Best Ankle Socks for Men in 2024

A step up from no-show socks, ankle socks are designed to be seen… but only JUST. They’re a little shy, you see, so they only feel comfortable chilling at the ankle rather than climbing higher. 

But that means you get to reap the benefits of both worlds: understated and muted pairing of socks with cropped trousers or shorts and shoes, OR a little splash of visible colour and style to create a clash if you want it. It’s always nice to have options and ankle socks certainly provide that. 

So, we have a sumptuous selection for you today of ankle socks of every ilk. From classic understated class, to more colourful and edgy offerings designed to make a splash. The Pantsman has, once again, taken time out of his immensely busy schedule to advise and guide us through this list - after all, his true calling is to help those in need locate their perfect pants and socks. Here’s another step on that glorious ladder. 

So, get your ankles ready, pull out your fave shoes to prepare them for colour matches, and let’s dive headfirst into the realm of the ankle sock.

Our best men’s ankle socks

Puma Unisex Sneaker

Best budget ankle socks

Puma Unisex Sneaker Plain 3 Pack

Puma is always an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pair of sturdy, reliable, and comfortable socks. Naturally, these Sneakers are no exception to that rule. 

Crafted from soft cotton and with a flat toe seam, they have all of the comfort and durability that you could need from a pair of ankle socks. They come in a pretty wide range of understated colours as well - all in handy 3 packs - so choose the ones that take your fancy the most. 

And they feature the classic Puma logo on the dorsal (top of the foot) surface, so you can flash that when the shoes come off. Otherwise, you can match the colours with your shoes to create blends or clashes as you like. 

And at only £8 for a pack of 3, they’re a bit of a bargain if you’re on a restricted budget for socks. 

BOSS Essential Socks

Best ankle socks for classic style (tie!)

Puma Unisex Sneaker Plain 3 Pack

BOSS calls these ‘Essential’ for a reason, folks. If you’re looking for some high quality ankle socks in a classic black or white finish, then these are the ankle socks you’ve been looking for. Obi-Wan couldn’t even persuade you otherwise. 

Knitted in a supremely soft and sustainable combed cotton blend, these socks were built for lasting comfort. They’ll sit snugly at your ankle and, for those amongst you who love to flash a bit of branding, the BOSS logo is splashed at the band. 

These ankle socks are the go-to socks if you want something understated, classic, and chic to pair with your choses shoes, shorts, or cropped trousers. In black or white, they have all bases covered and are perfect whether you’re going casual or a little more dressy. 

So, as you can see, when they say ‘Essential’, they really do mean it.

Calvin Klein Thomas Liner Socks

Best ankle socks for classic style (tie!)

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Thomas Liner Socks


And who better to tie with BOSS than the other huge name in men’s undergarments: Calvin Klein. 

These Thomas Liners take the tie spot with BOSS’s Essentials as they were designed to fulfil the exact same function. They, too, come in a lovely understated black or white - perfect for casual or dressy pairings. They also have the CK logo positioned at the band for a touch of branded class and a statement of quality. And, to top it off, they also come in a sustainable combed cotton. 

So, honestly, it comes down to which you prefer: BOSS or CK. 

Whichever you choose, these are some quality ankle socks that belong in your sock drawer. Perfect for all occasions, neither can really outdo the other.

Tommy Hilfiger Breton Stripe Sneaker Socks

Best ankle socks for look flexibility

Tommy Hilfiger 2 Pack Breton Stripe Sneaker Socks

If you’ve been on the lookout for some ankle socks with a splash ‘o patterning, then Tommy Hilfiger has you covered with its aptly named Breton Stripe Sneakers. 

With reinforced heel and toe zones, handlinked stitching at the toe for added durability plus another offering of combed cotton for softness, these are every bit as comfortable as the other ankle socks on this list. 

But there are stripes. 

Oh yes, if you want to make a bit more of a stripy statement with your socks, but don’t want to reach the lofty lengths of crew or trouser socks, then these ankle socks are your best bet. In classic white, black, and navy blue, this two pack gives you a bit of a choice: you can either opt for a sleek, plain look, or a fancy striped and logo-laden look. We always like to have a choice, so for the indecisive or those who want that bit of flexibility in a 2 pack of socks, these have you covered.

So what are the best ankle socks for men?

The best ankle socks will be hard-wearing, comfortable, and only just visible above the shoeline. This allows for either an understated and plain, or a slightly more out there and stylish look from your socks that you won’t get from no shows. They’re the perfect bridge between no shows and trouser socks - every man should own a pair or two of ankle socks. 

If you’re on a budget, once again, it’s Puma to the rescue. If you want understated, classic chic sleekness, then it’s BOSS or CK (it’s really up to you as they’re so close to call!). And for a dash of flexibility, turn to Tommy Hilfiger for a 2 pack providing you with plain or striped options for a bit of flair. 

Once again, we’d really recommend reading our sock size guide before you go ahead with a purchase. With socks that sit this low on your leg, it’s imperative that you get the right size. Too tight is uncomfortable, whilst too loose will bunch and slide. You don’t want either of these happening, so make sure you get the socks that are the right size for you. 

To check out the rest of our extensive men’s sock range, take a gander over at our sock homepage, and if you want more info on just how varied socks can be, then check out our article on the breadth of sock types and styles.

Whether you’re going casual or dressy, ankle socks can compliment almost any look. So what’re you waiting for? Grab a pack, you ankle sock-less beast, you!