Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear Review: Boxers, Briefs, Trunks & More

The Ralph Lauren brand has been a byword for great design and chic-living for more than 50 years. Its reputation for quality and style has been developed across a dazzling number of products, brands, sales channels, and international markets.

And they make some pretty great pants too!

Undoubtedly many of us will recognise the unique logo and preppy designs of Ralph Lauren on sight, but we may not be as clued up on its fantastic underwear collection.

So let us share our Polo Ralph Lauren underwear review, where we will consider its selection of boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks and briefs … all the underwear you could ever want! So, without further ado, let’s crack on with the review.

The history of Polo Ralph Lauren underwear

Since 1967, Polo Ralph Lauren’s distinctive image has been developed across a constantly expanding and evolving range of products and markets, bringing international acclaim at every turn. 

Its wide range of products, including apparel , accessories and fragrances for men and women, as well as childrenswear and home furnishings, have cemented its position as one of the most well-recognised brands in the world, reflecting a distinctive, American preppy style.

Under the watchful eye of founder, designer and CEO, Ralph Lauren the business has become one of the most influential brands worldwide, inspiring the way people dress as well as how fashion is advertised and celebrated. 

But you’re here for the pants and socks. So, let’s start our review rounding up the very best pants and socks that Polo Ralph Lauren has to offer.

Polo Ralph Lauren underwear review

Polo Ralph Lauren has a truly vast range of underwear products available in an incredible variety of colours, patterns and prints. Let’s break them down in order from briefs to boxer shorts to socks, so you can judge which of Polo Ralph Lauren’s underwear products suits you:


Polo Ralph Lauren’s men’s briefs come in two varieties:

Polo Ralph Lauren Briefs

First up, we have the premium variety of men’s briefs, available in a convenient 3-pack of either classically clean triple white, or a grey, black and white. Thanks to their cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) blended fabric, you can be assured of optimal comfort and the perfect dose of stretch when it comes to these briefs - generally a great choice of underwear for men with larger thighs who feel restricted in underwear with legs. Designed to keep everything tucked away in place, these briefs are designed with an understated, classic look and should fit snugly, close to your skin - they should never feel tight. The waistband is generously thick for added comfort, styled in black or white to blend in with the rest of the colouring and features the Polo Ralph Lauren printed logo in contrast across the band. These are great briefs for wearing day-to-day, providing you with lasting comfort, moisture wicking properties, breathability and the durability to keep you going day after day for dozens of wears. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Briefs - black

Next, we have the classic men’s briefs, which feature a similar material blend, overall design and contrast signature waistband, but are available in a much wider range of colours. From wine red, blue and yellow waistbands styled on navy briefs, to olive, tan and grey varieties that feature small polo player logos on the main body of the briefs, if you value a choice of colours and patterns in your briefs, these could be the ones for you. 


When browsing our store, it’s immediately apparent that Polo Ralph Lauren produces trunks in a truly vast range of colours, prints, patterns. Let’s tackle them by availability in single purchases or multi-packs to help streamline your decision making and help you choose the right trunks for you. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Trunks

Kicking things off, let’s take a look at the Print trunks. Crafted from a lightweight cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) blend for a great combination of soft comfort, breathability, moisture wicking properties and durability, these trunks have bold Polo Ralph Lauren branding on their generously thick contrast waistband. Available in background colours of red or navy, they feature contrast polo player logos on the main body of the trunk for a distinct look. For an even more distinctive look, you can also pick them up in a grey camo print (with subtle red polo player logos dispersed within the camo pattern). 

Polo Ralph Lauren Trunks - green

The Solid trunks are available in solid block colours, more vibrant yellow-gold lettering at the band and a single, large polo player logo on the outer left leg. These trunks are almost identical, save for their colouring and band styling. They come in red, green, grey and navy blue and feature. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Stripe Trunk

If stripes are more your thing, you can also grab a pair of Stripe trunks, which are a similar style as the Print trunks, save for the design - in this case an eye-catching navy, red and white striped pattern. They really are for the adventurous trunks-wearer. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Men's Trunks

