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Best Socks for Men in 2023

Best Socks for Men in 2023

We’ve all done it. We’re all guilty. We’ve all chosen a truly terrible pair of socks. A pair that have developed holes after the very first wear. A pair that itches due to low-quality materials. A pair that just won’t stay up. What a nightmare…

A bad pair of socks is capable of… well, maybe not ruining your day, but almost certainly making your day a lot worse than it needs to be. A bad pair of socks is incredibly frustrating and bothersome. To cut a long story short, a bad pair of socks belongs in only one place: the bin (or sent away so that the material can be reused and recycled - let’s be environmentally conscious, shall we?).

However, a great pair of socks is a thing of beauty and wonder. The best socks for men are designed to provide comfort and protection for your feet, while remaining durable and resilient in their own right. The length and material of your socks play a huge role in their overall comfort, as does the fit. But most often, what may be considered the very best sock comes entirely down to your personal preference. And given that there are such a vast number of individual persons in the world, choosing the very best sock FOR YOU can be challenging - and chasing the best sock is a pastime that’s often overlooked.

So, rather than struggle alone and in vain, we at Pants and Socks have had the foresight (with the help of our Sage of Socks, the Pantsman) to compile this helpful guide to assist you in your noble quest for the very BEST men’s socks.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our gorgeous line-up of quality socks. 

Our top 10 best men’s socks

  1. BOSS Edward (Best all-rounder)
  2. Calvin Klein Eric (For the office)
  3. Polo Ralph Lauren Active Slack (For a lazy day)
  4. FALKE Walkie Light (For explorers who enjoy luxury)
  5. Puma Sport (For sportsmen)
  6. Tommy Hilfiger Iconic Sneaker (For a combo with shorts)
  7. Puma Footie (Best no-show)
  8. French Connection 3 Pack (On a budget)
  9. Any socks by GANT (For stripe-lovers)
  10. Any socks by Happy Socks (For making a statement)

1. BOSS Edward

Best all-rounder socks

BOSS Edward Socks 2021

BOSS Edward socks are excellent everyday workhorses and our choice for the best ‘all-round’ socks for men in 2022. 

This is for one reason and one reason only: they’re made from bamboo viscose material. 

That’s right, you heard correctly. Bamboo.

Bamboo is one of the very best materials for socks. It’s extremely soft, durable, and highly sustainable (so great for any environmentalists out there). It’s not JUST the best gourmet food for your favourite Giant Panda.  

If you have consistent problems with bad foot odours, don’t worry about it - bamboo socks have you covered! Bamboo has natural, antibacterial properties that actively combat odour-causing bacteria. So, say goodbye to stinky feet (Let’s face it - we’ve all been there, haven’t we..?)!

Bamboo is a very breathable material as well, that’s capable of wicking sweat. That means that long days definitely won’t take a toll on your feet - in fact, if your feet could talk, we bet that they’d thank you for being able to stay drier and cooler for longer.

It’s probably a good thing that feet can’t talk though. Just imagine what they’d come out with...

To cut a long story short, these are truly excellent socks, so be sure to add at least one bamboo pair to your 2022 collection. You certainly won’t regret it - and neither will your hard-working feet.

2. Calvin Klein Eric

Best socks for the office

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Eric Socks 2021

We all need some go-to socks to slip on for a day at the office or for general business. This 3 pack of Eric Socks is sure to help you out in a pinch and save you the time of rifling through your sock drawer trying to decide what to wear.

They’re soft cotton, so guaranteed to keep your feet comfortable all day (unless your office happens to be at the top of a mountain) and come in attractive, understated designs and colours to blend in with any business wear. 

They add a touch of class with a hint of Calvin Klein branding just below the elastic neck and, to ensure they blend effectively, we’d recommend going for black - you can’t go wrong with a decent pair of black socks. 

These socks are affordable quality in a convenient pack of 3 to keep you going at the office and everywhere in between. An excellent pick.

3. Polo Ralph Lauren Active Slack

Best socks for a lazy day

Polo Ralph Lauren Active Slack Socks 2021

Let’s face it, the last year hasn’t exactly been kind and it has led to a lot more of us having a lot more lazy days stuck inside the house. Not many people like to go barefoot, so here’s the perfect pair for a lazy day!

These Active Slack socks from Polo Ralph Lauren are great for home-wear. They’re super comfortable, durable enough to get you through loads of lazy days, and only slightly elastic to provide a non-restrictive fit. We wouldn’t recommend wearing these socks for a day of sports as they’d be liable to slip down your feet. But for lounging about the house? Perfecto. 

Finished with Polo’s signature embroidered pony, these socks are guaranteed to add a splash of style to your lazy days. They come in a variety of colours too, so there’s options for every preference.

4. FALKE Walkie Light

Best socks for explorers who enjoy luxury

FALKE Walkie Light Socks 2021

If you’re a fan of a long excursion or going off on an impromptu adventure, FALKE Walkie Light socks are the best socks you can get. Not only are these are excellent socks for lengthy rambles through the countryside or hikes through the most rugged terrain the UK (and more) has to offer, they’re also the final word in luxurious comfort for one important reason:

They’re made from Merino wool - one of the very finest materials out there for crafting superior socks. 

Wool fibres from Merino sheep are much finer than most other types of wool, resulting in a truly soft, yet lightweight and extremely breathable material. These socks are consequently extremely comfortable due to their climate-regulating properties - meaning they’re perfect for warmer or colder weather. This is extremely handy, given that the weather in the UK can turn at the drop of a hat…

These socks are also very, very durable, provided you look after them properly - we wouldn’t recommend machine-washing them. They’ll definitely reward you for it and keep your feet company for many years. 

