Hugo Boss Underwear Review: Boxers, Briefs, Trunks & More

Hugo Boss is one of the most widely recognised and successful labels in the fashion industry today. Its claim: the Hugo Boss customer should be perfectly dressed in every situation and for every occasion, no matter what the day brings. 

Its offer extends from men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and even fragrances. Naturally, this includes men’s underwear too. 

Split into two iconic brands: BOSS and HUGO, Hugo Boss’ presence can be felt around the world at fashion weeks, exhibitions, art events and more. Hugo Boss - and its supporting brands - are committed to a perfect cut and fit, which customers all over the world appreciate. 

At Pants&, we are pleased to offer a wide range of Hugo Boss underwear products for men - across both the HUGO and BOSS brands. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and examine these products to help you decide if Hugo Boss is the right brand for you. Welcome to our Hugo Boss men’s underwear review. 

The history of Hugo Boss underwear

Hugo Boss was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in Metzingen, Germany but didn’t really come to prominence until after the Second World War. Its reputation was built on tailoring and from the 1950s onwards it continued to grow in stature, capitalising on the increased awareness of men’s fashion, the popularity of ready-to-wear suits and its relentless focus on style, quality and fit. 

The company’s international reach grew even further when it entered the arena of sponsorship - in particular, sponsorship of motorsports, which provided the perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) to carry the brand and increase awareness to yet more customers who appreciated the high-performance, clean cut style. 

Eventually, the company grew enough to be listed on the German Stock Exchange for the first time in 1985, which led to an explosion in growth and product offerings throughout the 1990s as licences to produce watches, eyewear, footwear and more were steadily obtained. Their first womenswear collection was also launched in 1998. 

Since the Millenium, Hugo Boss has grown massively and in the process it has partnered with Porsche as well as securing the ‘god of thunder’, Chris Hemsworth as brand ambassador in 2021   Also, it has linked with more charities than ever before and is consciously making efforts to promote sustainable practices in the sourcing of materials and manufacture of products. 

Hugo Boss, HUGO, and BOSS: What’s the difference?

But let’s get something straight: what is the difference between Boss and HUGO.

Up until recently, there was Hugo Boss and Hugo and then in early 2022 the company moved to ensure they are more clearly differentiated. Boss remains the lead brand - it’s a bit grown up, classic but with a great feel for fashion and style - but the company has dropped Hugo from its name. This in turn, allows Hugo a clear run at establishing itself as a brand in its own right - it is younger, funkier and a bit more irreverent.

BOSS is home to Hugo Boss’ signature tailoring aesthetic. The classic men’s suits fall under the BOSS brand, which also offers casual styles and athleisure. Sharp, modern tailoring and sportswear are brought together in a look that is ready for whatever the day may hold. 

HUGO, on the other hand, is a brand for trendsetters and style individualists who like to  make confident statements with their cool and progressive looks. HUGO is ‘for the man who prefers to lead, not follow’ and combines dramatic cuts and lines with casual flair to deliver unconventional style for movers and shakers. 

Naturally, we offer both brands at Pants&Socks, with each producing an outstanding array of men’s underwear that you can try today. 

Hugo Boss underwear review

To make this easier, let’s break Hugo Boss and its underwear offerings down into the two major brands: BOSS and HUGO. 



Hugo Men's Hip Brief Triple Pack

We offer one variety of HUGO briefs: the HUGO men’s hip brief, which comes as a great value pack of 3 in strong contrast colours of white, black and a sleek navy blue. Crafted from a blend of cotton (95%) and elastane (5%), these briefs are designed for soft comfort and durability. Cotton is the perfect material to facilitate breathability where it counts, wicking moisture to keep everything feeling cool and fresh, while snugly contained within a soft-touch pouch. Meanwhile, the elastane offers just the right amount of elastic stretch to keep everything in place without feeling too tight. It’s also great for boosting the already impressive durability of cotton to new levels. 

The elastic waistband of each brief is also cut generously for a more comfortable fit - that should never dig into your skin - and it’s styled in a vibrant red to provide a striking contrast with the main body of each brief. Finally, the minimalist HUGO logo is emblazoned around the circumference of the band for that added touch of style.  


