Best Socks for Hot Weather in 2024

It took a long time coming this year, but the great British summer did finally arrive - and with summer comes longer days and hotter weather. On these much MUCH warmer days, we want to make sure that we’re treating our feet the right way by covering them with the best socks for hot weather

You want socks with material that breathes. You want socks that wick moisture and sweat from your feet. But you still want some soft socks. Socks made from wool, bamboo, modal cotton, polyester, or nylon are all excellent choices for warmer weather. They have great moisture wicking properties and at this time of year, you’ll definitely need them! Moisture is fine when it’s sweat on your open skin, but, in the confines of a tight shoe, moisture may well be your greatest enemy…

Moist feet provide breeding grounds for all manner of bacteria and nasties. Nasties that will make your feet - to put it plainly - stink. And nobody wants stinky feet (especially as foul odours seem to carry that much further on warmer winds - have you ever noticed that?). 

To that end, we’ve once again enlisted the Pantsman to plunge into the icy depths of his Pants & Socks treasure vault to find you the very coolest, sweat and moisture wicky-est, and all round BEST socks for hot weather. Organised by style, we’re sure you’ll find the right socks to pair with your shoes in warmer weather, whether you’re after socks for trainers, boots, or anything in between.

Our best men’s socks for hot weather 

BOSS Edward Socks

Best everyday socks for hot weather

BOSS Edward Socks

We all know BOSS is synonymous with quality. Its German engineering just can’t be beat when it comes to socks and, with its Edward Socks, we’ve found the undisputed kings of the everyday hot weather sock. 

Why? Well, we’ll tell you why: bamboo. 

Yes, BOSS has crafted these super socks from bamboo fibers. Aside from making a tasty and nutritious lunch for Giant Pandas or as a fixture in your next ramen bowl, bamboo also makes a fantastic material for clothing (socks especially) because of its moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties. 

That’s right. Bamboo is exceedingly soft and durable for a comfortable, longer lasting fit. It’s breathable and wicks moisture, which is a serious boon for warmer weather. Oh, and those antimicrobial properties we mentioned? Yeah, it nips microbes in the bud and stops them breeding like… well, microbes.  Bamboo  stops them stinking up your feet and shoes. This means you can enjoy fresher smelling, cooler feeling feet, whilst equipped with a reliable and stylish pair of socks suitable for casual wear, office wear… any wear basically. Oh, and because of their length, they’re also a top choice for pairing with boots - if you do indeed want to don a pair of heavy boots in this heat!

Try some for yourself and you’ll see what we mean - bamboo is the best! 

Yes, for £11 per pair, they are a little higher-end. But trust us: totally worth it. Sock-tastic, you might say.

Calvin Klein No Show Jason Socks

Best no-show socks for hot weather

Calvin Klein 3 Pack Grant Men's Socks

We’ll be honest, the very nature of a no-show’s design makes them a perfect choice as a hot-weather sock. After all, they’re so tiny and cover so little of your foot. 

They’re designed to look as though they aren’t even there. But they are there… so you’ll be needing the best. And Calvin Klein is more than happy to provide. 

These aren’t flashy socks - they don’t need to be, do they? No one is going to see them! Made from a soft cotton blend, they have stretch, durability, and soft comfort where it counts: the sole of your foot. They don’t waste material by allowing them to climb higher than necessary up your leg. Less is definitely more when it comes to staying cool in the heat. 

Their no-show style also allows them to be paired effectively with shorts and shoes of any style. They won’t be drawing attention away from your stylistic choices of foot or legwear until the shoes come off. And if they do, the famous CK logo will be flaunted appropriately to let your audience know that you value a good pair of socks.  

They come in a pack of 3, so it’s easy to stock up, and they come in several understated and classy colours - ain’t no sense in snazzy colours or patterns if the socks are almost never seen, right?

If you’re a fan of no-shows, then you should ensure that you show up and add these to your basket right now. 

Go on. Do it.

Tommy Hilfiger Breton Stripe Quarter Socks

Best ankle socks for hot weather

 Tommy Hilfiger 2 Pack Breton Stripe Quarter Socks

Like no-show socks but a little, well… ‘showier’, ankle socks are yet another excellent choice for wear during hot weather due to their lower level of skin coverage (resulting in less sweat) and their pairability with shorts - and let’s face it, in hot weather, shorts = good, trousers = not so good.

And, for some amazing ankle socks, look no further than Tommy Hilfiger. Pairing style with functionality, these Breton Stripe socks are top of the Tommy litter. They’re combed cotton for superior softness, but have extra reinforcement at the toe and heel, so you can rest assured that they’re as durable as you need for any occasion. 

