripe socks

Half Stripe socks

A feast for the eyes, these outgoing socks throw convention out the window and opt for a look that delivers not one, but two different uses of stripes. With narrow, regular navy stripes up to the cuff and bold, wide stripes along the foot. Happy Socks loves to experiment and its proud to have messed with your standard recipe for stripes with this daring pair. 

Filled Optic socks

Filled Optic socks

Geometric, hypnotic and fantastic, these socks are sure to help you make an entrance with a repeat cuboid design that will mesmerise anyone who dares to stare for too long - just remember to use your new powers for good, not evil.

Faded Diamond socks

Faded Diamond socks

The artist formerly known as Argyle. 

Happy Sock’s Faded Diamond is a modern twist on an old-school classic. Taking the traditional Scottish tartan and shaking it up just a little bit with a pinch of Happy Socks colour, this is perhaps the most understated pattern from Happy Socks in our collection… Still pretty colourful though, right?

Dot socks

Dot socks

A colourful homage to – well – dots, these tried and tested Dot patterned socks are built for all occasions. From the beach to the bank, from the ballet to the bingo hall, dots give your everyday essentials extra pizzazz - and bring a cheeky smile from passers by while they’re at it.

Big Dot socks

Big Dot socks

When Dots aren’t enough… you go BIG. 

One of the very first styles by Happy Socks, these ol’ faithful Big Dot socks are timeless classics and crafted to pop. Sure to be the highlight of your sock drawer, these are some of our favourites. 

Dog socks

Dog socks

While there’s very little on this planet that can be a real life visit from one of our faithful four-legged friends, these socks come pretty darn close. 

Colourful dog faces smile out at you from across these socks to create a timeless pattern of furry fuzzballs that’s perfect for all occasions. 

Cherry socks

Cherry socks

Available in classic red or a bombastic mixture of greens, oranges, reds, blues and more, these charmingly cheerful cherry socks are sure to add some tangy flavour to your outfit and keep you feeling funky fresh. 

Hamburger socks

Hamburger socks

Last but certainly not least, we have the Hamburger socks. Actually, you get even more bang for your buck as these socks are patterned with a selection of burgers, fries AND sodas. Good enough to eat*, these quirky socks are sure to get your style-buds tingling. 

*Definitely don’t eat the socks…

They look good, but what about the quality? And what are they made of?

Now we’ve taken a good long look at the styles and patterns available, we still need to address the quality. And, we’re pleased to say that the quality is top notch - these babies are built to last! 

All products in our range of Happy Socks socks are stitched from combed cotton - a softer version of regular cotton achieved by gently treating the cotton fibres before they’re spun into yarn. 

The benefits of combed cotton include all those that you can find in regular cotton: moisture wicking properties, comfortable softness, breathability, insulation, hypoallergenic properties and durability. What really sets combed cotton apart is that extra step of treatment. Not only does this make the yarn that much softer, it actually makes it stronger as well, resulting in a higher-quality, more durable material - that’s simply perfect for spinning into Happy Socks! 

While they’re very durable, they’re not indestructible, so we’d recommend treating them gently when it’s time to put them in the wash. To keep your socks looking fresher for longer, wash them inside out - and pop them in a wash bag to protect them if you’re worried about damaging the patterns. We’d also recommend taking it easy on the detergent as more detergent does not result in cleaner socks. Finally, hang them out on the line to dry instead of tumble drying to both boost their longevity and be that little bit more eco-conscious. 

What size Happy Socks are right for me?

Happy Socks is a Swedish country, so its socks are labelled in EU sizes…

But don’t fret! We have our very own handy Pants&Socks size guide to demystify the EU size ranges and help you find the perfect size for your UK-based feet. For reference, your sock size is the same as your shoe size. 

The conversion rate is, fortunately, super simple too - but to avoid getting caught out, make sure you always consult our size guide before you make a purchase. We always want to make sure that you find your perfect size first time, after all.

Try Happy Socks today

Happy Socks is a truly unique company that makes some outstanding socks. With its mission and raison d'être being to put a smile on your face - and the faces of your adoring public - we’re happy to say that they succeed in this goal. We have never found a company with a wider range of colours, patterns and designs available - and believe us, we’ve looked!

And in case you’re worrying that this huge range of patterns and colours means that it compromises on quality - think again! The entire range is woven from high-quality combed cotton that is durable, soft and luxurious, while retaining all of the benefits of regular cotton. 

Our range of Happy Socks products is ever-expanding and extremely popular, so hopefully you’ve found a pattern that you love right here! Are you taken by stripes? Perhaps you want to make a splash with some dots? Bigger dots? Or how about some food and beverage inspired fun? Whatever your preference, Happy Socks has something for you - and you can check out our full range of Happy Socks products right now. 

Or, if you want a regular dose of Happy Socks delivered straight to your door at a regular time that suits you, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service. This will save you a tidy 20% on every order, grant you free postage on everything and allow you to choose a range of delivery packages to suit you. Whether you want brand new Happy Socks delivered fresh to you every month or just twice a year, we’ve got you covered - and cancelling is easy as pie, anytime.

Hopefully this Happy Socks review has put a smile on your face - we know that Happy Socks never fail to brighten up our days. So, only one question remains:

Which Happy Socks will you choose?