Trunks are cut as a step between briefs and boxer briefs. Designed to keep everything snugly in place, they have legs that extend to just above your mid thigh when worn properly, providing greater fabric coverage than traditional briefs. We have 3 different varieties of trunk available in our HUGO range:

HUGO men’s trunk triplet pack

First up, we have the HUGO men’s trunk triplet pack, which combines the soft cotton jersey blend of the briefs mentioned above (for soft comfort, elastic stretch and durability) with a low-rise cut topped with exposed waistbands featuring jacquard-woven HUGO logos in contrast. This triple pack is presented in a branded box for easy gifting! Also available in black, white and navy, these low-rise trunks are perfect for those who prefer understated style and sleekness in their trunks. 

HUGO Brother trunks

Next, we have the HUGO Brother trunks, which are cut from the same cotton jersey material, but feature a much more playful design than the triplets. The red and black version features a clever use of the HUGO logo printed in contrast all over the body of the trunks while the second pair is styled in a sleek black with a red waistband. Indeed, the waistband of each is designed to contrast the body of the trunk perfectly. 

HUGO men’s trunk

Lastly, we have their everyday standard: the HUGO men’s trunk, available once again as a pack of 3. All of these trunks, constructed from the soft cotton jersey, feature the striking red contrast waistband that can be found on the Brother trunks and the men’s briefs. The real difference here is in the colour offering, with these trunks available in a variety of hues. If you want to inject a bit more colour into your underwear drawer, love trunks and want to add some HUGO flair to your collection, these trunks are a great everyday choice. 

Boxer briefs

HUGO Brother boxer brief

Making another appearance, but in a slightly longer boxer brief cut, is the HUGO Brother boxer brief, also available in a 2-pack. Like the trunk version, these Brother boxer briefs feature a grey and black version that doubles down on a foliage-based design almost reminiscent of a paisley print, while the second pair is also styled in a sleek black. The waistbands provide a perfect contrast to the body. 



2 pack of BOSS men’s boxer shorts

Kicking things off, BOSS has a selection of men’s loose-fitting boxer shorts available at Pants&Socks. Firstly, we have this 2 pack of BOSS men’s boxer shorts which are crafted from 100% cotton. Coming in a plain black, a yellow line check and a blue check, these are perfect for lounging, sleeping in or wearing underneath looser-fitting trousers. The cotton, while not stretchy, should fit loosely enough to provide excellent freedom of movement, while keeping you cool with its breathable, moisture wicking properties. The black waistband is also styled with a contrast BOSS logo at the front for a pinch of extra style.

2 pack of men’s boxers

Mixing it up, BOSS also produced this 2 pack of men’s boxers in a plain black, red check and blue check with a subtle padded look waistband for a more traditional style that harks back to the earliest men’s boxer shorts. The BOSS logo is located subtly at the front of the band. 

Vitality boxer shorts

Finally, there are the Vitality boxer shorts styled in a plain black, featuring a two-tone contrast waistband. Again, they’re available in 100% cotton.

Boxer briefs

We carry a wide range of BOSS boxer briefs at Pants&Socks.

Stretch boxer briefs

First up are the Stretch boxer briefs - 3 pairs of form-fitting boxer briefs, expertly crafted by BOSS. Designed in stretch cotton (cotton 95% and elastane 5%) for breathable comfort, these boxer briefs are topped with an exposed waistband carrying contrast logos. The straight cut offers an ideal foundation for building everyday looks and the variety of neutral colours should compliment any outfit. 

24 Logo boxer briefs

If you want to wear the BOSS logo loud and proud, then the 24 Logo boxer briefs should be your next port of call. They feature a unique design that brings the BOSS logo to the fore on both the waistband and down the left leg. They’re also available in unique dark blue and turquoise colourings as well as more common grey, navy and black. 

Pure boxer brief

In a similar cut, but with no BOSS logo on the leg and a more elaborate, lined contrast waistband, there is the Pure boxer brief, styled in a striking pure blue or jet black.

BOSS boxer brief prints

If you want a more playful look, you can grab this 2 pack of BOSS boxer brief prints, one styled in a plain navy, and the other featuring a fun printed design to appear as contrast stitches all over the body of the boxer brief. The Hugo Boss logo is also spread around the waistband at alternating elevations, for an interesting and different look. 

BOSS boxer brief 3 packs

Making up the everyday staple of BOSS’s boxer brief offering are the BOSS boxer brief 3 packs, which combine the stretch cotton jersey found across both brands with a strikingly simple and sleek cut. The waistbands feature a stitched Hugo Boss logo across the front and are coloured to contrast the base colour of the boxer briefs. The real benefit here is the variety of colours you can grab these in: black, white, grey, navy, blue and green, each with a suitably contrasting waistband colour for a striking look. 


