Derek Rose Underwear Review: Boxers, Trunks, Hipsters & More

If you’re looking for underwear that never compromises on quality and always aims for the pinnacle of luxury, then you need to learn more about Derek Rose.

Since 1926, this family-run British brand has hand-picked only the most luxurious, high-quality fabrics to create its products that reflect their philosophy of: feel-good living. Whether it’s time spent alone, with friends or with family, Derek Rose understands that your free time is special. With that in mind, it uses its rich heritage, impressive manufacturing skills and commitment to quality to create products that enhance these special moments - keeping you looking and feeling great. 

Specialising in loungewear, sleepwear and underwear, Derek Rose values comfort, quality and impeccable craftsmanship above everything else. Sound good? Then get ready to learn more about this luxury brand and dive into our Derek Rose underwear review. 

The history of Derek Rose underwear

Originally founded in 1926 by Jack Lewis Rose (Derek Rose’s father), Derek Rose is a British-based family business specialising in enhancing the moments that matter through the creation of luxury garments - loungewear, sleepwear and, of course, underwear. 

Derek Rose himself didn’t join his father’s business until 1953. After a few ups and downs the company as we know it today came into being in 1975, when Derek bought a business that also had a manufacturing base in Congleton, Cheshire. 

The 1980s and 1990s were a period of rapid, international growth. The company targeted only the finest stores and was eventually available in 45 countries around the world. In recognition of this,  in 1987 the company was presented with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export Achievement.

Derek Rose and his daughter, Nancy Rose-Pagani, ran the business until 2003, when Sacha, Derek’s son, took over. Since then, the company has steadily evolved, developing more categories of clothing focused around helping people enjoy their free time. The company opened its first store in 2016 in Notting Hill, London followed by a second in 2018, in Knightsbridge, London.

To this day, Derek Rose is still family owned and continues to bring luxury to its loyal customers around the world, designing its products with a function-first philosophy - customer need is at the heart of the design process, creating garments that feel good before making them look fantastic. 

Speaking of products, let’s jump into the heart of the matter and take a closer look at the range of Derek Rose products that we stock at Pants&Socks.

Derek Rose underwear review currently stocks three different kinds of Derek Rose underwear, so let’s investigate each in turn, discussing the fit, fabric, design and more as we go. Let’s get into it:


Derek Rose Trunks

The perfect mid-point between boxer briefs and traditional briefs, trunks combine the incredible support of both underwear types with a leg length that sits across the top of the thigh - perfect for preventing any uncomfortable bunching that can occur with longer-leg boxer briefs. Trunks are designed to fit close to your skin, snugly sitting over it with no baggy areas - and no tight areas either. 

Derek Rose’s Jack trunks are no exception, combining the classic trunk design with their quality choice of fabric and understated chic style - available in three colours (black, white and navy), while the waistband features a subtle Derek Rose logo in the centre as the rest of the band blends into the colour of the fabric. 

Crafted from a blend of 92% pima cotton and 8% elastane, these trunks are designed with superior fit in mind - the material combines the perfect amount of both elastic stretch, durability and softness to keep you feeling comfortable all day long. 

Pima cotton is an excellent choice for crafting underwear, too. Classified as an ‘extra-long staple cotton’, pima cotton is primarily produced in the US and sits alongside Egyptian cotton in terms of quality. The lengthy fibres produce a fabric that is both luxuriously soft and incredibly strong, making it the perfect choice for underwear. Meanwhile, the elastane in the blend provides that subtle amount of stretch to keep the fit nice and snug against your skin and supportive where it counts. 

In terms of pricing, Derek Rose aren’t the cheapest, with these Jack trunks coming in at £35 per pair. This is, of course, due to Derek Rose’s specialist craftsmanship and the quality of the materials they use. But you certainly get what you pay for. 


Derek Rose Hipsters

Hipsters, aesthetically speaking, are almost identical to trunks in how they look in the drawer. They have the same leg length and styling plus the other benefits of trunks, such as support for your package. But there’s one crucial difference in the fit at the waistband.

Hipsters are designed to sit below your natural waist - as the name suggests, at your hips. Trunks, however, are designed to sit higher - at your natural waist. If you have a flat stomach and some rippling abs, hipsters certainly play to your strengths, revealing more of your midriff and allowing you to show off your hard work. They’re also perfect for wearing underneath low-rise trousers and shorts, where the waistband of trunks would stick out over the tops of these articles. 

Our collection of Derek Rose hipsters is more diverse than that of the trunks. While the fabric construction of most Derek Rose hipsters is micro modal cotton blended with elastane, the designs and colours available are rich and varied - Derek Rose separates these styles into different named varieties of hipster: the Alex, the Ethan, the Jack (styled similarly to the Jack trunks). 

Otherwise, they also produce the classic Derek Rose hipsters and Pima Cotton hipsters (in pima cotton, naturally), with a repeated geometric pattern on the waistband. Finally, they have a geometric collection, featuring contemporary geometric patterning all over: the Diamond, the Hexagon and the Square

While many of the hipsters featured in our collection are constructed from a pima cotton and elastane blend like the Jack trunks above, several hipsters are also crafted from a micro modal cotton and elastane blend. Micro modal is considered a more eco-friendly alternative to standard cotton, spun from the fibres of beech tree cellulose. With a softness comparable to silk and the strength and durability to keep it feeling fresh after hundreds of wears, modal is a perfect material for crafting underwear - evident when you slip on a pair of Derek Rose hipsters. 

 Both the hipsters and trunks from Derek Rose are more than suitable for everyday wear due to their supportive properties. Prices for Derek Rose hipsters range between £35 and £50 per pair depending on the style you choose. But once again, the premium price points are certainly worth it. 

Boxer shorts 

Derek Rose Boxer shorts

Very different to the trunks and hipsters, we have a range of boxer shorts available from Derek Rose. Deliberately designed with a looser fit in mind, boxer shorts are the perfect pair of pants to lounge or sleep in, valuing comfort and breathability over support. 

Derek Rose boxer shorts come at 3 price points:

The Gingham, Savoy, Amalfi and James boxers come in at £40 per pair. They each have a different, subtle patterning or colour offering, from cornflower blue to white. Each is crafted from Batiste cotton which is also known as mercerised cotton, and named for the French weaver, Jean Batiste. The material  is a plain weave linen fabric that has a slight sheen on the surface thanks to the mercerisation process. It’s lightweight, breathable and incredibly soft to the touch - the perfect material for making boxer shorts. 

Meanwhile, we have the Classic Fit boxer shorts available at £45 per pair in both plain and subtly patterned styles, providing a more relaxed and even looser fit for added comfort. 

Finally, coming in at £50 per pair, we have the pastel striped Amalfi boxer shorts and the Nelson 84, Nelson 86 and Nelson 87 boxer shorts. The Nelson showcases more playful geometric, floral and cherry based designs, while the Amalfi in pastel stripes provides easily the most colourful item in our Derek Rose collection. 

All of Derek Rose’s boxer shorts feature an elastic waistband and two-button fly for easy access. The quality more than makes up for the increased price - why not give them a try and see if you agree..?

Try Derek Rose underwear

And that’s a wrap for our review of Derek Rose’s luxurious underwear for men. Whether it’s hipsters, trunks or boxer shorts, Derek Rose never compromises on quality and it truly earns its premium price tags. With top of the range materials like pima cotton and mercerised cotton at its disposal, you know you are buying a little bit of luxury.

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