Luxury Designer Gifts for Men in 2024

Designer gifts are all the rage in this day and age (as are rhymes, apparently) - especially at this time of year! As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, we begin to think of that most wonderful of times - Christmas. 

If you’re the sort who struggles to buy presents for the men in their lives at Christmas- or, indeed, if you are the man in your life and you want to give a loved one a great place to start looking when it comes to thinking of gifts for yours truly - then we are here to help.

We love the festive season. It’s a time of year when we can all huddle together, get cosy, and think about the new pants and socks we will undoubtedly be receiving from the people in our lives - after all, pants and socks are the ultimate default gifts. And to be honest, we love it … it means we don’t have to sort it ourselves.

But we don’t just want to stop there!

We want to give you a comprehensive list of luxury designer gifts for men this year, starting small, and getting ever larger and more extravagant. So, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into the world of luxury designer gifts and figure out what we can do to kit out the men in your life in the last quarter of 2022.

Designer gift ideas for him

  1. Designer socks
  2. Designer underwear 
  3. A luxury bathrobe
  4. Designer fragrance/aftershave
  5. Designer loungewear set
  6. Designer shoes
  7. A designer jacket
  8. A designer suit
  9. A designer watch 
  10. A luxury car…

1. Designer socks

Under £50

Designer Socks

You want to build a designer man? You start from the ground and work up, so we’re kicking things off (pardon the pun) with designer socks. They are the classic gift.

Now we would be the first to admit that socks for Christmas has had a bit of a bad press. “Too boring,” they cry. “Unimaginative,” they wail. Well we beg to differ. Why argue against practical, useful presents? What’s wrong with giving something he needs and never remembers to buy himself? And then you throw in the designer element too … posh.

You may want to opt for some big name brands. They provide a little bit of pizazz and are guaranteed to produce an approving grin as he opens them up. We woul’d recommend serving up a box of Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Crews. They come in a handy gift box containing 3 good-looking pairs to please the eyes AND the feet. 

But perhaps he will want something a little sturdier? Then we suggest FALKE’s Walkie Lights. They’re tough. They’re soft. They’re just about the most comfortable socks that you can slip on your feet for a long day of walking. If your guy is a big walker, then these are the socks for him. 

However, if he is the type of guy who just never gets round to buying new socks perhaps he could do with a Sock Subscription: designer socks, delivered to his door on a regular basis. Just choose the style (or let him do it)and decide how often he needs fresh socks, and we will do the rest. And what’s more, we take 20% off the price and deliver free of charge.

You can’t go wrong with sock sub!

2. Designer Underwear

Under £50

Designer Underwear

Moving on up, let’s hit him with brand new pants. 

Too many men are always looking for their ‘good underwear’, right in the back of their drawer. But the real question is: why isn’t all their underwear ‘good underwear’?

Well, fear not! For we have the perfect suggestions of how to transform an underwear drawer into a veritable paradise. 

The best place to start is a three pack - yes, three pairs of pants in one pack. Our recommendation would be Calvin Klein Trunks, our most popular pants. And its not hard to see why … cotton with a bit of stretch to give shape and definition;  cut to flatter; and with a branded waistband that sits just below the hips. And, of course, they come in a range of colours as well as the classic black and white. 

But don’t forget that most brands offer a three pack of some description so if his preference is for the preppy look of Ralph Lauren or the stylish, tailored fit of Hugo Boss, we have you covered.

Alternatively,  the ‘pants of the moment’? Are those provided by American brand  SAXX. According to chef, Jamie Oliver, their BallPark™ technology feels as if angels are cradling your balls. What kind of a Christmas Present is that? 

And if you are looking for a touch of luxury then pick him up a pair of Derek Rose boxer shorts. These are just about the softest pants that money can buy. No joke. Derek Rose knows quality and this is it manifest in pants form. 

But if you really love him (well … like him a lot) and want to see his pant drawer full of fresh, well-fitting pants then buy him a  Men’s Pants Subscription!. Again, you save 20% on every pack and get free delivery. It is the gift that just keeps on giving! 

3. A luxury bathrobe 

Under £120

Luxury Bathrobe

Let’s stick with this lounging theme for a second and talk about luxury bathrobes. 

An underrated piece of kit, a bathrobe is sleek, sophisticated and oh so comfortable. The angels caressing his SAXX-clad balls will start to weep with envy at his level of comfort in his new bathrobe chosen by you. 