BOSS Men’s trunk 3 pack

Let’s kick off the trunks with the everyday staple: the BOSS Men’s trunk 3 pack. Topped with exposed waistbands featuring a logo and stripe, these regular-rise trunks are crafted in certified-organic cotton blended with a touch of stretch for maximum comfort. for the 3. Indeed, the real selling point here is the range of colours to be found: black, white, grey, navy, blue, red, khaki, orange and light blue. These are the perfect trunks for everyday wear - and the perfect trunks to add a dash of colour to your underwear drawer. And if you need to stock up on trunks in a hurry, you can also grab a 5-pack.

BOSS Essential men’s trunks

For a cleaner look in either dark grey or white, and featuring subtle stripes down the outer leg with a bold, contrast waistband, you can try out the BOSS Essential men’s trunks. Once again, these are crafted from a suitably soft and stretchy cotton jersey. 

BOSS Design trunks

If floral or geometric patterns are your thing, you can try out the BOSS Design trunks in a 3-pack. As usual, they’re built with comfort in mind, making good use of the stretch cotton jersey material we know and love for a fit that can’t be beaten. 

 BOSS Starlight trunk

Utilising stretch cotton with a dash of modal in there for maximum comfort (modal cotton being one of the softest materials you can buy), you can try the BOSS Starlight trunk, which adds a dash of either silver or gold to your wardrobe, and features the BOSS logo once again prominently down the leg. Also featuring soft modal in the construction is the BOSS Geometric trunk for a fun chequered pattern and a much more subtle, dark logo and waistband and the BOSS Identity trunks, which feature the BOSS logo in stark contrast at the front of the band. 

BOSS Response trunks

The BOSS Response trunks are another excellent choice for those who like their style understated - coming in a jet black, with just a hint of silver as a small logo and stripe across the waistband. 

If you’re concerned about the environment, then we have two perfect pairs for you: 

BOSS Organic trunks

Firstly, the BOSS Organic trunks, featuring the same commitment to striking design as the other trunks in the range, but crafted from responsibly sourced and organic cotton, these trunks are another excellent choice for comfortable everyday wear - also not breaking the bank at £39 for the 3. 

BOSS Smooth trunks

Next, we have the BOSS Smooth trunks, which are constructed from bamboo cellulose and elastane for a fabric that’s not only stretchy and comfortable, but silky smooth to the touch - it’s almost like wearing silk! Bamboo is also naturally durable, wicks moisture and actually has antimicrobial properties, which should help you feel fresher for much, much longer. At £28 per pair, these are certainly more expensive, but they’re absolutely worth it for the fit and feel alone.

Pride trunks

Finally, and showcasing Hugo Boss’ support for the Pride movement around the world, proclaiming ‘love for all’, there are the Pride trunks in a bright white featuring an iconic rainbow waistband to demonstrate ongoing support for the global movement. 


BOSS Stretch Signature briefs

Kicking things off with the legless briefs, we have the BOSS Stretch Signature briefs, which feature the same designs and construction as the Stretch boxer briefs, but naturally, in a brief cut offering all-day comfort in subtle tones of black, white and grey. 

BOSS men’s briefs

For your general, everyday briefs, you can’t go wrong with the BOSS men’s briefs, which introduce some extra colours to the range, including khaki. The Hugo Boss logo features prominently across the band of these stretch cotton briefs, that should keep you feeling great all day. For a slightly different twist, there is an alternate range of BOSS briefs that feature coloured and highly contrasting waistbands for an interesting twist on the traditional formula. The bands in this range come in: yellow, blue, grey, green and black for a colourful hit at the waist.

Try Hugo Boss underwear

And there we have it - a comprehensive roundup of all of the Hugo Boss underwear that you can find today right here at Pants&Socks. Split into two unique brands: HUGO and BOSS, there’s definitely something for everyone in this roundup - it’s easy to see why Hugo Boss has become a global staple in men’s underwear fashion. 

If you’d like to take some time to explore each range, you can do so by clicking right here. Whether timeless and stylish BOSS is more your style, or you want to go for something more unconventional with HUGO, we’ve got you covered. 

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After all, it’s your pants, your rules - and if you need to cancel at any point, you can do so hassle free, any time. 

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive review. Now get out there, grab some fresh Hugo Boss pants - and start feeling like a real ‘boss’ today.