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Tommy Hilfiger Underwear

Tommy Hilfiger Underwear Review: Boxers, Briefs & Trunk

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands, recognised all over the world for celebrating classic, cool American style and featuring preppy designs with a contemporary twist. 

Launched by its namesake and principal designer, Tommy Hilfiger, in 1985, the brand has gone from strength to strength and now features a humongous line-up of products ranging from pants, socks and trainers to jeans, jackets and everything in between.

At Pants&Socks, we stock a wide range of Tommy Hilfiger’s stylish and comfortable underwear pants and socks. But in this article we are going to focus on Tommy Hilfiger pants. 

If you’ve ever wondered if Tommy Hilfiger is the brand for you, wonder no longer - check out the Pants&Socks Tommy Hilfiger underwear review.

The history of Tommy Hilfiger underwear

Since 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has become renowned the world over for its contemporary takes on classically cool and preppy American style. Launched by its principal designer and namesake, Tommy Hilfiger,  the brand’s distinctive look is inspired by iconic pop culture and Americana heritage. To this day, Tommy Hilfiger is driven by the optimistic vision to break convention and celebrate individuality. 

Hilfiger’s fashion career started in high school, 1969, when he opened his first store, People’s Place, in his hometown of Elmira, New York. Ten years later, he packed up and shipped off to Manhattan, pursuing his dreams of fashion design. 

In 1985, his namesake brand launched with just a single menswear collection.

Now, it turns over more than US $3 billion in global retail sales each year, and, as a true lifestyle brand, it encompasses a huge range of collections, including Tommy Hilfiger Collection, TOMMY JEANS, men’s and women’s sportswear, kidswear, and a suite of licensed lines including footwear, accessories, watches, fragrances - and, of course, underwear.

Which is exactly what we’re here to talk about today. So, without further ado, let’s get into the meat of this Tommy Hilfiger underwear review (rhyme totally intentional, there).

Tommy Hilfiger underwear review

At Pants&Socks, we offer a range of colourful and comfortable underwear from Tommy Hilfiger across a number of styles: hip briefs, trunk boxers and woven boxer shorts. Each type of underwear* in the Tommy Hilfiger range carries its own unique benefits, comforts, colours and styles. So, let’s get into it.

*If you'd like to learn more about distinctive underwear types, check out our article discussing everything you need to know about men’s underwear types

Hip briefs

Hip briefs

Tommy Hilfiger hip briefs are built for two things: comfort and support. They’re also great to look at as well. 

Featuring solid black and navy signature colours and a striking waistband - fully equipped with an unmistakable contrast Tommy Hilfiger logo - this great value 3-pack of hip briefs screams: ‘understated style’ - without breaking the bank.

Crafted from a stretchy and comfortable blend of soft cotton and elastane, these hip briefs will have you feeling fine all day long. Designed to fit snugly and sit comfortably, the stretchy elastane keeps these hip briefs right where they should be: close to your skin and providing ample support for your package. The elastane also aids in the durability of the construction - these briefs were made to last. The high cut means the leg and top of the thigh are free from fabric, allowing for ease-of-movement - ideal for sportsmen of all types.

Meanwhile, the cotton element pulls its weight by offering soft, natural comfort. Cotton is the ideal material for crafting underwear for several reasons. Firstly, it’s incredibly soft, treating your skin to a comfortable caress all day long. Second, it’s breathable - meaning that your crotch won’t overheat, aiding sperm production (your swimmers hate it when things get too toasty) and ensuring that bacteria find it much harder to breed down there, keeping you smelling great for longer. Thirdly - and strongly related to its breathability - cotton is absorbent. Bacteria thrive on a bit of moisture with their warmth, so cotton combines these two benefits to deny bacteria the environment they enjoy. Finally, cotton is strong - paired with the elastane, we have a pair of briefs that’ll last you through days and days of comfortable wear. 

As these are hip briefs, they’re designed to rest below your waist - on your hips, as the name suggests. This means you can wear these briefs with both high and low-waisted trousers and shorts. Indeed, the very fact that these are briefs is a strong style choice in itself. Briefs are making a serious comeback as men have rediscovered both their supportive capabilities and the amazing freedom of movement they offer around the leg and the top of the thigh. 