For the brand-conscious, the Tommy logo is visible on the banding of the left sock, so you can flaunt the look you want, plus they come in 3 colours (white, blue, black) with appropriately contrasted stripes. 

Basically, they’ll keep you looking and feeling pretty darned cool. A great choice of sock for warmer weather that’s durable enough to get you just where you need to go despite the heat. 

Puma Unisex Lifestyle Quarter Socks

Best athletic socks for hot weather

Puma Unisex Lifestyle Quarter 3 Pack

As Puma is a dedicated sportswear brand, you can be sure it knows what it is doing. Puma makes excellent value, reliable socks for all your sporting needs and these Lifestyle Quarter socks are no exception.

For the eagle-eyed among you, yes, these are also ankle socks. But these are both more athletic in style and in composition than those mentioned above. The cotton blend was chosen specifically for its strength, durability, and flexibility. Perfect for sports. 

Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with ankle socks. Whilst most athletic socks are found in more of a trouser length or crew style, these ankle socks will keep your calves nice and cool as you train - because they will be left bare for the world to see. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Mercerised Socks

Best trouser socks for hot weather

Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Pack Mercerised Socks

Like the bamboo socks from BOSS mentioned above, these socks from Polo Ralph Lauren are trouser socks. Now, when it comes to trouser socks and hot weather, the material is everything. 

Trouser socks cover a lot more of the foot and the leg than no-shows and ankle socks, so using the right material is vital to allow your feet to breathe, stay cool, and stay dry without sweating. 

And these guys are made of mercerised cotton. Regular cotton is lovely stuff, but not great when it comes to wicking sweat. In fact, it’s actually quite absorbent. Which isn’t what you want in hot weather at all. 

Mercerised cotton beats regular cotton in almost every way. It’s stronger, thinner, softer, better for breathability. Basically, it’s top notch stuff. Making these socks top notch socks. 

They come in a variety of colours and in a delicious pack of 3, so it’s easy to stock up, stay cool, and stay stylish at the same time. Not a bad deal, if we say so ourselves. Not a bad deal at all. 

Plus, they carry the weight of the amazing Ralph Lauren brand behind them. What’s not to love?

FALKE Cool Kick Socks

Best ‘hi-tech’ socks for hot weather

FALKE Cool Kick Socks

FALKE is a sock brand that you should have on your radar for one huge reason: outstanding design. These are high quality socks. They show that design, time, and effort really pays off when it comes to staying cool. 

They’re ankle socks, so naturally have all of the predetermined benefits of the style when it comes to beating the heat. But that’s not all… These socks were crafted with sportsmen in mind, combining FALKE’s signature anatomic fit with a highly cushioned and sports sensitive sole. And the fabric? Lightweight and moisture wicking all the way, baby.

The Cool Kick Socks are the perfect choice for athletes of all shapes and sizes as well as those of you who just want a bit of quality, style and outstanding performance to go with their posh sneakers.  Their sole purpose is helping your feet stay cool and dry.

Puma Footie Unisex Socks

Best budget socks for hot weather

 Puma Footie 3 Pack Unisex

If you’re stuck on a bit of a budget and need to stock up on some socks to pair with your shorts and keep you feeling super cool, Puma is back with these Footie socks.

At just £8 for a pack of 3, that’s amazing value. Need we say more?

You get all the heat-busting benefits of no-show socks, for a miniscule price tag, with the solid and reliable construction that you can expect from Puma. Moreover, they’ll serve you well whether you’re wearing them for sporting or casual endeavours.

Whilst they don’t quite stack up compared to some of the other socks on this list in terms of their technical specs, none of the others compare when it comes to value for money.

So what men’s socks are best for hot weather?

Staying cool is a top priority as the temperatures soar. Hot feet are uncomfortable, damp, sweaty, and potentially pretty smelly. None of these are good outcomes, so you’d best stock up on some seasonal socks to help you with this heat. 

On a budget? Then you can’t really go wrong with Puma’s Unisex Footies. At just £8 for a 3-pack, they’ll allow you to stock up and stay cool easier than ever. 

A fan of the trouser sock? Look for Ralph Lauren’s Mercerised Socks and reap the benefits of this superior cotton. 

Ankle socks and no-show socks may be the kings of warm weather footwear for the simple fact that they free up more of the skin on your leg, allowing your skin to stay naturally cool. For fans of these styles, look out for Puma’s Lifestyle Quarter socks, CK’s No Show Jason’s or Falke’s Cool Kicks -  they’ll see you right.

And finally, our recommendation for daily sock wear to keep you cool: BOSS Edward. Bamboo is a bit of a wonder material and quite difficult to beat for its heat repelling properties and versatility. 

Hopefully the socks in this article will have you chilling in no time, but if you find yourself in need of more browsing, check out our full range of men’s socks.

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Stay cool, gents.