Best No Show Socks for Men in 2024

Loafer liners. Footies. Invisible socks. No-show socks. Call them what you will, but no show socks are THE socks to wear if you want to protect your feet, prevent your shoes from getting stinky, and want it to look like you’re not wearing socks - time to flash a bit of ankle and make all the ladies in the 1800s blush. Simple.

Well, usually. 

The worst sin a no show sock can commit is scrunching up under your foot. Basically, slipping off your heel and making the inside of your shoe a nightmare hellscape of bunched sock material and unprotected skin. 

Naturally, the very best no show socks won’t be committing this most heinous of crimes. And you can bet that we at Pants & Socks have a selection of no shows that will blow your socks… on? We certainly don’t want to blow your socks off. That would defeat the purpose, of course.

Now, no show socks are (in theory) pretty straightforward, so the Pantsman has provided us with a short list of only the best of the best to suit all tastes. And, a huge bonus of no show socks is that they’re all very reasonably priced! Great news all round. 

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Our best men’s no show socks

Puma Unisex Footie

Best budget no show socks

Puma Footie 3 Pack Unisex

£8 for a 3 pack of reliable, comfortable socks?? Sign us up. 

Puma knows its socks. They design socks to suit the needs of its client: athletes. So you can expect them to be durable, comfortable, and reliable. Good times. 

These Footie socks come in soft cotton for comfort, with a flat toe seam for some added durability in the stitching, and some sturdy elastic at a mid cut to ensure that they STAY. We don’t want slippage. 

Available in a variety of simple and understated colours, these are cheerful, reliable, and have the Puma logo on the dorsal (top of your foot) surface. Noice.

BOSS Invisible Socks

Best grip no show socks

BOSS 2 Pack Invisible Socks

Just like BOSS, these no shows are sleek, slick, and stylish. They’re not about variety, colourful expression, or craziness. They’re black. Or they’re white. And they’re designed to get the job done. 

And they certainly get it done. 

Crafted from a sustainable combed cotton blend, they’ll swaddle your feet in soft comfort. But the real nifty feature of these no shows is the silicone lining for extra grip around the foot and on the heel. They won’t slip off your feet. They won’t commit that most grievous of sins that a no show sock can commit. Try as you might, these socks just won’t slip down. And no one will ever even know they’re there…

These are the no shows you wear for understated cool and guaranteed grip. You won’t need to keep fiddling with these. Once they’re on your feet, they’re on.

Calvin Klein No Show Jason

Best not so no shows

Calvin Klein 3 Pack No Show Jason Socks

Not quite no-shows, not quite ankle socks. These Jason socks from Calvin Klein are the no-shows you wear when you want to show JUST a little bit, but without giving away the farm. 

The slightly higher rise of these no-shows means that they will stay put on your feet that bit better, but they’re less of a shoe liner and more a VERY subtle statement, so be sure to grab a variety pack with a mix of colours to pair with your various shoes. 

Like most other no-shows on this list, the colours are pretty understated, so you won’t have to worry about garish clashes with the rest of your gear. When the shoes come off, they have a bold CK logo on the dorsal, so everyone will know you care about quality socks. They also have some silicone grip at the heel, so they should definitely stay put whether your shoes are on or off. 

Some lovely, comfy socks that make just the teeniest HINT of a statement.

Tommy Hilfiger Gift Box

Best for no show variety

Tommy Hilfiger 4 Pack Socks in Gift Box

Are we cheating? Nah, we’re not cheating…

Tommy Hilfiger has the widest variety of no show socks available in terms of colours and design, so we thought ‘why the hell can’t we show them all off?’ So that’s just what we’re going to do. 

This gift set has it all - understated design and dramatic logo flair. What more could you want? No shows for every occasion, basically. 

All 4 pairs are combed cotton for comfort, with hand-linked stitching in the toe for some added durability, and a dash of silicone in the heel for grip. 

Also, the fact that this is a 4 pack is great on its own - super easy to restock your favourite socks and keep that drawer refreshed.

So what are the best no show socks for men?

Whether you’re going for something a little more budget with Puma, or want that added dash of quality from Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, or BOSS, all of the no-show socks on this list have been selected for their ability to get the job done. 

They’re all comfortable. They’re all stylish. They’re all grippy. They’ll all stay on your feet. And they’ll all compliment whatever shoes you choose to wear. It’s a matter of simply choosing your preferred brand and how understated you wish your no-shows to be, and away you go. 

As ever, we’d strongly recommend checking out our super helpful sock size guide. This is more important here than in most cases - if you get your sizing wrong with no-shows, even a sturdy silicone grip won’t stop that material bunching and rolling. So best to get it right the first time, eh?

If you’ve reached this point and are perhaps thinking, ‘nah, no-shows might not be for me,’ DON’T PANIC. Read our easy to use complete sock style guide for the lowdown on all types of sock under the sun. We want you to find your ultimate sock companions and this is the best place to start. 

Otherwise, stay understated and invisible - just like the no-shows. 

Until next time.