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Socks with white trainers

What Socks to Wear with White Trainers

Ahh...  there’s no better feeling than slipping bright, clean, boxfresh white trainers onto your feet. Where black or brown shoes are seen as more formal, sensible options, and patterned sports shoes show the funkier side of your personality, white trainers are classic footwear that can be teamed with almost anything. They are hugely versatile and absolutely timeless. 

But what socks should you be wearing to compliment them? 

Now that’s the real question isn’t it? You’ve sorted your shoe choice, but you have no idea what socks to pair with them. Do you double down on the white? Do you contrast with black? Do you opt for an ankle or no-show sock to draw attention back to the shoe, or do you truly clash with an out-there pattern guaranteed to draw looks from passers-by?

Well, don’t you worry about it! We are on hand to ease your sock-related worries and talk you through exactly the types of socks you should be wearing with white trainers. 

Choosing socks to wear with white trainers

There are three things to consider when choosing socks to pair with your white trainers: colour, style and length. 

Many would argue that all you need is a pair of white three quarter length socks (trouser socks in modern parlance) - it is the absolute classic - but in truth, so much also depends on the outfit you are wearing.


The colour of your sock is important to consider as it will either compliment or clash with your choice of outfit or footwear. As white is a very versatile choice for shoe colour, there are no colours that can’t be paired with it - so what you must consider here is the rest of your outfit…. 


Next to colour, the style of sock is the most important thing to consider. While many colours can be paired with white trainers, it wouldn’t make much sense to pair your sleek white trainers with a thick pair of hiking socks - you most likely won’t be wearing your white trainers out on a lengthy walk! The style of sock you choose should tie into the occasion you’re wearing the shoes to, and the outfit you're pairing them with.

For example, you may be wearing white trainers in environments that are formal, casual or sporting. So choose your socks to match these and your outfits for each. 


Finally, the length of your sock should be considered. No-show socks are designed to remove the sock from view, so the colour for these won’t matter. But if your preference is for socks that sit at the mid-calf, then you’ll definitely need to think about the colour, style and design of your chosen sock. 

Best socks to wear with white trainers

So, while white trainers are extremely versatile and can be effectively paired with a wide variety of incredible socks, here are some of our top picks to pull off the most iconic and stylish looks. 

1. Tommy Hilfiger Iconic socks

Tommy Hilfiger Iconic socks

Slipping on your white shoes for a game of basketball or tennis? You’ll want to slip on a pair of these babies. They are designed to sit mid-calf and were inspired by classic sporting designs, featuring a global stripe in the welt for the iconic look. 

Crafted with soft cotton, these are the perfect choice of sock to stay comfortable on the court, compliment your sportswear AND, most importantly, perfectly compliment your white trainers with a classic and stylish look. And why stick just to sporting outfits? Combine these with a casual pair of jeans and you’re more than good to go. These are perhaps the most versatile socks on this list, which is why they take pole position.  

And what’s more, if you prefer a shorter length ankle sock, Tommy Hilfiger still has you covered with these Iconic Sneaker socks. 

2. BOSS Edward socks

BOSS Edward socks

If white socks just aren’t your thing and you’re going for either a casual or slightly more formal outfit with your white shoes, then you absolutely can’t go wrong with these BOSS Edward socks. 

Stitched from bamboo viscose, they’re perhaps some of the most comfortable, breathable and soft socks that you can slip on your feet. Couple this with a minimalist and stylish design in pure black that can be worn to reach your mid-calf, these socks won’t draw attention away from the stars of the show: your white shoes and accompanying outfit. 

3. Puma Footie Unisex socks

Puma Footie Unisex socks

Now if you REALLY want your shoes to be the star of the show, then you should opt for these no-show Footies by Puma. 

They can be paired with either trousers or shorts and, due to the fact that they are designed to remain hidden beneath the lip of the shoe, they shouldn’t be seen!

To that end, these socks are the perfect choice. They’re plain, they’re very reasonably priced, good quality no-show socks. ‘Nuff said. 

4. Happy Socks Men’s Stripe socks

Happy Socks Men’s Stripe socks

If you’re after a pair of socks with panache, then look no further than Happy Socks.

They’re vibrant, versatile, comfortable and incredibly happy (hence the name, of course)! These socks will definitely stand out against a white trainer, but that’s the point. These socks exist to put a smile on your face - and the faces of those who get to observe their glory. So, a pair of white trainers and casual jeans provides the perfect blank canvas on which to display the creative genius and spark that is these socks. 

What socks will you wear?

So, you’ve got your white trainers ready, yes? What socks will you choose to pair with them?

Are you keeping it casual today? BOSS’s Edward socks provide the perfect understated - yet comfortable - pair of socks to combine with your look. Indeed, these will also suit a more formal outfit, so embrace the versatility. 

Slipping them on for some sports? Then Puma’s Footies are the way to go. They will remain out of sight and out of mind, reliably doing their job in the background, while keeping the spotlight on your killer footwear as you play. 

Want to be out there and playful with your style? Choose Happy Socks and unleash your creativity, bringing happiness to the world with your crazy clashing socks. 

And for pure versatility, you can NEVER go wrong with some classic, white, mid-calf socks. And Tommy Hilfiger’s Iconic socks more than fit the bill. 

For more sock-related tips, tricks and news, be sure to keep up with our Below the Belt Blog. Now, get out there, show off those pearly whites and enjoy your newfound knowledge! 

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