In short, these briefs fit well, offer freedom of movement and are great value, they are built to last and will keep you feeling good for some time. 

Trunk boxers

Trunk boxers

We have a couple of different trunk boxer styles available in our Tommy Hilfiger range, so let’s start with the…

85 Cotton trunk boxers

The 85 trunk boxers are not the cheapest on the market but you get what you pay for: great style and quality. 

These trunks are crafted from a stretchy blend of organic cotton and elastane, offering you that all-important balance of durability, breathability, absorption and soft comfort to keep you company all day long. The real bonus here is the inclusion of organic cotton - great for anyone who has sensitive skin as well as being good for the environment. Organic cotton is more sustainable than the alternatives, is created from non-genetically modified plants, and grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. 

Available in a soft grey heather, navy, white or black, these 85 trunk boxers are striking and stylish with their block colour design on the panels and a statement contrast waistband featuring the classic Tommy Hilfiger logo front and centre. 

As these are trunks, they’re designed to fall between briefs and boxer briefs - they do extend down your legs, but only a third of the way to your knee (at most). This fit is perfect for men who have less bulky thighs and want to cut a striking figure in these close-fitting trunks - but remember, they’re not supposed to be tight! 

Logo trunk boxers

Logo trunk boxers

Offered in a three-pack these trunks are great value and  are perfect for everyday wear. 

Constructed from a stretch blend of organic cotton and elastane these logo trunk boxers will have you feeling comfortable, cool, dry and smelling great all day long. 

There’s a range of bright colours to choose from, too. You can grab all three in black, a subtle mix of grey, black and white, or you can splash out with some vibrant colour with Tommy Hilfiger’s signature red, navy and white. 

Featuring a subtle contrast waistband design, the trunk boxers are sleek and stylish, and perfect if you want to add that extra pop of colour to your pants drawer. 

Woven boxer shorts

Finally, we have Tommy Hilfiger’s woven boxer shorts. Designed with a loose fit in mind, they are ideal for lounging around the house, sleeping in, or for wearing under loose-fitting clothing. You also get more fabric coverage down the leg, with the cut extending down the thigh. 

As these don’t need any stretch in the main body (as they’re designed for a loose and breathable fit), these boxers are crafted from 100% woven cotton - netting you all those cottony benefits: absorbency, breathability, durability and soft-touch comfort.

These are more understated than the other products in our Tommy Hilfiger range, featuring a more subtle contrast waistband and a small Tommy Hilfiger logo at the front. These are perfect for that more casual, lazy day look and are an excellent choice for lounging, sleeping or for wear under loose clothing. 

The added breathability and loose fit is perfect for summer, when a welcome breeze down there is just what you need. You’ll also be treated to a great freedom of movement thanks to that loose-fit as well.

Try Tommy Hilfiger underwear

Whether you like your underwear short and snug, long and loose or the perfect balance of the two, Tommy Hilfiger has you covered with some stylish, preppy and timeless pieces of underwear that won’t hurt your wallet. 

You can go for sleek black, understated grey and white, or spice things up with some vibrant red or navy depending on your mood. The soft cotton found in all of Tommy Hilfiger’s underwear is perfect for keeping you cool and dry, giving you the durability you want from your everyday underwear and keeping you feeling very comfortable while you go about your business. No matter which pair you choose, you’re onto a winner with Tommy Hilfiger.

Ready for more? You can choose from our full range of Tommy Hilfiger products right here - use the filters to toggle between pants and socks, or view them all at once to see just how expansive our range is!

Or, if you want fresh Tommy Hilfiger pants and socks shipped to you at intervals to suit your needs, you can sign up for our P&S Subscription service to save 20% on all every order. You’ll also get free postage and the choice of a range of delivery packages to suit you. 

It’s your pants, your rules. Oh, and if you ever need to cancel, you can easily do so, anytime.

And that about wraps up our review of Tommy Hilfiger’s underwear at Pants&Socks. Stay tuned to our Below the Belt Blog for more reviews, FAQs, hints, tips and explainers on everything you need to know about pants and socks.

Now go and enjoy that preppy, Tommy Hilfiger style!

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