FALKE Walkies are highly versatile socks. They’re extremely comfortable, made from one of the most luxurious materials out there, engineered for performance, and guaranteed to last. FALKE are one of the very best brands out there.

5. Puma Sport

Best socks for sportsmen

 Puma Sport 3 Pack 2021

These budget-friendly Puma Sport socks are perfect for extended stints on the court or pitch. They’re made from soft cotton for a truly comfortable feel, but they’re also durable enough to handle whatever you throw at them.

They’re designed to be breathable, and well-fitting - so, exactly what you need if you’re a sports nut! They have a flat-toe seam for added durability and a cushioned sole for extra long sporting stints without compromising comfort - after all, comfort is key.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Iconic Sneaker

Best ankle socks for a combo with shorts

Tommy Hilfiger 2 Pack Iconic Sneaker Socks 2021

These Iconic Sneaker socks by Tommy Hilfiger make a fantastic combo with almost any pair of shorts or shoes. It’s definitely a great idea to have at least one pair of ankle socks in your collection and these are our pick.  

They’re made of soft cotton, which (as we should know by now) is a great material combining strength, durability and comfort for a long-lasting sock. They have a reinforced sole, so they’re well-engineered for longer days out and about and, let’s face it, they look pretty sexy and come in a variety of understated colours. 

The sports-inspired design is extremely versatile and sure to match whatever summer outfit you’re putting together, so these are definitely a must-have for your summer sock drawer.

7. Puma Footie

Best no-show socks

Puma Footie 3 Pack Unisex 2021

No-show socks have 2 main jobs: be comfortable and be invisible. These Footie Unisex socks from Puma fulfill both of these briefs - and they manage it at a great price.

No-show socks aren’t designed to be bright and colourful. They’re designed to blend into your shoe and, ideally, never be seen. That means there’s no need to worry about expensive branding or trying to make any kind of statement with these. You want comfortable, reliable socks. And Puma delivers. 

They’re soft cotton, with a durable and irritation-free flat toe seam, and include a reliable elastic band around the neck to ensure the most secure of fits. 

A great choice to add to your summer sock collection.

8. French Connection 3 Pack

Best socks on a budget

French Connection 3 Pack Socks 2021

These French Connection 3 Pack socks are perfect for anyone looking to expand their sock drawer without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. 

They’re made of durable soft-knit cotton and come in a variety of understated colours to ensure that they blend with any outfit. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend that you thrash about in them too much on the pitch or head off on a long hike wearing these, they’re great for day-to-day wear and won’t let you down. 

You really can’t go wrong with this triple pack of quality socks for just £8. It’s one of the best deals out there.

9. Anything by GANT

Best socks for stripe-lovers

GANT 2 Pack Striped Socks

Our GANT collection at Pants and Socks is just loaded with stripes. All colours and thicknesses of stripe - if you’re a stripe man, then GANT has you more than covered. 

They’re all made of high-quality soft cotton blends for comfort and durability, and perfectly display another benefit of cotton as a sock material - you can really experiment with colours as cotton holds it so well. 

For a thinner stripe look, try these regular GANT Striped Socks. For a very classic, mid-thickness stripe, check out this reliable 2 Pack.

Basically, if you want stripes, then GANT has you more than covered. But don’t take our word for it - take a look at the whole GANT sock collection BELOW. 

10. Anything by Happy Socks

Best socks for making a statement

Happy Socks Big Dot Socks

Happy Socks were designed with one goal in mind: spreading joy through the humble sock. 

And we’re very pleased to say that they’ve achieved this most noble goal!

Every single pair of socks by Happy Socks is a statement piece, whether you’re looking for something with a slightly more traditional polka-dot or stripe pattern, or you want something far more zany and out-there to strike up a conversation about your socks!

Ever wanted fried eggs on your feet? There’s a pair for that.

How about a pizza? They’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to make a statement, then look no further than Happy Socks. They’re the best at what they do and we can’t help but love their craziness.

So, what are the best socks for men in 2022?

Honestly, there is no single answer to this question. What we’ve provided here is merely the start of a journey that runs far deeper into the world of socks. There are so many brands. So many materials. So many styles to consider… it’s truly impossible to choose one, single, undisputed King of Socks. 

What does it come down to then?

Personal preference, of course.

If you’re more active, then we’d suggest researching socks that fit with your active lifestyle. You want them to be durable and reliable, as well as comfortable. 

If you’re fashion-conscious, you might want to favour a ‘big-name’ brand like Calvin Klein or BOSS. They both produce extremely high-quality and reliable socks for everyday wear. They’re also fantastic picks for understated class, so they’re both an excellent choice for more formal wear. 

As we’ve said, Happy Socks are our go-to if you want to make a visual statement and get a conversation started about socks.

As for luxury if you have a bit of extra cash to splash - go for FALKE. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to fantastic footwear.

There’s so many options outside the recommendations that we’ve made here, that honestly there is only one answer: take a look at our full range of men's socks, experiment with different socks, different brands, and different styles to find the ones that work best FOR YOU. The bottom line with socks is finding something reliable and comfortable that fits in with your individual lifestyle. 

As the Pantsman frequently states: “Your socks should give you confidence. They should bring you joy, comfort, and make your day better the moment you slip them on. Socks allow you to treat your feet the way they truly deserve.” 

And who are we to argue with the Pantsman? 

We’re all about finding what works best FOR YOU at Pants and Socks, so stay up-to-date with our blog for more helpful hints and tips to truly narrow down the very best socks for you and treat your feet. 

Happy sock hunting!

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