Finally, and available in a convenient 3-pack, we have Polo Ralph Lauren’s Classic men’s trunks. Featuring that same cotton and elastane blend with its comfortable fit, breathability, durability and moisture wicking properties, these trunks are the go-to everyday underwear for thousands of men all over the world. With a quality of construction, these trunks will fit snugly, keeping everything in place all day, every day. All of them feature the signature printed logo waistband that makes Polo Ralph Lauren underwear stand out. But the true standout feature of these trunks, is that vast array of colours, patterns and prints that you can find them in. Black and white stripes your thing? You got it! Like to keep it plain with black and grey? They’ve got you covered. In fact, these trunks, as of Spring 2022, can be found in a dizzying array of more than 17 colours and patterns! From wine red, to yellow, green, 3 shades of blue - and everything in between - if you want colour options when it comes to choosing your favourite trunks, look no further.

Boxer briefs

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Boxer Briefs

While Polo Ralph Lauren’s boxer briefs aren’t available as single pairs you can pick yourself up a 3-pack that does everything the classic trunks do - but with a longer-legged design. Boxer briefs are designed to extend to roughly ⅔ of the way down your thigh, while trunks should extend only 1/3 , providing less fabric coverage. Otherwise, that classic cotton and elastane blend of the Ralph Lauren trunks and briefs can be found here, along with all its benefits. Boxer briefs should also keep your package safely tucked away in a snug, but comfortable fit and these pants are yet another fantastic choice when it comes to all day, every day underwear (of course, we don’t recommend you wear just one pair all day, every day - you will need to rotate your undies!). Once again, a dazzling array of colours and patterns is available when it comes to Polo Ralph Lauren’s boxer briefs: olive, navy, black, grey, oat, striped… the choice is phenomenal here as well. If boxer briefs are your favourite type of underwear, these are a top notch choice. 

Boxer shorts

Once again, we have a couple of choices when it comes to boxer shorts with Ralph Lauren. Designed for a longer leg than the underwear we’ve mentioned before - and coming with a looser, more breathable fit designed for freedom of movement, while sacrificing supportive capabilities. Boxer shorts are perfect to wear as nightwear, loungewear, or underneath looser-fitting clothes.  

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Open Boxer

First up, we have the Open Boxers, available in a 3-pack. These boxer shorts are classic designs, available in navy, white and light blue for an understated and casual look, with a small signature Polo Ralph Lauren label sitting front and centre on the waistband. Crafted from a lightweight and breathable cotton (100%), these boxers will keep you feeling comfortable day or night. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Boxer

Meanwhile, these Men’s Boxers, also in a 3-pack, are designed with a slightly straighter, close fit. Crafted in the same lightweight cotton as the open boxers, they offer a variety of different colours and patterns including dense checks, pastel shades, stripes and more. The slightly closer fit, makes them more suitable for wear under clothing. 


When it comes to design, Polo Ralph Lauren certainly favours a crew style when it comes to socks, so this is the only length we stock at Pants&Socks. But that doesn’t mean you’re not spoiled for choice!

Polo Ralph Lauren Rib Egyptian Men's Socks

The high-quality Ribbed Egyptian socks are crafted from a blend of ultra-soft Egyptian cotton and are perhaps the softest in the Ralph Lauren range - the rib design only enhances the comfort, providing a little extra cushioning with every step. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Crew Socks

Polo Ralph Lauren’s iconic Crew socks and Rib Crew socks are available in packs of two, three or six. Both styles are designed to be ultra-soft to the touch, making liberal use of both mercerised and Egyptian cotton respectively. Mercerisation imparts a silk-like texture to the cotton, while improving strength, durability and dye-uptake - which is perfect for Ralph Lauren’s Crew socks due to the wide array of colours they’re available in (just like their underwear). Meanwhile, Egyptian cotton is world-famous for its softness and quality, making it ideal for Ralph Lauren’s high-quality standards. Designed to be worn casually, with smarter outfits or anything in between, these socks are excellent for everyday wear and are sure to keep your feet feeling both comfortable and cosy all day. 

Try Polo Ralph Lauren underwear

There we have it - a comprehensive review of Polo Ralph Lauren’s vast selection of men’s pants and socks. If you’re a fan of its distinctive, preppy American styling - and value a huge range of choice when it comes to patterns, colours and printed designs - Polo Ralph Lauren could be the brand for you!

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