And where better to pick up this luxury gift than one of our favourite brands: Calvin Klein. The cotton terry, shawl neck bathrobe is perfect for throwing on after a quick shower or  lounging around in on your day off.

4. Designer fragrance/aftershave

Under £100

Designer fragrance

Now it’s time to get him smelling great - and there’s no better way than with a designer men’s fragrance. 

We particularly love the classic Polo Cologne Intense from Ralph Lauren. Updated for the modern-era it has a fresh intensity of grapefruit and cooling sage, balanced by the signature smooth tones of intense patchouli.

It is the sort of fragrance that will carry your man through the whole day, crisp enough for daytime wear but with richer ones for evening.

5. Designer loungewear 

Under £250

Designer Loungwear

We’re back on familiar ground here, because it’s honestly impossible to recommend designer loungewear without shouting about Derek Rose.

All of its products are crafted from the very finest materials - our favourite being ultra-fine modal cotton for the softest feel that money can buy. Cross a mole’s silky fur with a freshly moisturised baby’s bum and you’re in the right ballpark here. 

He’ll lounge at ease in just about ANYTHING Derek Rose, so go ahead and pick him up a comfy treat.  

6. Designer shoes

Under £500

Designer shoes

We’re getting into fancy territory here. We want our fella looking his best, so it’s time to kit him out in the finest shoes for a day in the office or a night on the town. 

And we’d look no further than a pair of sleek and suave Oxford shoes. These particular Wright Oxfords by Barker are definitely a winner because they combine a sleek design in real leather, with a little bit of added grip, which is perfect for an all-purpose Oxford.  

7. A designer jacket

Under £500

Designer jacket

When you’re talking about designer jackets, you need look no further than Barbour. It makes some quality jackets at affordable prices (for the quality of materials and construction used!) and have become a British fashion institution since 1894. 

And nothing says ‘classic’ Barbour better than their Beacon Sports waxed jacket. Cut in a slimmer fit and crafted from Barbour’s signature medium-weight cotton, finished with a waterproof wax coating and a glorious olive hue, this jacket will be your guy’s new best friend whether he’s hopping around town or hitting the countryside for some R&R. 

8. A designer suit

Under £1000

Designer suit

Ho boy, now we’re cookin’ with gas. 

Nothing looks better on a man than a quality suit (except quality socks and pants, of course!) and there’s really only one place to look for the modern man: Hugo Boss. 

Hugo Boss is steeped in tailoring history and has been making some of the best suits around for years. This slim fit blue suit in a textured, pure new wool serge, will accentuate the masculine form and make our guy feel like James Bond (or any other all-male hero he likes to channel).. 

9. A designer watch

Under £10,000

Designer Watch

Obviously, no designer suit is complete without a luxury designer watch to accompany it. Now, if you’re dropping this amount of cash on a gift, we’d recommend taking the man with you so that he can choose the watch that suits him best. But, if you want our advice, go Omega. 

No one makes luxury watches like the Swiss and Omega watches are no exception. Particularly stylish is their Seamaster range which offer perfect masculine styling and push the spirit of adventure - these watches are all waterproof up to at least 150m, so get your man in that shark cage and go adventuring with his new Seamaster watch. 

10. A luxury car…

Under £1,000,000

Luxury Car

Ok, we admit it… this has all been a ploy to get you to turn your fella into the next James Bond. So, what better way to round out the list than with the crème de la crème of luxury cars: the Aston Martin DB5. 

So… it’s pretty difficult to pick up one of these bad boys (and they won’t come equipped with all of the gadgets necessary for a Bond adventure), but we can all dream, can’t we?

So, what are the best designer gifts for men?

Well, we may be a little biased here, but truly, nothing has stood the test of time or brought joy to more feet or balls than a brand new pair of pants or socks. 

Not only will you not be spending all of your life savings on a luxury gift, you’ll be giving the man in your life something that he’ll want to wear. Every. Day. 

No more looking for the ‘good pair’ of pants or socks. No more complaining that he really should get out and update his underwear drawer. Get him a subscription with Pants&Socks and he’ll be good to go. 

Sure, he won’t be James Bond… but the next best thing isn’t bad: a happy man!

For more info on selecting the perfect pair of pants or socks for the man in your life, be sure to check out the other articles on our extensive Below The Belt Blog and catch us next time for more quality content, below the belt.