STANCE Socks Review: Everything You Need to Know

We love cool socks. 

You slip a pair of fresh, cool, fun socks on your feet and your day just gets better. You get looks, compliments… you feel great all-round. It’s surprising just how much the little details can make a difference. 

And that’s exactly why we’re here today. 

STANCE has ‘embraced the uncommon thread’ and turned socks into an accessory to get excited about. STANCE has breathed new life into the humble sock - and people have taken notice. It now has a range of wearers spanning athletes to performers and everyone in between - a group they affectionately call ‘Punks and Poets’, who endorse the STANCE sock. From golf pro, ‘Bubba’ Watson to superstar, Rihanna, millions worldwide are singing the praises of STANCE.

But is it time for you to join the fold? 

Well, we’re here to help you decide with our comprehensive STANCE socks review - everything you need to know about STANCE and what makes it the next big thing in socks. 

The history of STANCE

Founded in 2009 in sunny San Clemente, California, STANCE exists to draw attention to socks. 

Specifically, athletic, performance socks. 

The brainchild of Jeff Kearl, John Wilson, Aaron Hennings, Ryan Kingman and Taylor Shupe, these original founders saw an opportunity to address a category of fashion they felt had been overlooked by many brands and the majority of the industry - and they pounced.

STANCE now ships over 15million pairs of socks every year - that’s what we call growth!

STANCE’s people live by 5 core values: entrepreneurship, creativity, performance, personal responsibility and gratitude. 

They stay humble, take calculated risks and make big moves - leading to wild success. This is success that is built on quality and trust. 

While STANCE manufactures items other than socks now, it still applies the same level of commitment to quality to the construction of its socks as it did at the start. They actually hired a rocket scientist to join the R&D team. But innovation isn’t a gimmick for STANCE - it’s everyday life. 

Underpinning its creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, STANCE has ensured that its socks can now be found in over 40 countries, on the feet of those who dare to be different. 

So, do you dare?

STANCE Socks review

Stance The Batman

We’ve got an exciting range of STANCE socks in stock at Pants&Socks - and each pair is crafted to the same exacting standards. 

With the majority constructed from a precise blend of 77% combed cotton, 14% polyester, 6% nylon and 3% elastane, STANCE socks are built for both comfort and endurance. 

The polyester and nylon components are perfect for increasing the endurance of the already naturally strong combed cotton. While nylon is actually stronger than polyester, this blend was engineered with your comfort in mind - as nylon is useless at absorbing moisture (those who get sweaty feet will understand). 

The elastane adds that touch of stretch that you need in every good pair of socks. This isn’t just to provide the stretch to get your foot into the sock - it’s to provide the tension for the material to constrict back into its original shape and provide a closer, more natural fit on your foot. 

Finally, combed cotton is just an all-round excellent material for sock-manship. It has all the features of regular cotton - durability, breathability, moisture absorbency - but it’s a whole lot softer and stronger. This superior softness is achieved by treating the cotton fibres before they’re spun into yarn. Sure, this means that it’s more expensive, but it’s absolutely worth every penny. 

Now, let’s get onto the socks themselves...

What makes STANCE socks special?

Aside from the brand’s commitment to quality materials? Well, it’s two things: the fit and the look. 

1. The fit of the socks

The fit of STANCE socks is exceptional for one main reason: STANCE ensures that every sock manufactured provides an anatomical fit. Simply put, each sock actually has a designated right or left foot that it belongs on. 

While you certainly can wear each sock in a pair on either foot, you’ll feel the difference when you slip the left sock on the left foot and the right sock on your right foot. Combine that anatomical fit with strategically reinforced stress zones at the ball, heel and toes - you’ve got one great fitting pair of socks. 

And that applies to every pair of STANCE socks. 

2. The look of the socks

Just look at these things! Even the plain colours look stylish thanks to tactical application of horizontal stripes around the cuff. Blue, grey, khaki, black, white, orange… all the essential colours are there.

You can also find intriguing geometric patterns on some variants that hark to South American or Native American iconography. 

But the real draws are STANCE’s more unique pieces. 

Have you ever wanted the Notorious B.I.G or Tupac on your quality socks? Well, now you can have them! STANCE pays homage to these greats with a ‘Resurrected’ range. 

Are you a Marvel fan? Well, you can have STANCE socks that proudly display the distinct, striking Marvel logo. Mightier than the Mighty Thor and more fashionable than Dr. Strange. Excelsior!

Offended by Marvel? Prefer DC? Then grab yourself a pair of socks with the Dark Knight himself taking centre stage! Become the night!

And of course, these daring and salient socks maintain the exacting standards found in every pair of STANCE socks. 

Naturally, you can guess that we’d recommend each and every pair. They’re sock-tastic.

Try STANCE socks

Stance Tupac Resurrected

And there we have it - a deep dive into exactly what you can expect when you pick up a pair of STANCE socks with us at Pants&Socks. With their anatomical fit, superior materials, bold designs and striking superstars to be found on a range of pairs, STANCE’s socks are one-of-a-kind.

So, take some quality time - explore our range of STANCE socks, grab a pair or two to treat yourself and see what makes them so great. 

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After all, here at Pants&Socks, it’s 100% your socks, your way, your rules. 

So, are you ready to join the STANCE crew of ‘Punks and Poets’? We certainly are!