Most Comfortable Socks for Men in 2024

When choosing a new pair of socks, there’s one thing to bear in mind above anything else: comfort.

We know all too well that a poorly chosen pair of socks can genuinely ruin your day. They will be irritating. They will be uncomfortable. They will make your day much harder than it needs to be.

A great pair of socks is designed to provide comfort and protection for your feet, while remaining durable and resilient. Of course, the length and material of your socks play a very large role in their overall comfort, but most often, comfort comes down to personal preference. And given that there are SO MANY individuals out there, it can be quite difficult to go about choosing the right pair of socks for you.

Some people feel the cold far more than others, so prefer a thicker, more insulating sock. Others find that their feet get a little sweaty and need socks that are breathable and great at wicking sweat. Still others lead very active lifestyles, thus favouring greater durability in their sock. Yet there are those (especially during the Pandemic) who would favour a dependable sock for lounging about the house and remaining comfortable on video calls, as their top half is suited-up and their bottom half remains in their pants.

Personal preference can be incredibly varied.

But, I hear you ask: what are the most comfortable socks? Honestly, it depends entirely on what you will be doing when wearing your socks. It’s no good wearing expensive cashmere socks to play football in - not only will you ruin the socks, but your feet will overheat. You will certainly suffer the consequences of your questionable decision making.

So, to help you in this arduous decision-making process, to help you find the most comfortable socks for you, we have prepared this handy guide, full of our top picks and based on various categories.

Our 8 most comfortable socks

BOSS Edward

Most comfortable for everyday casual wear

BOSS Edward Socks for men 2021

BOSS Edward socks are excellent everyday workhorses for one simple reason: they’re made from bamboo. 

Yes, other than feeding Giant Pandas, bamboo is an outstanding material for socks. It’s extremely soft, very durable, and highly sustainable (so great for any environmentalists out there). Oh, it has antibacterial properties as well, so it’s great at combating and preventing any nasty odours, making them perfect for long days of wear while you’re out and about. 

Moreover, bamboo is an excellent breathable material that’s capable of wicking sweat, so those long days definitely won’t take a toll on your feet as they will stay drier and cooler.

These are a big favourite at Pants & Socks HQ.

Calvin Klein Eric

Most comfortable socks for the office

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Eric Socks for men 2021

When it comes to office wear, most of us opt for something understated with a little bit of class. These socks don’t need to be a thick material, as you’ll be in a temperature-regulated space (we hope) and you won’t be on your feet all day, so intense durability isn’t so much an issue. 

Calvin Klein’s Eric socks are made of extremely comfortable soft cotton for a soft, yet breathable trouser sock. They come in a variety of muted colours with a form-fitting design and include minimal branding - for the office (much like Batman) we prefer them to come in black.

Polo Ralph Lauren Active Slack

Most comfortable socks for lounging

Polo Ralph Lauren Active Slack Socks for men 2021

These Active Slack socks from Polo Ralph Lauren are perfect socks for lazy days about the house. Their cotton blend material is comfortable, durable enough to get you through loads of loafing, and only slightly elastic to provide a comfortable, yet non-restrictive fit. 

Finished with Polo’s signature embroidered polo player, these socks are guaranteed to add a splash of style to your lounging days, whilst bringing comfort to your weary feet. They come in a variety of colours too, so there’s options for every preference.

Puma Sport

Most comfortable socks for sports

Puma Sport 3 Pack for men 2021

Not only are these Puma Sport socks perfect for thrashing up and down the court or pitch, they’re also very budget-friendly. It’s always good to get the most out of your hard-earned cash.

Their soft cotton is (as the name suggests) soft enough for comfort, but also durable, breathable, and well-fitting. Puma have also designed them with a flat-toe seam for added durability and a cushioned sole for extra long sporting stints without compromising on comfort for your feet. 

If you’re a sportsman, we’d suggest stocking up on at least 3 pairs of these excellent sporting socks.

FALKE Walkie Light

Most comfortable socks for hiking

FALKE Walkie Light Socks for men 2021

FALKE’s Walkie Light socks are fantastic for those looking to add some truly luxurious socks to their drawer. These are excellent socks for lengthy rambles through the countryside or hikes through the most rugged terrain the UK has to offer, whilst being the final word in quality.

Why? They’re made from Merino wool. A bit of a ‘wonder wool’ (tell me I’m not the only one hearing Oasis right now), wool fibres from Merino sheep are much finer than most other types of wool, resulting in a truly soft, yet lightweight and extremely breathable material. Indeed, FALKE takes great pride in these climate-regulating socks. They perform in all climates - hot or cold - and they’re also extremely durable, provided you look after them properly. 

Basically, they’re highly versatile, with a slightly cushioned sole, making them perfect for longer walks and getting out and about in the countryside where comfort is key. A big favourite at Pants and Socks HQ and those looking for true luxury from their walking socks.

BOSS Regular

Most comfortable socks for formal occasions

 BOSS 2 Pack Regular Socks for men 2021

Nothing says understated style like BOSS. This 2-pack of BOSS Regular socks is perfect for those smarter occasions where less really is more. 

They’re made from durable blended cotton, which provides durability and comfort while remaining form-fitting. The BOSS logo is also very understated and only visible to the sharpest eyes, who certainly won’t turn their noses up at such a well-respected brand. 

Common stress zones are reinforced for dependable support throughout numerous wears at fancy occasions, while the black is sure to compliment any suit and shoe combination.

French Connection 3 Pack

Most comfortable socks on a budget

French Connection 3 Pack Socks for men 2021

These French Connection 3 Pack socks are definitely the socks for you if you’re looking to top up your sock drawer on a budget without compromising on quality and comfort. 

They’re made of durable soft-knit cotton and come in a variety of understated colours to blend with almost any outfit. 

Nice and simple, easy-does-it everyday socks. Can’t go wrong.

Anything by Happy Socks

Most comfortable socks for making a statement

Happy Socks Big Dot Socks

We mean it - anything by Happy Socks. Because it’s impossible to choose a favourite. 

If you’re looking for a pair of socks to add some colourful flare to your outfit (or, better yet, contrast with almost anything you could possibly wear), then these socks are guaranteed to get you noticed and start a conversation. 

Ever wanted fried eggs on your feet? There’s a pair for that. Huge polka-dots? Yep. 

Happy Socks prides itself on spreading joy and happiness through socks - traditionally one of the most mundane items of clothing. And we are in total support.

If you’re looking to make a statement, then look no further.

So, what is the most comfortable sock?

Hopefully you understand by now that this is a question with many, MANY possible answers depending on the individual. Which leads us to the logical conclusion that there is, in fact, no single ‘most comfortable sock’.  

To take advice from our Sage of Socks, the venerable Pantsman, who loves all of his children equally: “The most comfortable sock? Why, it’s the sock that best suits your deepest need in any given situation. It is possible to choose the wrong sock. But the right sock will fill your day with joy and lead you to a more fulfilled existence.”

We rarely give enough thought to the companions of our feet: the humble sock. But for any of us who have indeed had the misfortune to experience the ‘wrong’ socks, we know that they can make your day a whole lot worse. 

So, we’d better take his advice and think carefully about what we’ll be doing on any given day in order to experience the elusive ‘most comfortable sock’ to suit our needs. Our feet deserve to be treated well, so why compromise on comfort?